What are some signs that you are pregnant with twins

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You will feel twice as bad from the hormones. You will get the same symptoms only they will be worse. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-signs-that-you-are-pregnant-with-twins ]
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What are the early signs of a twin pregnancy?
It is very difficult to determine whether a woman is carrying more than one child without actually performing an ultrasound. Women carrying twins may experience many of the same early signs and symptoms as women carrying a single child. How…
What are the signs of a twin pregnancy?
Just as every woman is different, everyone experiences pregnancy differently. While some women will experience dramatic symptoms… read more .
How to Recognize Signs You Are Pregnant With Twins
・ 1 Find out if your uterus is measuring large for your gestation date. You might suspect that you’re carrying… ・ 2 Determine if your morning sickness is excessive. According to TwinParents.com, moms carrying more than… ・ 3 Determine wh…

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I’m about 8 weeks pregnant…what are some signs of twins?
Q: I am about 8 weeks pregnant. I haven’t been to the doctor yet because I’m waiting for my insurance to be approved. I had to go the hospital because I have been cramping really bad. The doctor did an HCG blood test and the levels were right where they should be. And I wasn’t bleeding so they said I wasn’t having a miscarriage. I read online that cramping can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, but it also said I would be bleeding and that my HCG levels wouldn’t be at a normal level. A friend of mine said she cramped all the time when she was pregnant with her twins. If anyone has had twins out there did you cramp? What are the signs and symptoms? I also have to pee what seems to be a lot more than I did with my first child. Like every half hour to an hour or so. Thanks in advance for the insight. Happy Holidays!The doctor meant my HCG levels were normal in that I wasn’t having a miscarriage. He didn’t say whether or not they were elevated. And also I do realize you start showing sooner with a second pregnancy than with a first…but I look like I’m about 4 months right now. Is that normal?
A: As a twin AND the daughter of a twin, I can relate to this question. I am 13 weeks pregnant, I was sick ALL the time at the beginning, pretty much 24/7 and had slight cramping during the beginning weeks. Went to my doc and did ultrasound, indeed, there were two sacs, but one was empty, the other a very healthy baby. I had twins but one did not form.What I am saying is, symptoms can differ for everyone whether you have twins or not. Do twins run in your family on your side? Twins come from the mother’s genes. If so, then yes, there is a possibility, but only an ultrasound could tell you this, dont just go by symptoms.GL
27+ weeks pregnant with twins…. what are some things……pre term labor?
Q: I am wondering for those of you who have been pregnant with twins, are pregnant with twins, or have experienced pre term labor what are some signs of pre term labor, how did you feel? How did you feel around 27+ weeks pregnant with twins? I really feel like I did around the time when my boys were delivered, they were all single term pregnancies though. I really don’t feel as if I am going to make it to 37 weeks. I have a lot of pressure, frequent, but not timely contractions, and everytime I do the smallest thing my stomach gets hard as a rock. I just want to know if I am experiencing some signs of possible pre term labor. Also the discharge, I can’t really tell that it’s watery or clear per say, but I know it’s a lot. I can feel it at times come out, especially when I sit down to use the bathroom. I don’t know if this is a possible sign also? Constipation is also a big problem for me, so maybe this could be the cause of my symptoms??? Thanks for any help in advance!!♥
A: i had my twins at 35wks…i still experienced all the same stuff you are..except constipation..and i swore i wasn’t gonna make it to 35wks…but i did…the hard belly and discharge went on until i gave birth…the discharge was so bad it was like a period…i had finally had enough and started to wear pads…i’m almost positive that these things are normal…i went through the same things and had healthy pregnancy…and a delivery with no problems…make sure your gettin enough iron tho..minutes b4 i went into to operating room they told me i was anemic and it was significantly low and was leaning towards a blood transfusion…nobody had mention the word anemic the whole time i was preg..oh yeah..cayden and caydence
What are some signs befor you go into labor?
Q: I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with twins. I am on bedrest for preterm labor, that I didn’t even know I was in. I have been experiencing some very odd things lately and I don’t know if I am close to having the babies, or its normal. I can feel one of the babies very low in my pelvis, when I stand, I always have to pee, and sometimes when I lie down I get these jolts that I am going to pee. They are much more active now, I am a lot more tired, then I use to be. Are these signs? What else would indicate before you go into labor besides contractions, and water breaking? Also… Where do you feel the contractions at?
A: sometimes you can get sick at stomach right before labor or if you feel alot of sharp pain by my cervix. I had my daughter at 30 wks. My contractions where real light I could hardly feel them till I was dialated to an 8.
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