What are the days that a girl can get pregnant

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The best or most fertile time to get pregnant is the period of ovulation in your menstrual cycle. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-days-that-a-girl-can-get-pregnant ]
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How likely is a girl to get pregnant 2-3 days before her period f…?
Your most fertile time is the Fertile period, which is 2-3 days before you ovulate and then the day you ovulate
Can A Girl Get Pregnant If She Had Sex A Day Before Her Menstruat…?
No, it is not possible. Menstruation is a sign that the girl has started to shed the lining of her uterus, and that conception has not occurred. In most cases, a girl can get pregnant only when she is ovulating, that is, anytime between the…
Which the days of the month r safe when a girl cannot get pregnan…?
Two-three days before the periods, the period days and two-three days after your periods are the safest

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Is it true that you have certain days to get caught pregnant with a girl an so many for a boy?
Q: I was reading on yahoo on early pregnancy. That they do a test which determins weather your having a girl or a boy. If your not pregnant but trying like i am, They say that you have four days to catch for a boy an four days for a girl. Well i would really like a girl has i have two boys now and this will be my last one. Does anybody know anything at all on how to get a girl. Also can you catch while your on a period? It said you can catch while ovulation but what is that your period? Hope somebody can help and can lead me down the right path thank you very much hope to hear soon.
A: Just remember, boys swim faster and girls live longer. I’m talking about the sperm.So, if you want a girl, then you’re best bet is to find out the days you are ovulating. If you have a normal 28 day cycle, you should be able to search “ovulation calendar” on yahoo or google and find a calendar that will show what days you are most fertile. Have sex the first few days and then abstain the last few days of your period of ovulation. That should be your best chance for a girl.
I tried getting my girl pregnant and two days later shes on her period?
Q: What is the deal on that we want one but this was the first time also trying to have a baby so please can anyone help thank you
A: If you really want to get pregnant, have sex starting with the day after she’s finished her period.She will ovulate some time, usually 3-5 days after her period.Having sex during that time, there’s a good chance to get pregnant. She won’t get pregnant right before her period, she’s already ovulated. She will ovulate after her period, not right before it.
Can a girl get pregnant 5 days before her period and still have her period that month?
Q: Need to know not for my self but for a friend…if anyone can help that would be great so the question is can a girl get pregnant 5 days before her period and still get her period that month?i am not sure what to tell her cos i was pregnant and found out at almost 5 months i wasn’t showing till the 7th month my only symptoms were that i was sleepy and that was it and plus i had my period i month one and two… so what do i tell her when her only symptoms are headaches and she feels sleepy…so i think it would be to early for the rest of the symptoms to kick in but i am not very sure what are the chances of getting pregnant 5 days before her period ??? i know i know having unprotected sex will get u pregnant ..so if anyone can help and let us know what are the chances of getting pregnant 5 days before your period ????? oh and p.s her bf smokes a lot of weed so would that make a difference ???thanks in advance 🙂
A: Ok first I will start with the last question, him smoking lots of weed will not have an effect on the odds of getting pregnant unless of course he forgets the condom. It is possible to have your period while you are pregnant, as for the timing of getting pregnant, it can happen. For most people there is a fairly small window of opportunity, but those little swimmers can be tricky and hang around a while. As for symptoms usually you don’t start feeling tired right away, that takes a few weeks once your body is working hard at growing a baby. Headache and sleepy can be PMS symptoms and most likely are what she has. I can’t give you a percentage of chance of getting pregnant, but since she has her period now, chances are good that she is not pregnant. Do not be afraid to take a pregnancy test, you don’t have to buy a really expensive one, they all work fine. Walmart usually has them for less than $10. Read and follow directions carefully, you can also just go see your Dr. better to know for sure and make certain nothing else is going on. If your friend is not pregnant, now would be a great time to think of what kind of birth control to start using. I am not preaching, I just understand that it is scary, if you aren’t ready for a baby make sure you don’t make one. I have two kids and I love them dearly, but they sure are a lot of work! and they sure aren’t cheap either. Get very good protection and you’ll have no worries.
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