What could go wrong if a girl got pregnant at age 16

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Teen mothers are at a greater risk of complications such as premature labor, anemia, and high blood pressure. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-go-wrong-if-a-girl-got-pregnant-at-age-16 ]
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What could go wrong if a girl got pregnant at age 16
Teen mothers are at a greater risk of complications such as premature labor, anemia, and high blood pressure. ChaCha again!

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Wanting to get pregnant at 16?
Q: My name is Lilah. I am 16 years old, I will 17 in October 2009. My boyfriend is 17 years old and will be 18 in June 2009. For awhile now I have looked at people with babies and have desired to have a baby, envious of it. I know babies are a lot of work. But listen, I am home-schooled, and I have a monthly income of $950 dollars. My Mom was a pre-school teacher so I’ve grown up all my life around kids from when I was little, to being older and having to help my Mom at work. I’ve babysat many times before. I’ve even baby sat 4 kids at once ages being 5,4,2, and 4 months all by myself from morning to night, and that was when I was 14. One of the kids got sick and broke out with a high fever, but I took care of it, and I was fine and so were the kids. I feel like I know what I’m doing with kids. So now listen to this…I’ve been through a lot in my 16 years, stuff kids shouldn’t have to go through. I don’t have any friends [[thanks to my ex-friends]] and I’m alone a lot, except for my boyfriend who is always there for me 24/7. I love my boyfriend very much, and I know for a fact that he is my future. I know a lot of girls probably say this about their boyfriends and it doesn’t follow through, but I know this for a stern fact that he is and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I’ve never cared more about a person in my life as much as I do him. He is my hero who has literally saved me from myself in my times of desperation. He makes me feel wanted and needed when no one else in my life ever does. But everytime I look at a baby I feel this want and need to have a little life to take care of. I know it’s not easy, but I yearn for it so badly. I’ve talked to my boyfriend about this and he wants this as well as I do. He actually started talking to me about if first saying that though we are young he would love to have a kid now, and I confirmed thats what I wanted as well. We’ve talked about this a lot and have gone over everything that could happen. He told me before I could even say anything that he would be there with me through every step of the way and he wants to be the best Daddy he can be. We haven’t said we are actually going to do it yet, because there is no rush. What I want to know is…#1 is it wrong that I want to baby at such a young age?#2 if my boyfriend and I do deceided we want to try and conceive within the next few months, is that wrong because we are young?Please offer up any advice you have….be sure to remember I’m not saying we are going to do it…I mean we will end up probably just waiting until we are married to have a baby….but I’m just asking if we were to now…hypothetically…opinions? advice? Please give me something to think aboutcan people not just say it is wrong…i never said i was going to do it, i just need something to think about right now because its late, or early however you think about it, and cannot sleep.as for the school question…he graduates in June and i can be graduating either next June or sooner because like i said i am homeschooled and i tend to do my work very fast and still get good grades. and he has a job, so my $950 is just me alone, not including him
A: I don’t think is wrong to want a baby at a young age, to each it own…BUT! i would recommend you going to a clinic and meeting with a sex counselor who could tutor you and help you with your options and analyze things trough (try going with your boyfriend)there are so many things to consider…1. have you/him finished high school?2. is your income of 900 a month enough to SUPPORT all 3 of you? i wouldn’t think so!3. can you wait and see how things go trough with the relationship and getting a better income?————————————————————————————————–I fell totally ready to adopt a baby and the adoption fell trough, so i decided to get pregnant at 25 and now i am pregnant (5 months) with twins, i couldn’t be happier but it was a shock!!!!!!! I’mm still trying to absorb it.i was just expecting one baby, they are full of surprises and expenses you have to be definitely ready. i am freaking out with a income of $2,300 by weekly
