What are the effects of Mirena if you become pregnant

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Up to 1/2 of pregnancies that occur with Mirena are ectopic. Also, removal or manipulation of Mirena may result in pregnancy loss. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-effects-of-mirena-if-you-become-pregnant ]
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What are the effects of Mirena if you become pregnant
Up to 1/2 of pregnancies that occur with Mirena are ectopic. Also, removal or manipulation of Mirena may result in pregnancy loss.

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Positive pregnancy while using mirena?
Q: Could anyone who has became pregnant while using the mirena iud please tell us what pregnancy symptoms you had? Are the symptoms the same as a normal pregnancy, or are they different? Also, could you tell us how far along you were when you found out that you were pregnant, and how you found out (ultra sound, htp, blood test)? Does anyone know if the hormones in mirena would cause a urine test to come back negative, when you are pregnant?There are many women that are using mirena that are concerned that they are pregnant, but many of the side effects of the mirena produce pregnancy symptoms. It would be very helpful if people who have became pregnant on mirena would explain what some of their symptoms were, and how they knew they were pregnant. Many doctors make women who suspect they are pregnant while on mirena feel crazy and do not believe them, but since it happens, it would be helpful if women could distinguish a pregnancy symptom from a side effect from the mirena. Thanks in advance!
A: Omg this just happened to me..I had mirena put in april 2008. I havent had any symptoms except headaches..but…..monday night my husband looks at me and says “are you bloated or something?” and I was like “what?!..um no im not why?” and he said that I looked pregnant..well of course at first I laughed it off..then I though about it…after i had it put in I had one period..then none at all…2 months ago i had a half a day of very light spotting. So, I took a HPT tuesday and its positive. Im not too excited yet as it could be a false positive. I am seeing my OBGYN tomorrow. THe problem is…..the symptoms of early pregnancy are VERY similar to the side effects of mirena so there really is no fool proof way to tell. Also, even if I am really preg there is a high chance of miscarrige…so Im not counting on anything. I am however taking this damn thing out right away…i thought that mirena worked by preventing ovulation and blocking the sperm from getting to the egg right? well I read so much last nite online and it also can do this: an egg could get fertilized but then the mirena prevents it from attatching to the uterus.I am very very anti-abortion and even though this isnt REALLY abortion I dont feel right about it……no offense to any of your personally views on the subject….also I read thaqt mirena can cause hair loss, mood swings, weight gain and infections. Im just not liking it anymore.
pregnancy after mirena?
Q: I had my mirena removed on December 22nd, 2009! It is now January 23rd, 2010! I have been having nauseous feeling and stomach cramps! I got curious and decided to take a pregnancy test tonight and to my complete surprise it came back positive with to very strong lines! I have my monthly on Dec. 8th and it lasted until Dec. 14th! Then i started spotting on Dec. 23rd and that lasted till Dec. 26th! Im not sure if it was my period or just the after effects of having the IUD removed! So i guess what im asking is did anyone out there get pregnant this soon after having mirena removed or is this just a side effect of having it removed and my hormones going all wacky? And if anyone did become pregnant this soon after did it cause you to have any birth defects or anything? I am just curious and i planning on taking another test in a couple weeks! My periods are always on the same day every month even when i had the mirena in so it is now 15 days past my missed period but i just thought maybe they wouldn’t be on track because of having the mirena removed! Any help would do so please share your stories! Thanx!
A: I had Mirena removed in March, and got pregnant in April. I just delivered a healthy, happy baby boy and everything seems to be fine. Congrats you are most definitly pregnant 🙂
I am consider either Mirena or Implanon, and I have some questions. Answers please.?
Q: 1) Which one are you on, or was you on?2) How and why did you choose it?3) How long have you been on it, or were you on it? If no longer using, what is the reason? Did you stay on it for the full 3-5 years? If not, why not?4) Do you have side effects and which ones? When did they start and how severe are they? How long did they last? Please be as specific as possible. In this instance, there is not too much information.5) Would you recommend this to anyone?6) If you had to choose over again, would you still choose the same form of contraceptive?7) Did you gain weight as a result?8) Have you had an ectopic pregnancy as a result?9) Have you become pregnant while on it, and carried to term with no problems? Please be as specific as possible. No such thing as too much information.10) How is or was your bleeding? Do you or did you still have a period?11) Do you or did you have mood swings, depression, or nervousness, and which one(s)? Stomach pain? Acne? Back pain? Nausea? Dizziness? Pain? I know I asked about side effects, but I am just trying to be specific and covering all of my bases.12) Has anyone been on it and gotten pregnant after wards? Any problems trying to conceive, like was it harder than before, if it applies to you?13) Did your insurance cover it? Anyone’s insurance Unison Health Plan?If I have any other questions, I will add details later, so please keep checking.Please and thank you ladies.
A: 1. I used Mirena2. I chose Mirena based on the insertion process, hormone levels, and many many hours of internet research.3. I had it for 3 years, I had it removed because I was ready to try for a child.4. I had no real side effects. My body took about 3 months to adjust and regulate.5. I have recommended to anyone who is looking for long term worry free birth control.6. I plan to use Mirena again in the future without question7. No weight gain8. No ectopic pregnancy for me9. No i did not become pregnant while using Mirena10. I still had a period, right on time each month. Usually it lasted for about 3 days, it was like light spotting or end of a normal period spotting. Only needed a panty liner at most.11. during the first 3 months my side effects were a little more acne than usual and I spotted for about 2 weeks every 2 weeks. That’s really all I remember. After the first 3 months it got better, but my period was not predictable until about 6 months after insertion.12. I had my Mirena removed 3/14 and found out I was pregnant on 4/15. I had no problem trying to conceive. I ovulated right on time.13. My insurance covered most of it, had I got it later in the year they would have covered more because I would have been closer to meeting my deductible. Over the course of 3 years though it was cheaper for me get the Mirena than to pay for other BC monthly.
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