What are some teenage pregnancy statistics

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Every year about 750,000 teenagers will become pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-teenage-pregnancy-statistics ]
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What is teen pregnancy?
Adolescent Pregnancy. Adolescent pregnancy is pregnancy in girls age 19 or younger…
What are some teenage pregnancy statistics
Every year about 750,000 teenagers will become pregnant. ChaCha!
Does anyone know the statistics of teen pregnancy?
In 2000, the total number of teen pregnancies in the United States was 821,810 (84 pregnancies per 1,000 people). Compare this with Canada whose total rate of teen pregnancies for 2000 was 38,600 (38 pregnancies per 1,000 people). In the Un…

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What are some arguments that pertain to teen pregnancy in California?
Q: I’m doing a research paper on teen pregnancies in California, would anyone know what the affects of teenage pregnancies or statistics?
A: Information is below./
Do you think the movie “Juno” had a impact on teenage pregnancy?
Q: I was reading some statistics on line about this school that actually have a reputation of teenage pregnancy and someone think that the movie Juno has had an infuence impact on the teens too.Personally I dont see how but I may not be conprehending the movie the way others are. So what do you all think?
A: There was a lot of buzz around the movie when it was released. The impact was there and everyone was talking about it. But it hasn’t changed much — teens still get pregnant and end up with more than they can handle. It’s more about awareness; a movie can only go so far.
what are some statistics about ur friends?
Q: like i heard u will know at least one of ur friends who have a teenage pregnancy, one that is addicted to drugs, one who may get killed in a car crash, etc. i know there are probably some others. what are they? i know most of them won’t come true probably. i mean i know people who got pregnant but they’re not my friends and i heard of people that died that went to my old skool but i never knew them.
A: Well, I have no friends anymore, I cant trust anyone anymore, and i have realized im better off on my own. but when I had friends, here’s what they were like:- One lived in a troubled home, dealing with abuse from their parents and joining gangs and getting in trouble (they said they didnt need me, even though i helped them). (He is Bradley)- One lived i a group home. the jerk stopped talking to me though (he is tyler)- One had mental issues. she was bi-polar, and the smallest things caused her to lose it. after we broke up, 2 weeks later, she went insane and was sent to a mental institute. (She is alyssa)- one girl loved to abuse herself and cause trouble for others. she would drink and do drugs, and cut and stab herself, and i would help her out. she would get in fights, i helped her. she cheated on me twice, i accepted her, she left me. i helped, and she thought i was useless. (She is Chelsea)- one friend was into hardcore drugs and alcohol, they only accepted people who were like her. i knew her before she changed. now she’s out prostituting, and she even threatened me with the gang she was in. (Her name was TJ)- one, i could no trust. she gossiped and lied all the time. she lied about everything for attention. she claimed she was abused at home, and was an alcoholic, when really, she lied for attention and pity. (She was Marie)- one liked to hold grudges. she always insulted me when her relationships went sour (she got around) and i told her i had enough of her being mean, and well… she made my school hate me. (her name was Beth)Basically, my closest friends were troubled individuals. they used me in some ways, and lied and betrayed me in others. i trusted them too much, and because of that, i dont need friends. i had more, and they were friends with these people, of course they sided with them and not me. but thats life.The other ones changed and eventually left me, but my friends were troubled individuals.
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