What could be wrong if i have not had my period in 2-3 months

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If you are sure you are not pregnant, a very common cause of a missed period is not having ovulated that cycle. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-be-wrong-if-i-have-not-had-my-period-in-2%26%2345%3B3-months ]
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What could be wrong if i have not had my period in 2-3 months?
If you are sure you are not pregnant, a very common cause of a missed period is not having ovulated that cycle.

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its been more than 2 months no period but keep getting Negative hpt test.Any possibility to be pregnant?
Q: i am sexually active and trying to conceive. My last AF was on 8th Aug. I had brown spotting on 13 Sept.The brown spot was only a small discharge in a very small amount which lasts less than an hour(which i thought my AF is coming but usually i have red and heavy flow for 7-8 days).Tried lots of HPT but keep getting negative results.havent done blood test yet.i also went to the doc for urine test still getting negative. Done ultrasound on 6th november the doc said nothing inside maybe still too small to be seen if there is or maybe its nothing in there. gave me hormonal medicine to get my period back but i didnt take it coz im afraid maybe i am having a baby(keep on in my head).its been two weeks now on im experiencing sore boobs, tired, slight headache and weak when try to wake up in the morning but feel fine after several minutes stand up, cramps occasionaly lower left back and uterus. recent few days i experience sharp pain but just mild and twinge sensation in my uterus and both ovaries(lower abdomen).happened 2-3 times a day and its been about 3 days.but i remember around end of September i woke up from sleep because i had a sharp pain lower right abdomen(somewhere ovary is located) and it is painful where i couldnt even move. it only lasts 4-5 minutes and fine after that go back to sleep.the big questions are am i pregnant and why im not having my period yet?what could be wrong with me??please help..thanks to you for your help.
A: You’re not pregnant if all the tests came out negative. If you’ve stopped taking birth control pills or is stressed out, your period won’t come back that soon. The doctor is able to see something after 2 weeks of intercourse with an ultrasound. You should just take the hormonal pills. My last normal period was in March. I took the hormonal pills twice; once in July and once in October and my period still hasn’t come back naturally. I’m also trying to conceive (for 2nd baby). We’ve been really active and still nothing yet. A sharp pain on your ovaries may mean that you have a cyst. I’ve been through this before. However, I was also pregnant at that time (the pregnancy tests and ultrasound did state I was pregnant).
My period lasts 2-3 weeks every month + painful sex, what’s wrong with me?!?
Q: In January ’08 my ob/gyn found two small cysts in my ovaries and prescribed birth control pills (in addition to the implant I already had) to shrink them.About eight months later I had major stabbing pains in my abdomen in addition to excessive bleeding, so I went to the ER and had an ultrasound done. The results showed that the cysts were no longer there, and the doctor suggested that they had ruptured. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and mild painkillers.For the past four months or so I’ve been bleeding almost non-stop every month, and it’s especially heavy after I have sex (and it’s fresh blood, not brownish or anything). No pain really though besides a few cramps that were bearable.I don’t know if all this bleeding is a side-effect of the implant that I have (which is due to come out Jan 2011) or if the cysts reoccurred and keep rupturing, or what. I’m away at college and I won’t be able to see my regular doctor until March.What do you think is going on with me?(I should also add that my boyfriend and I have been together faithfully for four years, so I really don’t think it could be an STI.)
A: This sounds a little like endometriosis. Check out the link below.
What could be wrong with me?
Q: I’ve missed my period twice in a row now. I should have gotten it last Saturday but I didn’t, so I haven’t had my period in like months. And in the past 2-3 weeks I have been feeling sick.No I’m not pregnant, there is no possibility of that.But what could be wrong? Should I go to a doctor or what?Also, I have lost a lot of weight in the last 7 weeks, but I’m not sure if that can affect your period and make you feel sick.. ?Thanks in advance! :)Anastasiya ♥There’s no real reason behind the weight loss. I have just been eating healthier and excersising more, but probably stress is a factor too.
A: I’m not a girl or woman so I’ve never had a period but I can tell you that extreme exercise, and stress can effect your cycle. I’m sure your fine, just chill out and try not to burn yourself out or get too buff 😉
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