What can a spotting period mean

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You could just be having a “lite flow” this cycle or if you normally have a heavy menstruation you could be pregnant. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-a-spotting-period-mean ]
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What does brown spotting one week after ovulation and one week be…?
Implantation spotting can occur on average about 9 days after ovulation/one week before your period would normally start. ChaCha!
Could spotting before my period mean I may be pregnant??
I wouldn’t say an outright no, but it seems highly unlikely. Spotting is by far not a sure sign of pregnancy, especially not two weeks before your period (usually it’s more relevant around the time you’re supposed to be getting your period)…
Can Spotting And Cramping Before Period Is Due Mean I’m Pregnant??
I asked the same question today…I began spotting lightly this morning and my period isn’t due for another 2 days and I thought it would come today since I never spot before my period ever…well I got a First Response early pregnancy tes…

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What can random brown spotting mean?
Q: About a week ago I had brown spotting for one day and then it went away. Now yesterday I had very mild cramps (like before you get your period) and some brown spotting mixed with a little reddish pink spotting. Now today it is brown again and tapering off. I should also say my period is due today. What do you think it could be?
A: I think you could be expecting your period or pregnant! Go pee on a stick! Best wishes!
what does brown discharge instead of period mean?
Q: I know it can mean that my body’s just cleaning itself out BEFORE my period, but last month and this month all my “period” was, was brown discharge. Last month I had a bit of spotting but that it, and it lasted two weeks, its been about 3 days of this brown so far. I asked a question like this last month to see if it could be pregnancy but everyone said my body’s just cleaning itself out..but why is it happening again? could I be pregnant? I’m single right now, and have been out of my relation ship for 6 weeks now. a few days before me and my ex split, we did oral, and I think its possibly his seamen got around my vagina. I’m not even 16 yet, I can’t deal with this, (don’t call me a slut please, I was with him for two years, and we still good friends and everything). I know I shouldn’t stress because that causes late periods, but I’m not stressing..YET, I just need to know what to do.SO, does anyone know why this is happening AGAIN, this doesn’t usually happen before my periods, and my period has NEVER been like this before until last month?Its not an STD or anything like that, I know that already, I’ve gotten tests for other things, that would have told me that. ..and he doesn’t have anything wrong with him, he’s only been with me.
A: Take a pregnancy test just to be sure.It could also be stress.However, if it continues, you should see a doctor just to be safe.
Light pink spotting instead of period, what does this mean?
Q: I’m 20 years old and I have a really regular period, I can’t think of one I’ve missed. Ive been on the pill for a few years now straight and last month I had unprotected sex while on my period. This month instead of getting my period I got a really light pink and brown spotting that didn’t require a pad or anything, and nothing else. What’s going on? I have tried looking online for help, but the answers are vague.I’ve also been losing weight the last couple of days. I haven’t shown any signs of pregnancy except being fatigued.I’ve also been losing weight the last couple of days. I haven’t shown any signs of pregnancy except being fatigued.
A: It could mean you are pregnant, but just to be sure since im not a professional, the best optionwould be to call your doctor and set up anappointment. best of luck.
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