What can kill a baby in the womb

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A hard blow to the stomach area or fall while pregnant might kill the baby. Got questions? ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-kill-a-baby-in-the-womb ]
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How long would starving yourself kill a baby in the womb?
The baby gets the nourisment first and what’s left goes to you. So you would pass out and taken to hospital before the baby dies since he needs less then you. You can however give him brain injury and neurological problems depending on how …
Would extacy kill a baby in a womb?
Any drug poses risk to baby from time of conception to birth and even after that if breastfeeding. Not only can it kill baby but it can also cause preterm birth, drug dependance in newborn and so on. Alcohol does the same. 1 or 2 drinks bef…
Can aspirin or advil kill the baby in your womb??
She shouldn’t worry. Four advil in 3 days is not a lot. Women of my mother’s generation (and even some of mine) used to take aspirin all the time during pregnancy, and most of their babies were perfectly fine. But from this point on, she mi…

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Why isn’t it legal for parents to kill their newborn baby before the umbilical cord is cut?
Q: -When a woman is pregnant and full-term (40 weeks or ~9 months), it is OK and legal to:1) Administer a lethal injection to the baby while still in the womb, killing the baby, and then delivering the baby’s dead body.2) While in the womb, gradually dismember the baby, taking off and out the arms and legs, head, and body…in pieces.3) Deliver the baby breech (feet first) to the point in which the legs are dangling out of the vagina with the baby’s toes wiggling…and then inserting a powerful metal vacuum suction device up and through the baby’s body and into the baby’s skull and sucking out the baby’s brains.-Commonly in obstetrics (especially in multiparous patients), there is what is known as a “precipitous” delivery, in which a baby delivers extremely fast and before expected. As a physician I have delivered many babies of moms who barely make it to the hospital…delivering their baby in seconds…even without gloves, at times! Sometimes during an abortion, the live, healthy baby “precipitously” delivers before the abortion doctor can kill the baby. It use to be that the abortion doctor could then smother the baby and kill it before cutting the umbilical cord. But for some reason, the Partial Birth Abortion law, passed in 2003, finally making this illegal…though it still happens “behind closed doors” in abortion clinics.Of course, I have never participated in an abortion. Thankfully, in medical training, I had the option of foregoing such “education”.But on to my question…So…if numbers 1, 2, and 3 above are considered OK and legal, then why wouldn’t it be OK and legal for parents (or the doctor) to simply kill the newborn child…before the umbilical cord is cut? In the womb…and it is OK to kill the baby…But 5 seconds later and out of the womb, it is not OK to kill the baby? In the womb, and parents have the “choice” to kill their baby…But 5 seconds later, they no longer have that choice? Is their “freedom of choice” taken away from them…in a matter of seconds, based on the exact “location” of their baby?-Third Trimester abortions are LEGAL in the U.S.They do them all the time at places such as this:http://www.drtiller.com/
A: A lot of people have pushed forward a canard to try to disrespect you.The 1973 Supreme Court decisions Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton struck down all then-existing restrictions on abortion. Abortion could then be committed at any time during the pregnancy, and for any reason. Ostensibly, late term abortions were allowed only for the “health & welfare of the mother”. However, “health & welfare” were defined in such a nebulous manner as to allow all late-term abortions.Even the recent passing of a restriction on partial-birth abortions has holes in it and, effectively, prevent NO abortions. By the way, it is called partial-birth abortion because, as you describe in paragraph 3, the baby is partially delivered before he/she is killed.There have been, and are still, recurring attempts in the U.S. Congress to enact a bill that would allow parents to have their children killed for a specified amount of time AFTER they are born. Senator Barrack Obama is a huge proponent of all such measures.We also have seen where children who were meant to be aborted, but have the audacity to survive the attempt, were still killed after birth, usually by using a scalpel to slice the artery in their thigh.The things that the pro-abortion forces are blind to is this: We went to war to halt a regime that was practicing human experimentation, to include fetal experimentation. Over the past 60 years, we have painted them as monsters and horrific.However, in our own country, in this day and age, we engage in similar experiments that, thanks to improved science and mechanics, far outstrips anything that was done by the Nazis. I firmly believe that, in the last 35 years, we have come to a point where we must now apologize to the Nazis. Between abortion, fetal and born human experimentation & euthanasia, we have far surpassed them in the evil we do, legally.
What is the difference between killing a baby inside or outside of the womb?
Q: We know that babies can be born and survive at the stage where abortions are legal in the U.K.So I ask you – how is it that it is okay to murder a baby inside the mothers womb by poisoning it, burning it or pulling it out, breaking off the limbs first – but if this was done outside the mothers body it would be murder? Is this the real reason why women have their babies killed inside them? Is it to protect the doctors from legally being called murderers?So is this being fair to those women that could be given drugs to give birth early then have the baby killed rather than having a procedure that may prevent them from having babies in the future or even kill them?If women’s rights are really more important than the babies at this stage of pregnancy then why is this not allowed?And no I am not for abortions in any way – population reduction should start before conception not after.I refer to this article about a baby at 35 weeks born alive then stabbed to death by an abortionist. Need I say anymore?http://www.operationrescue.org/archives/eyewitness-confession-live-infant-stabbed-to-death-by-tiller-abortionist-shelley-sella/
A: to be murder, the baby has to be born i.e separated from the womb or mother. according to the law, while it is still in the womb it is still regarded as a foetus which is not a being until it is separated from the womb. therefore terminating it while it’s still in the womb cannot amount to murder according to the law.
What the heck is with women killing pregnant women and stealing their baby from their womb?
Q: It is happening all over the place…Why? What the hell is causing this? Are women desperate to be pregnant or something? Do you think those women who do that had an abortion in the past or something and now they can’t get pregnant? Who would do such a thing?
A: Some of it is because the woman has recently lost a baby and is not being treated for PPD or PPP (post partum psychosis) and they are so desperate to have a baby that they will do anything. I lost baby girl last month at 21 weeks and I realized that I was depressed and called my OB ASAP and was put on Zoloft.
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