What channel is 16 and Pregnant on

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MTV’s documentary series titled ’16 And Pregnant’ follows the life of several pregnant teenage girls during a 5 to 7 month period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-channel-is-16-and-pregnant-on ]
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What channel is 16 and Pregnant on
MTV’s documentary series titled ’16 And Pregnant’ follows the life of several pregnant teenage girls during a 5 to 7 month period.

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I have satellite, what channel is 16 and Pregnant on, if it is on?
A: It’s on MTV but the channel number differs.On mine it is 581, and I have Bell Canada.
Has anyone else seen those shows one is on MTV called 16 and Pregnant and the other is on the Discovery Ch.?
Q: and that one is called I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? I don’t really have to much to say about the second show on the discovery channel but I do feel a little torn in what I believe about the first. On one hand I think that they are kinda exploiting the young girls buy putting them on tv and adding them as statistics, and on the other I think that the network is trying to show other teens that babies aren’t what you think, that there is way more work on the inside than those who are looking from the outside. Boy my teachers would killed me if I had to choose one or the other and write a paper because I would digress all over that paper. Give me your opinions people,if you have very negative and nasty remarks about my question then don’t answer to get your little points THANKS FOR READING!I know well thanks for commenting
A: I watched the episode with the red head girl. I thought they were glorifying teen pregnancy until Iwatched it and seen the after the ne3w wore off the baby all the issues that were there. It is what happens and they are shining a light on it. I feel that most kids learn and mimic tv so why not show it, but on the other hand like you said it is like throwing these girls under the bus.
has anyone just watched wife swap on channel 4?
Q: what did u think of the so called strict parents (nothing against strict parents , it just how they were described) who were so rude about the other woman’s daughter , basically calling them slags because she let her teenage daughters wear some make up, when the strict mom got pregnant at 16!! the strict mother also dropped the dog on the floor and the daughter got angry about it and the strict mom expected the daughter to apologies for the woman abusing her pet !
A: i liked Ronnie and her family , i wouldn’t allow my daughters to wear so much make up but apart from that they were clearly a couple who loved and respected each other but i couldn’t stand the younger couple raquel was pregnant at 16 yet judged the other family very harshly , her husband was obnoxious too , they were so busy judging and patronizing the other family they found it impossible to look at themselves objectionally .At the aftermath the younger couple had no manners and constantly butted in , sorry but if i was ronnie i would of banged their stupid heads together . she hurt the family dog how sick was that
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