What are those birthing classes

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New parents take birthing classes during the third trimester of the pregnancy, when the mother is about 7 months pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-those-birthing-classes ]
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When do i go to those birthing classes?
First of all, Congrats! You’ll want to take the classes around 6 or 7 months, typically. Just make sure the last class is done before you’re 37 weeks, in case you have your little one early. They’re great for first time moms and dads. Also,…
Is this class appropriate for those who have given birth before??
Definitely, we find that couples who have had children often appreciate the class even more because of their past experience.

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At what point do you start birthing classes?
Q: My best girlfriend is going to be my coach and I do not want any medications or iv or intervention so I’ve been told that birthing classes are very important. How far along do you sign-up? I’d assume at 7 or 8 months but I have no idea so any input or experience would be appreciated.
A: Due to availability, I was told to sign up after my first trimister for later in my third trimester. Check with your hospital or doctor’s office to see their availability.
Do you find child birthing classes useful?
Q: I am almost 30 weeks and my boyfriends mom keeps telling me to sign up for childbirth classes. I am a college student and I work so I don’t really have the time to take the classes. I looked into a one day class and they were all booked. I also looked into a class that would be designed specifically for what I want to know during the birthing process, and it’s a short class (2.5 hrs) so I would do that if anything.I just really want to know if the classes are really worth it.
A: To start congrads. For someone who didn’t I wish I did. As much as you think going in a big event like this with basic knowledge from a book is good, lets be honest some books are bias and my personal feeling about Tlc birth show is that it is one of the worst shows as it scares, and betrays birth more negative then empowering and that what part of birth is! Empowerment!! ) Also childbirth classes works wonder with your partner because they understand what to expect and how they can help, what position help back labour so on. They become part of the experience. If you do decide to just read a book (Pregnancy,childbirth, and the newborn by Penny Simkin is a better book then “what to expect”) don’t make my mistake read the cesarean part. Not saying it will happen to you but it better to know what it all en-tales just in case it does happen.(cesarean rate is 1 in every 4 women) and you’ll learn what are real reason to have a cesarean .Just to warn you I do now work in the birth field after having my son. Im just finishing with… “birth is one of those key events that you will remember for the rest of your life.”
Are birthing classes good or not?
Q: I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant with my first child and i want to go to birthing classes but, i got told that there a waste of time, effort and there crap and there not worth of going to. I just thought it would be good to go because I would learn more about my pregnancy and my child, but now i have second thoughts of going because of what i got told.I was just curious are they a waste of time or effort?Do they cost anything?
A: I found certain parts of it very helpful, especially the class where we were taught about what pain relief options would be available to us, it helped me make a more informed decision when the time came. Like the first answerer, mine were free as we were registered to have our baby at the hospital that were running them. I also befriended a couple of other mothers to be that I am still in touch with….a nice bonus 🙂
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