What can’t you eat when you are pregnant

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Raw Meats, Deli meats including hot dogs, Raw eggs, Fish high in mercury, Soft cheeses, Over the counter food: Avoid canned, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can%27t-you-eat-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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This is the list I received from my doc. Listeriosis can be transmitted to the fetus even if the mom is not showing signs of illness. This can lead to premature delivery, miscarriage, still birth, or serious health problems for the newborn….
-Soft and blue-veined cheeses, such as camembert,brie and stilton. -pate -eggs – undercooked meats (Take particular care with meat at barbeques, parties and buffets) -unpasteurised dairy products. -goats milk or cheese – nuts -unwashed frui…
-Soft and blue-veined cheeses, such as camembert,brie and stilton. -pate -eggs – undercooked meats (Take particular care with meat at barbeques, parties and buffets) -unpasteurised dairy products. -goats milk or cheese – nuts -unwashed frui…

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What can I eat for lunch while pregnant?
Q: I nver know what to eat for lunch when I am pregnant because food choices are so limited. I know you can’t eat deli meat unless it’s heated, and my doctor is telling me not to eat any tuna (even though I did during my first pregnancy). I am getting tired of eating veggie sandwiches. What do you eat for lunch? Any suggestions?
A: You can eat tuna… it’s brain food for pete’s sake. Eating it once a week is okay, I do. To tell you the truth I even eat lunch meat. It’s so silly to worry about every tiny what-if. I also eat chicken salad, PB&J, soup, fruit salad, pizza, quesidilla, yogurt, any dinner leftovers and microwave meals.
When pregnant and eating healthy is it okay to lose weight?
Q: I’m 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I’m about 40lbs over weight and I also have Multiple Sclerosis and i’m having major flareups such as my left leg numb for about 5.5 months and my right arm is now going numb and tingly. I can’t take anything to help my flareups and I know there is a MS diet that I can start which where I basically cut out all sugar, breads, pasta, rice (can have whole grain rice), and all seafood, and all red meat and pork b/c all of these foods are containing toxins which can cause the flare ups in my MS. I know I will lose weight if I gradually cut these items out, I wont do all at once b/c obviously these are hard things to not eat. But I’m assuming as long as I take my prenatal vitamins I’m still eating but healthier the weight I lose wont hurt my baby. I will talk to my Neurologist and OB about this to get more information and to see what they think. Thank you for all your opinions!** Basically now my diet is not healthy what so ever. I drink about 1 can of pop a day, drink kool aid, pretty much a sugary and I do intake a lot of sodium. Also with this diet they recommend a lot of fresh veggies and fruits which is fine b/c I LOVE veggies and fruits. Just going to be hard to get on this strict diet. My mom after having my brother (12 years ago, I remember all of this because I was 13 when she did this) she also has MS and did this diet and lost about 60 pounds and her flare ups decreased a lot and then started her shots, but I want to breast feed our second baby in the worst way and hold off from taking the shots and if this diet will help my flare ups i’m all for it!I do have that book. But I’m not trying to lose weight or anything but I know for a fact if I cut all these things our from my diet that I will lose the weight. I do know that if you are over weight your suppose to try not gain any weight or as little as possible.Correct I don’t want to lose weight right now, I wouldn’t mind losing weight but I KNOW that once I cut these things out of my diet I know for a fact I will lose weight. But i’m also being way healthier then I am right now.
A: I would consult with your doctor first.That said, you will likely be given the go-ahead to switch to a healthier diet. For women that are overweight (like myself), we need to gain significantly less weight then a woman that is average or below average. The nutritional value of the foods in the new diet far outweigh the cost of losing some weight. By not eating healthy you are putting yourself at risk of gestational diabetes which can harm the developing fetus.Not that I am recommending this by any means, but this was my experience… I lost a significant amount of weight in my first trimester due to morning sickness. During my entire pregnancy I was sick and had serious food aversions. The week after I delivered my son I was 5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. I worried a lot about my baby not getting enough of the right things because at one point my doctor had me come off my prenatal vitamin because it was contributing to my morning sickness. In the end I delivered a perfect 9lb 12oz baby boy. They key was talking to my doctor regularly and doing everything I could to eat the right foods.I hope you don’t have the same experience I do, but know that eating the right foods is incredibly important and talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to help you.
Do you truly eat for 2 when pregnant? how much should U gain? how much should your baby weight at birth?
Q: Okay I’m pregnant right now and I already have a boy who’s turning 2 in May and I’m about 9 or 10 weeks pregnant right now and I have two friends who are sisters who keep telling me that you need to eat for two and they like to pig out and would like me to do that same but I only eat if I’m hungry, on my first pregnancy I did gain a lot not that I wanted to but I did I gain about 60 pounds but I did had a baby boy who was almost 9 pounds at birth and after I had him I lost like 50 pounds, my friends gain about the same weight but had baby’s who were about 6 pounds and after having their baby one of them kept ALL the weight and we keep arguing about the weight some one needs to gain while pregnant, I mean how do you explain all that extra weigh after having your baby specially for a small baby and they keep saying that a normal baby weights 6lbs so that means that my baby is abnormal? I think a lot of the time that they are either jealouse or ignorant because everyone is different also they said that they would feel like a bad mom if they went to work, work out, or school because I joing a gym after i couldn’t lose those 10 pounds and because i got me a part time job to pay for my gas because i went back to school, so does that mean that their husbands well boyfriend’s because they are not married well that they are bad dad’s for going to work to pay the bills? so what do you guys think…..are they ignorant? jealouse? or what?oh also they both had girl and i had a boy and they keep saying that girls are so much better cuter and a lot of dumb things like that, even kids of the same sex are different to me that sounds like jealousy because their man can’t make boys….what guy doesn’t want a boy??at first i would never said anything but then i thought if they don’t know if is bothering me then how would they stop those comments so i did told them not to compare boys with girls and one of them kept on going….so what do you guys think???
A: If you eat for two, you will weigh for two after your baby is born. On average, a woman needs 300 calories about what they needed before they were pregnant. If you were overeating before you were pregnant, then you probably don’t need to add anything at all! The average weight for a baby is 7lbs, but that’s just an average. There are many babies born who are below and above that average and it doesn’t make them “abnormal”. Actually, if you eat nothing but rubbish, you will pack on the pounds in pregnancy and STILL starve your baby which could cause a 6lb baby and an obese mom. Really and truely you should make sure every bite you eat counts for something. That’s lean meats, multigrains, complete carbohydrates no white bread, no candy, soda, and ice cream…watch the salt intake and exercise sensibly. You can get too hung up on weight gain and that’s not a good thing, but if you don’t take care of yourself at all, you will feel it in the last trimester and definitely everyone else will see the results.
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