What causes your belly button to stick out when you are pregnant

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Some women’s belly buttons stick out when they are pregnant and some don’t. It all depends on your body! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-your-belly-button-to-stick-out-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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Why does the belly button stick out during pregnancy??
The belly button stick out during pregnancy because when the baby is inside the uterus (womb) then there is a connection(in the tubular form) for the gas exchange and food that is known as placenta.when a woman is not pregnant the its belly…

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just a few questions?
Q: around what week did you start getting stretch marks?does your belly button stick out? what week did it stick out?were you all belly or did you get bigger everywhere else too?did you swell alot? what weeks did that start?i am 31 weeks and i havent gotten any stretch marks(as of yet) i give it a couple more weeks and my belly button will stick out. its almost there but its still an innie.so far im all belly. my face is just a little chubbier but from behind, you cant even tell im pregnant.i, fortunately, havent had any swelling in my feet or anything. aside from having extreme all day sickness from week 8 to week 14 and losing 11 lbs from that, i have had a pretty good pregnancy. i am only 5’0 so my doctor didnt expect me to get that big anyways but i was always worried i would get really big and get bad stretch marks. my mom is the same height as me and weighed 95 lbs when she got pregnant. she gained 40 lbs both times she was pregnant and got really bad stretch marks on her belly. i weighed 127 when i got pregnant so i was like 30 lbs heavier than her when she got pregnant. but i have so far gotten lucky. but i have this feeling that im going to gain faster in these last few weeks and that could cause stretch marks. im not going to hate my body or anything if i do get them because i know i got them for my baby. i cant wait to see her. i have 9 weeks left and it is taking forever.
A: I got stretchmarks by the time I was 5 months pregnant.No, my belly button did not stick out.I was all belly, my face got a little bit chubby but slimmed out right again towards the end. No one could tell I was pregnant from behind, then I turned around and BAM! I WAS ENORMOUS!!!!!!!!!!No swelling in my feet or anything…I worked with a girl who found out she was pregnant around the time I was 6 or 7 months and already big as a house…and we were in the lunch room and she had the nerve to say “I know I am going to gain weight but I just hope I do not end up looking LIKE THAT”…and pointed at my huge belly…It was really mean… I got REALLY mean lol (pregnancy hormones, I could not help it!) Ever since then I try not to compare pregnant bellies with anyone because we are all so different, it is beautiful no matter what! 🙂
What were you first signs of pregnancy?
Q: I’m just curious.I personally have been wondering if I am. I had my normal period about the second to last week in May. Had unprotected sex with my ex on May 31st. I’d been extremely tired, and read somewhere that was a pregnancy symptom, so I took a test a couple days before my expected period. It came out negative. Had my period second to last week of June. It was shorter than usual, and lighter. Come July, symptoms kicked in full swing. I was extremely tired, always wanted to sleep. Random foods were causing me heartburn. I was a little gassy, when I usually never am. When I brushed my teeth and spit, there would be a little bit of blood. I was constipated. I would be nauseous, not wanting to eat anything. I would go without eating for most of the day. but then I get cravings. The last week, I feel like all I’ve eaten is butter rum muffins and Snickers bars. My favorite foods mozzerella sticks, pizza, cheesecake, buffalo chicken… just the thought of it makes me want to barf. I’ve been having to pee atleast every hour. Anyways, come the second to last week of July, and no period. I had slight cramping, so I expected it to come, but it never showed. I figured it was just late, but now that’s it been a couple of weeks, I’m gonna go with it’s not showing up. I started noticing more symptoms after that (they were there before, just hadn’t really noticed them) like I’ve been having slight headaches and backaches. My boobs are veiny now, especially near the nipple (sorry if TMI), my aerolas have darkened, and the “dots” on my aerolas are sticking out, which they’ve never done before. My boobs have definitely gotten bigger, they hang out of my bra now. My boobs have also been very achy on and off through the day.. I know some people have this before their period, but I’ve never had achy boobs. I’ve also been having slight cramping. Most of the times it seems to be on my sides, not toward the middle or anything, if that has to do with anything. I’ve also had a heightened sense of smell… my friends all smoke cigarettes, and their smoke which usually doesn’t bother me has been making me want to gag. I’ve been very emotional. Things my friends say to me I’ve been taking alot more personally. I’ve been getting angry quickly. I’ve also been crying alot more. I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day, and cried 20 times during it. I don’t know if this part is in my head or not, but I swear I’m gaining weight in my stomach only. I’ve been losing weight on my hips, but my stomach seems to be “protruding”. Not something anyone else has noticed, but I’ve definitely noticed. And it seems that most of it is toward the top of my stomach. Oh, I’m bad explaining this. I just notice it alot more, I guess I’ll leave it at that. Plus, my acne has cleared up ALOT. My skin has always been more acne prone, runs in the family on my dad’s side (I know everyone gets acne, but both my dad and my sister had severe acne), but lately I only have 1 or 2 small pimples. I’ve had more vaginal discharge.Yes, I know the only way to definitely know is to take a pregnancy test, but I’m kind of scared. Like, I’m excited, and I know I’m going to be disappointed if I’m not. Second, I’ve been pysching myself out. My ex has low sperm count, and we were together for two+ years and never got pregnant. It would blow my mind if we just happened to get pregnant while having sex AFTER we broke up. I feel like it’s all in my head. But if no period this month, then I’ll be taking a test.Anyways,for moms/moms to be only…What were your first symptoms?How many times did you have to pee in your first trimester? haha just curious. Did you have any period like bleeding? If so how long into your pregnancy did it continue?When did you first notice a belly on yourself?’When did you notice new curves?Sorry for so many questions, I’m just a curious kind of person. And if you want to comment toward you’re opinion on my situation… feel free. Just remember, I’m emotional, so no smart a** comments, k?The nausea has actually toned down some (its still there, but not half as bad). I’d be about 11 weeks, so that would make sense because the nausea usually quites in the second trimester, right? The nausea has gone away. Tonight, for supper alone, I thought I was full, but ended up devouring a steak and ice cream. Tomorrow there’s a party and I plan on drinking, but I’m going to go buy a couple of tests tomorrow to see whether or not I’m pregnant. If I’m pregnant, than of course I won’t drink. So yeah. Thanks!I’m thinking with just the peeing alone, I’m going to take a test. It hit a chord when you said you were peeing 5 times a night… I have had to wake up a bunch of times.
A: My first symptoms were sore breasts, very tired, and I broke out with acne for about 2 weeks2 I honestly never had that symptom with any of my 4 babies I just peed like I normally do all throughout my pregnancies3 no, I never had any bleeding4 with my first I was about 16 to 18 weeks b4 it was noticeable
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