What can smoking cause to a fetus

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Smoking while pregnant can cause low birth weight and premature birth. The amount of oxygen the fetus receives can be reduced. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-smoking-cause-to-a-fetus ]
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What can smoking cause to a fetus
Smoking while pregnant can cause low birth weight and premature birth. The amount of oxygen the fetus receives can be reduced.
Does smoking cause mutations to a fetus?
Not necessarily mutations, but it does deprive the baby of oxygen, which can cause several kinds of damage.
Can smoking cause mutations in a fetus?
yes. it causes an oxygen defficiency thus causing problems in the foetus’ development.

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Taking birth-control and Smoking?
Q: I am a regular smoker, nothing heavy, maybe 5 a day, but I was going to start taking Birth control. My mother said that when on birth control and smoking it can cause furture birth defects to the fetus that you might have. I want to know if its true and what the other effects are. Thanks! Please Have some Medical training when giving me information! I dont want personal experiences.
A: Birth control increases your risk of blood clots and so do cigarettes. Blood clots can break free from the walls of veins and arteries and are then called an embolus. A blood clot in your brain is a stroke, a blood clot that travels to your heart can cause a heart attack, and a blood clot which travels to the lungs is a pulmonary embolism (which kills around 30% of patients, 20% instantly die). Therefore, you should not take birth control if you’re a smoker (even 5 a day)!There are many doctors that won’t even prescribe you hormonal birth control with estrogen if you smoke!But there are two different types of birth control pills: combo pills (which contain estrogen and progestin) and the minipill (which is progestin only). The mini pill carries less of a risk of blood clots but are slightly less effective than the combo pills and *have* to be taken at the same time of day. The effectiveness of the mini pill significantly drops if you take it even an hour late. But you could continue to smoke and take the mini pill with less of a risk of blood clots. So you have other options, there are many hormonal birth control types which are progestin only… talk to your doctor.Please be aware that just being young doesn’t mean that you’re safe from blood clots. It’s a very real, deadly risk.Good luck!
Can ultrasounds at 12 weeks cause deafness in fetus?
Q: My brother in law and his 19 year old girlfriend of 4 months, (1 miscarriage and this is second pregnancy of relationship) are about 3 weeks behind me in my pregnancy. I went in three weeks ago for my first ultrasound and we got to see our amazing little peanut moving around in there and it was great. My brother in laws girlfriend is very unhealthy in her pregnancy, smoking, drinking, anerexia (is about 100 and almost 6 feet tall and has had multiple excuses to avoid family dinners as she doesn’t like eating in front of people. I have never seen her eat.) she has taken multiple herbal drugs and such so we were a bit worried for her pregnancy. So far she has hung on to the baby but yesterday they went for their ultrasound. The Dr. had a hard time finding the heart beat and was seriously wondering if their dates were off which could be the case but she should be 12 weeks pregnant and since they were trying for this baby they don’t think they are that far off. I was 10 weeks when i heard the heart beat for the first time and they didn’t have any problems finding it so i am a bit confused. The dr. said to wait until she was five months until she has her ultrasound and the reason he gave was that an early ultrasound at 12 weeks can cause deafness. Has anyone else heard this or know anyone who claims that is what happened to their baby or is this an excuse from the Dr to see if the baby would make it to five months? I am kind of worried now that i have had my ultrasound at 12 weeks but non of my dr’s were concerned at the time.. Anyone have any ideas?
A: Ultrasounds are perfectly safe for a baby, and do not cause deafness. Don’t worry about your baby.It sounds as if she needs to get another doctor. Either that or she’s not telling the truth about what the doctor said about the ultrasound.
What determines fetus weight?
Q: I know drugs, smoking and alcohol can cause low birth weight, but does how much you eat during pregnancy and genetics play a role too? My boyfriend and I were both 8 pounds when we were born and some people told me I won’t be able to carry a baby that big because I’m only 98 pounds. I’m 5’0, not malnourished. 21 weeks pregnant.
A: I think genetics plays a huge role in how big babies will be. I do think there are outside influences that can negatively impact a baby’s weight…To give you an idea:My first son was 5 lbs 13 oz but was 5 weeks earlyMy second son was 7 lbs 9 oz and was right on timeMy third son was 9 lbs 5 oz and was right on timeWith my second son, I ate extremely healthy. I had NO appetite for junk food, LOVED fruit and veggies. I was just extremely healthy when I was pregnant with him. With my third son, I craved all the crappy food. I could’ve lived off McDonalds. Whether this played a role in their birth weight…I don’t really know. What I *DO* know is that you do need to eat a well-balanced diet while you’re pregnant to ensure that your baby gets all the right nutrients, as well as yourself! If you take care of yourself, you should be fine. IF you are worried about carrying a healthy baby to term because of your weight, you might want to discuss that with your OB, but if they haven’t said anything or don’t seem concerned, I wouldn’t worry about what other people say 🙂 You generally seem like a tiny girl, and I have friends who have been about your size carry some BIG babies (one was 9+ lbs)Either way, if you’re worried, talk to your doctor. Otherwise take their ‘thoughts’ with a grain of salt.
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