What book does Bella get pregnant in

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Bella gets pregnant in the last book of the Twilight series called Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer. The baby’s name is Renesmee. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-book-does-bella-get-pregnant-in ]
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What book does bella get pregnet?
BREAKING DAWN..wow whoever asked this questio is seriously thick.XD read all the fking books please for crying out loud!
Can you tell me in what book of the Twilight saga does Edward get…?
On Edward and Bella’s Brazilian honeymoon, Bella suddenly becomes pregnant in the fourth book, “Breaking Dawn”. ChaCha!
How does Bella get pregnant in the 4th book?
Her and Edward have sex. When they do, human consequneces happen somehow,

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what book does bella get pregnant in (twilight sagas)?
Q: i’ve only read the first two and i heard reviews of bella being in pain when she was pregnant, but when did this happen and whos the father, please can some one tell me what book this is in !? thanks xxx
A: In Breaking Dawn after her and Edward get married she has a girl and names it Renesmee Carlie CullenRenesmee- A mix of Renee (her mom) and Esme (Edward’s “adoptive” mom)Carlie- a mix of Carlisle (Edward’s “adoptive” dad) and Charlie (Bella’s dad)
Twilight: Bella in book 2, and does Bella really get pregnant in Book 4?
Q: i was reading a question about reading twilight to an 8 year old, and someone mentioned that she might not understand ” why Bella would be the way she was” in New Moon. Also, someone told me Bella gets pregnant in Breaking Dawn. i just finished the first book, and I can’t wait to get the second. In the meantime, will someone please tell me what they are talking about?I’m not reading Twilight to an 8 year old, i just saw the question and wondered what the thing with Bella was in the second book.
A: Yes in book 4 Bella gets pregnant with a half human and half Vampire Child named Renesmee. Jacob imprints on the child but am not gonna spoil too much for youIn book 2 I can’t see how she won’t understand cuz it pretty easy to understand
what chapter in the book breaking dawn does bella get pregnant?
Q: i just wanted to know because i know how to read it online
A: Thanks for spoilng the book..I hope u feel bad..If u want to make it up to me, u can best answer this 🙂
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