What are the good things about accutane

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Accutane is used to treat severe nodular acne. It is pretty serious medication, but works well for Acne. Don’t get pregnant w/it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-good-things-about-accutane ]
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What’s the next best thing to accutane?
When I was in high school I would get breakouts on my scalp and face during football season. One thing that worked for me was Listerine mouthwash. I would take a shower and wash my face and hair using a regular bar of soap (typically the or…

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accutane what are the good thing and bad thing about it?
Q: please need to find out before i start my treatment
A: Good- got rid of ALL my acne, and most of the acne scarringbad- there really wasn’t a lot of bad things. My skin and lips were really dry but that was to be expected…Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. Your skin will look great.
Accutane- Please let me know about your personal experiences with it?
Q: I started getting small cystic acne under my cheeks and a few on my shoulders and back. I’m 21 and this has been going on for about a year now and they won’t go away. The doctor prescribed me accutane. I’ve been hearing all kinds of good things and bad things. Please tell me what you think. Thank you!
A: mine workedamazinngg it all cleared up on my back and its gone im so happy :)but it makes your skin really dry.and my lips got super dry and cut up so i had to go on other medicine to clear up my lips.but it was all worth it
People who have tried ACCUTANE!!!?? Please answer!!!?
Q: Okay so I am considering Accutane for this reason. I am 21 and still dealing with acne and scarring. I break out all of the time, no matter what I eat, no matter how much sleep I get, or how well I try to take care of my face. I have been using proactive, and it helps, but not enough. I take my vitamins and always have to cover my acne and scarring with heavy makeup, which I know isn’t good for my skin, but I have no other option but to do this! I want to be normal and be able to go out and just use light powder and not damage my face from too much makeup.It’s not just the acne and the pimples, but it is ALSO the scarring. I have used different meds for this and nothing works! I’ve had this since 4th grade and people say “Oh it will go away,” but it doesn’t!!However, after reading all of the side affects of Accutane, I am VERY hesitant to use it. However, when you used it, what were some problems? What were the good things about Accutane? Please tell me everything about your experience with it! Is your acne still gone today using it? What side effects have you experienced yourself? Did you lose too much hair or get depressed and fatigued?I will award 10 points for the most detailed and thorough answer!!! 🙂 I am trying to get to the root of this stupid problem that is called acne. IS ACCUTANE WORTH IT???
A: i would refrain from taking accutane . .One of the girls i went to esthetic school with had taken accutane before. it did clear up her acne while she was on it but it came back when she stopped. what accutane does is it dries up everything in your body oil/water. you get really dehydrated and dry skin. this can really mess up your body as our body needs water in order to function properly and effectively. even when this friend was done taking it she still has problems with her body due to after effects from taking the accutane. my recommendation is i ahev foudn this great product line called dermalogica adn another one i like is called oxygen botanicals they also make vitamins especially for clearing the skin that work amazing they are called adeeva. I also tried this diet called eat right for your blood type. it did wonders for my skin to as i found out that each blood type has a different acidity level and each blood type can only digest certain foods the foods that we cant digest can turn into breakouts and we can have other issues with our body. another suggestion is doing a cleanse i like the one by natures secret called ultimate cleanse. adn my last suggestion is to go to a dermatologist and find out other products other than accutane.i would say it is not worth it!
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