What can I take if I am pregnant and have a bad cold

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Unfortunately, there is nothing that you should take for a cold, while pregnant, without first speaking with your doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-take-if-i-am-pregnant-and-have-a-bad-cold ]
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What can I take if I am pregnant and have a bad cold
Unfortunately, there is nothing that you should take for a cold, while pregnant, without first speaking with your doctor. ChaCha!
Weeks pregnant with a bad cold….can I take anything??
Tylenol for aches and pains, anything else talk to your doctor first. Vicks vapo rub was my best friend when I had a head cold at around 18 weeks. Hot steam humidifier to drape your head over (or a bowl of boiling water and a towel works to…
Can I take anything for a bad cold wile pregnant??
also look for some natural remidys..i know when your lousy thats the last thing you wanna do.. but hot bath may help your body..(obviously not burning hot.. babys dont like the gacuzi style water).. drink hot water with some cloves, honey a…

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Pregnant and sick with Bad Cold.. any meds I can take to reduce fever and symptoms?
Q: Hi all! I have been sick for days.. I have actually burst into tears over how bad my cold is.. I called the doc office and the nurse still has not returned my calls (I called over 3 hours ago) Since I am 6 weeks pregnant but have Not been to my first doc visit yet I am not sure if or what is approved for me to take. My question is…To any pregnant or previously pregnant what/if any kind of meds were approved to take for bad cold?? I have flu, fever, chills, runny nose, sneezing.. the whole 9 yards.. Please only answer if you know for a fact the med you say was approved by your doc or on approved list for pregnant woman.Thank You in advance!!!!
A: I don’t know about tylenol cold and flu but I know acetaminophen (regular tylenol) is supposed to be OK for most pregnant women. It should help with fever, aches, etc. (If your doctor isn’t returning your call, you could check with a pharmacist.) Definitely don’t take ibuprofen (advil) and don’t take any hardcore cold medicine. You could also ask the pharmacist about cough drops or cough medicine… But I really have NO idea if these are safe.I had a really bad cold when I was 6 weeks pregnant too. I heard it’s because all your resources are going toward your baby so your defenses are down… so you could look at it as a + in the sense that it might be a sign that your body is really working for that baby… I know that doesn’t make you any less miserable.When I had a really bad cold I took a tylenol and drank LOTS of fluids (water and orange juice) and that’s what I’d recommend. If morning sickness isn’t too bad, really try to eat healthy & well to help you recover faster. I didn’t take anything besides Tylenol cuz I didn’t want to risk it. I drank some weak tea (be careful with herbs though cuz they aren’t FDA mandated) or you could just try some hot water with lemon, sugar, or honey. Put a cold cloth on your forehead, get under the covers, and rest up with a lot of Kleenex and water nearby. There’s not much more you can do, unfortunately. this too will pass…..
What can I take for a cold when I am 24 weeks pregnant?
Q: I am 24 weeks pregnant and have a really really bad cold, usually I wouldnt mind just waiting it out but I am getting married out of state on Firday and if I dont feel better I will have to cancel my wedding. Any quick fixes?
A: vitamin C… Sudafed is allowed.
i am 20 weeks pregnant and i have a really bad cold i dont want to take any meds what can i do to help it?
Q: i dont want to take any meds, except tylenol if i start to run a fever which i havent yet.. i have a bad cough and im congested and my nose is stopped up.what can i do to make myself feel better without taking any meds…i dont want any meds affecting my growing baby boy.thanksi went to the dr yesterday but all they did was a us and didnt say anything about my cold..but ill just take a warm shower and go for a walk outside and see if that helps.thanks
A: Do a nasal rinse it is completely safe and helps a lot, also use Vicks Vapor rub under your nose and on your throat and chest, my doc said it is 100% safe to use as much as you want, that is what got me through my cold.
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