What can you do to help stomach pains when pregnant

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Stomach pains is a very general description. Do you have the flu or cramping or something else? Your doctor is the best route. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-help-stomach-pains-when-pregnant ]
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Does anyone know if Slimquick works? stomach bloated, fat, water …?
Maybe try to control your insulin a little more with a diet like the Zone. I agree that diets do not work as well the older you get but I’ve been on the Zone since my late 20s and it works well when I do it. The most important thing is to g…

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when pregnant what do the stomach pains feel like?
Q: i have really bad stomach pains in the lower abdoman and its been hurting since sat. about 4 days now. it seems like the pain gets worse day by day. when i sit down i have a pain at the bottom of my uterus. this also happens when i walk or move or pee. it doesnt burn or anything like that but tha buttom or my stomach..i guess my uterus just hurts really bad as it comes out. what do you guys thing this could be? plz help!!! and i am scheduling a doctors appointment tomorrow buh i can i deal with the pain until i can get to the doctors?im 11 weeksand it seems like i ahve to pee every 30 minutes to an hr
A: a warm (not hot) bath will help you to relax. or you can try a warm shower. you may be having contrations, or braxton hicks contractions. how far along are you? are you leaking water? how far apart are the pains? the doctor is going to ask you all of this. and where the pain is.you should call the 24 hour nurse line for your doctor/hospital, and try and speak with nurse.
31 wks pregnant with stomach pain?
Q: im 31 wks preg. and i have been having wierd pains in my stomach and my “woohoo” its like i dont know if you know what im talking about but sometimes if im asleep and i dont know i have to go when i wake up its really bad and it feels like that but thats also in my back and goes away shortly after i pee and this is staying with me all day for the past 2 or 3 days im going to the dr tomorow but i was wondering has any one else ever had this do you know what it is i cant bend down i cant sit certain ways it even hurts worse to lay down i can only either sit straght up or slightly reclined i thought it might be from drinking to much caffine but since i got pregnant i have cut back on my caffine now i drink 1 or 2 cups a day sometimes 3 if i drink coffie in the morning the babys not on my bladder he is compleatly up right in the center of my tummy i have had alot of bladder problems and i have never know anything like this please help
A: What sort of pains have you been having? Are they constant? And what do you mean by woohoo feeling bad?I have a feeling you might have a bladder, kidney or urinary tract infection. Caffeine is a diuretic and will make you go to the toilet more often in the process opening you up to the possibility of infections or dehydration. I had quite a lot of kidney infections when pregnant and before and after pregnancy (I have a dual flushing kidney) and each time when I was pregnant and got an infection I was hospitalised. Infections make miscarriage, premature labour and still birth slightly more probable if untreated.Dont worry yourself too much it could just be braxton hicks or even your tendons and ligaments stretching. Just go to the doctor and drink lots of water just in case.Good luck
Very serious question about stomach pains. (no i am not pregnant)?
Q: this is going to be a bit…blunt..I have been having some stomach pains all over my abdomen for the past few days, i just thought “Oh, i’ll get my period soon”but, i was having a hard time falling asleep this morning, well, i finally got to sleep but woke up what felt like an hour later. My lower stomach was hurting soooo very bad and i had to poop. While i was…doing my business, i got that feeling you get right before you pass out…. i started sweating and was really freaked out as to what was going on. I finally finished and went back and laid down. well, now, my whole stomach hurts when i try to stand up or use any of those muscles in my core.I’ve never experienced this before, what’s wrong with me? I can’t get to a DR. just yet can anyone help please?No, not constipated, everything came out fine through the pain. it hurts to push, it hurts to pee (in my stomach)
A: were you able to do your business or are you constipated at all? how often do you go?(add details with the pencil button)
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