What are the lyrics to "My Own Worst Enemy" by Gucci Mane

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…bank account are pregnant now, the day they tried to murder me a day I can’t forget about, and I dont wish no death on homie, just want him to hear me out, think about the past and all the many things we talked about, think about all the people influenced by what comes out our mouth, [Chorus] [Verse 2] I am not the perfect person, me don’t spit the perfect verses, I wouldn’t hurt a girl on purpose cuz I feel they don’t deserve it, I admit my words can hurt, I dissed tiny she didn’t deserve it, a song I heard I didn’t interpret it right and I’m sorry for it, T.I many times encouraged, told me face the game with courage, click gave me some great advice and still today I’m thankful for it, Me, Jeezy and T.I share one thing in common all are poets, role model to young people tho at times man we still ignore it, and y’all don’t owe respect to me and I don’t like apologies, just diss me till you satisfied, i swear it doesn’t bother me, sticks and stones will break my bones MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-lyrics-to-%22my-own-worst-enemy%22-by-gucci-mane ]
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I’ve always been the kind of girl That hid my face So afraid to tell the world What I’ve got to say But I have this dream Right inside of me I’m gonna let it show, it’s time To let you know To let you know [Chorus] This is real, this is me …
Is this the right song? Seems I was walking in the wrong direction I barely recognized my own reflection, no Scared of love, but scared of life alone Seems I’ve been playin’ on the safe side baby Building walls around my heart to save me, …

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