What are things to notice if you’re pregnant

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For most women, the first sign of pregnancy is when their periods stop. Although the absence of menstruation can be caused by MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-things-to-notice-if-you%27re-pregnant ]
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What are things to notice if you’re pregnant
For most women, the first sign of pregnancy is when their periods stop. Although the absence of menstruation can be caused by MORE

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My mother seems jealous of my marriage and the fact that I am pregnant. Could I be imagining things?
Q: We have been married for almost 5 1/2 years and I get the impression that she’s still not happy about the idea that I’m married. Now I am 7 months pregnant and sometimes she acts happy and other times she’s very distant when I mention anything about the pregnancy. It is really hard for me to explain. You’d have to hear her tone and change in moods for yourself.I had been dating my husband for fabout 4 1/2 months when I announced we were getting married. I can still remember her reaction and the look on her face. I am sure the fact that we hadn’t known each other very long played some role in her reaction, but I also got the feeling thast she was jealous. She tries really hard to be positive but can turn around and say something negative in the same sentence. In my opinion, she has always been more on the negative side. She’ll make negative comments on the sly. If I call her out on them she’ll try to make it seem like I’m overreacting and turn it around on me with an argument.Her and my father have been separated for 17-18 years but they are still legally married. They have been married for a total of about 37-38 years. The relationship was physically and emotionally abusive for her. They got married young and the years they spent together were spent doing what he wanted to do. Needless to say that left a very bad taste in her mouth.She also has resentment toward my grandmother because she was verbally abusive to her, and made a difference in her and the other siblings. To this day, she still feels my 92 year old grandmother treats her poorly and she realy takes it personal. My mom just seems to have low self-esteem although she denies it to the fullest. Both of my parents were verbally abusive to me and although I still hold a grudge inside I make it a point to try and have a normal relationship with them, especially my mom. Here are some examples of things she does that make me feel she is jealous:I bring up the baby and she changes the subject or just says, “Mmm …” when I’m telling her something.Today I told her I may pump my breastmilk. She said, “You haven’t been eating right. You have to eat right while you’re pregnant to breastfeed.” She lives in another state and only knows what I tell her. The other day she was talking about how my dad tried to turn me against her, and said some men are like that. I told her my husband wasn’t childish like that and would never do something like that. She said, “Hmm … you better HOPE he doesn’t.”When I told her my husband had put together all the baby’s furniture a month or so ago, she pretended to be amused and then said, “He’s ready for the baby isn’t he?” I said, “Yes, very!” She said, “I mean, he’s ready for him. He’s going to have him.” I’ve noticed her and several of my aunts have made comments about how my husband is going to control the baby or raise him. I have no clue why they think this.She seems to get jealous when I mention my mother inlaw. That’s another story in itself. She claims she isn’t jealous of my inlaws (even though I never said she was she volunteered that information). She had been here for 16 months helping my aunts take care of my grandmother. She left a little over a month ago. I’m due to have the baby in late January. I’ve asked her repeatedly if she’ll be back in time. She doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in coming back. She’s non-chalant about it. This is her first grandchild and my inlaw’s first biological grandchild. They are estatic and my mother inlaw is dying to be asked to help out. My mom said she’s not rushing back down here. She has to go to her doctor appointments and get her health in order.
A: Wow, she sounds a lot like my mom! My mom just can’t seem to be happy for me either. I think she’s jealous of my marriage, too and the fact that I got to move across the country and she feels stuck in her life. No matter what I share with her, she finds something negative to say about it. For example, when I tell her how happy I am that it’s 70 degrees in November, she’ll say something about how hot we’re going to be in the summer. When I was accepted into a prestigious orchestra chorus, I was told, “well, that’s not gonna pay your bills, now, is it?” When I mention that my husband and I are thinking about having a family, she is very negative and tells me all the bad stuff about having kids and how she doesn’t feel I have the patience to be a good mother.I was so upset that I went to therapy over it. I’ve finally learned to accept that she is just unable to be there for me emotionally, because of her jealousy and other issues for which she won’t get help. Now I just don’t share as much with my mom. I’ll talk to my friends or my sister or my mother-in-law about stuff I want to share. (Yay for mother-in-laws!)You have my sympathy… and my congratulations! I am sincerely happy for you and your bundle of joy to be! Hang in there and focus on the positives: your baby, your husband, and your in-laws. If your mom doesn’t want to share in the joys of your life, it’s her loss. There is a possibility she could change her mind when she meets her grandchild. Don’t hold your breath, but don’t rule it out either. Best of luck to you!
Within the first 2 months of pregnancy, what are signs that you’re actually pregnant?
Q: i haven’t had a late period, just been eating a lot but i’m in exams and i usually stuff myself then because of the stress. all i notice is that my belly has gotten bigger and rounder. if i suck it in though it’s flat as a pancake. that’s the only thing that has me worried… please, am i overreacting here? i’m on the pill, i always take it at the exact same time, but i was late about 3 times (just a couple of hours, i was still within the 12hour-timeframe the instruction said was ok). i can’t get a test because i’m still on my pill so it would come back positive anyway due to those hormones. i haven’t had a late period yet, it’s due in 2 days..some advice..?
A: A test would not come back positive due to the pill, they test for hCG which is totally different to oestrogen and progesterone used in contraceptives.The symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, sore breasts, needed to pee all the time, exhaustion, insomnia, strong sense of smell, bloating. There are plenty of other symptoms – you may get some, or none!
i just found out that im pregnant 6 minutes ago..and im high(weed)?
Q: me and my boyfriend have been smoking weed tonight so we’re high..so he was like do you realize we’ve been having sex three months straight and you have been on you’re period yet..(because when you’re high you notice more things..then i was like oh yeah but i went to the doctor and they told me wait it out 2 months since i have just lost 20 pounds in these three months and weight can be a cause of missed menstrual cycles(which is what happened)but remember we are both VERY highh..so he says i dont believe that and we went to walmart and got 10 pregnancy tests just because we decided we didnt want to buy just one(because we’re both high) so i get home and take all ten and they have a plus on all of them..if im pregnant i’m 13 weeks..but what should i do now? if i wouldve known i was pregnant before this i wouldnt have ever smoked.DAM!!!DAM!!!DAM!!!
A: http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/hemp/medical/can-babies.htmPrenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica:An Ethnographic StudyThis is the only real study that’s been done on the effects of marijuana and prenatal exposure because it was done in Jamaica. They all turned out fine some even had better motor control than the babies of mothers who did not smoke. Here in these United States there is no Federal funding for such research because it is classified as an illegal drug. The pharmaceutical companies won’t do testing on it because they can’t patent it; this is the same reason why herbals are not used on a massive scale in this country. If you can’t patent it, you can’t make money off of it so what’s the point of doing research on it; it’s a very vicious cycle.You and your baby are going to be fine, please stop worrying. Don’t believe other people opinions if you care enough about the subject you need to research it yourself. You are going to find a lot of people giving you their opinionated morals to you. People are going to be on here telling you all sorts of lies about marijuana and pregnancy. My daughter is perfect and I smoked during my pregnancy. I did all my own research and determined for myself that it’s more of a risk to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes while pregnant, both of which I never did. If you need to talk email me, I can also get you research about marijuana and breastfeeding also.
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