Q: Okay, This is so hard that I dont even know where to start : I am 21 years old, My boyfriend is almost 24, I’ve been with him since I was 14 and he was 16. When we first met, everything was cool, sweet and innocent.My ex- bestfriend hooked me and him up together because of the fact that I am a big girl (full-figured) my friend thought I would have a hard time trying to find a boyfriend. I guess she felt sorry cause I couldnt get a boyfriend so she hooked me up with him and we talked over the phone for about a year and never knew what each other looked like. I fell in love with him after we met because he had a sweet heart and he didnt look at my looks, he looked at what was on the inside. I lost my virginity to him at the age of 15. At age 16 my parents found out that I was sneaking him into the house to have sex with him, and I was not allowed to see him again. I was so in love with him I didnt pay attention to what my parents said, and tried everything in my power to see him and call him, even if I had to sneak and get in trouble again for him. I even planned to run off and get married to him. My family was telling me to let him go because he wasnt thinking about me and was probably off with other women by now, but oh no I knew this man was in love with me to and that nothing can keep us apart right??WRONG! Some months after we couldnt see each other anymore, he found him a new girlfriend and moved in with her. I would call him and he would tell me he would call me right back, then one day the woman started answering the phone and I started crying cause I couldnt believe that this was happening and he would do something like this to me, but I ignored it and refused to believe what was going on. Then one day he just decided he couldnt take it anymore so he broke up with me and told me that I deserved someone better then him. I was so broken hearted I didnt know what to do. At age 17 he came back to me and we got back together,then he started to become verbally and physically abusive, I got pregnant and thats when the suffering began. 5 minutes after I found out I was pregnant, he put his mother on the phone and she cussed me out, he told everybody that I was pregnant and he was happy, but he didnt want to get out and get a job, I was already working full-time, his mother called me everyday and they both made fun of me about me having the morning sickness and infections caused by pregnancy and what was to come later in the pregnancy, my dad beat me and and I called my boyfriend and he didnt do a damn thing, even with me carrying his child.We got into an argument,and he told me that he would kill me. I couldnt take it anymore, so i got an abortion 4 days after his birthday without him knowing. Finally he called and apologized, then started arguing again so I told him that I got rid of the baby. He cried and screamed but got over it. All he cared about was if I was leaving him or not. I broke up with him and started having a mental breakdown and basically started sleeping around with different men, because I felt like that was the only thing that can help me deal with my problems. In the same year I turned 18 and in December we hooked back up and January The following year I found out I was pregnant again. I decided that I was going to keep my baby this time. I had these so called friends, that wanted to fuck him, but i thought I could trust my man, but the girl started telling him that I was cheating on him and that the baby probably was not his, so he started having phone sex with my so called friends when I was six months pregnant. His mother told him not to give me any money because she thinks that me and my family are rich and so does he so he did exactly what his mother told him to do. When the baby was born he went out and called another girl to tell her. He became very controlling and possesive towards me, but yet still never did much of anything for my daughter, my parents bought EVERYTHING for me and his daughter, when I got a couple hundred bucks I spent every dime on the baby. He is always accusing me of cheating, he doesnt trust me according to him he never did, hes cheated on me 3 times, i’ve cheated on him once with a woman, but he didnt care because it was a woman. He is getting more and more abusive by the day and is now even threatening to kill himself if i leave him, its like he doesnt even care about his daughter. I feel like I wasted my whole life with him and all I got was a beautiful little girl, Now im with this guy that ive known for way long then i’ve known him, and I am falling in love and i dont wanna hurt my babyfather but I do not want to be hurt by letting the other one go. I can no longer be with my babyfather, I am only with him so that he wont kill himself and so that I dont have to live with the guilt of knowing that if i had stayed he would be alive. But at the same time I feel like I should still live my life and be free again. I know its a long story right?? I coulOkay to begin with whoever had called me a whore: I admit I played the role but unless you’ve had your head fucked about about being underage and pregnant and having parents that force you to kill your own child… you wouldnt understand so continue to comment, but try to be a little less childish…you probably cant even help it though.I only cheated on my boyfriend once excluding now… when I had the abortion he moved out of town to run away from his feelings, there he met up with a girl who he was in a relationship with for some months WHILE WE WERE BROKEN UP, I slept with 5 guys, thats not normal for me, but I was going through some things, but me and my babyfather were NOT together when I did this. But He cheated when I was 16, then he cheated when he was having phone sex with my friend and her sister, and last year he brought another girl into his apartment and fingered her and ate her out.Well to “ME”, I am from the hood, but the hood is not in me, I am hardly ghetto and i’ve been homeschooled for most of my life, and I just graduated for a Medical Assistant progam, I am a Nationally Certified Phlebotomist, Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Electrocardiogram Technician, and next semester of school I am going back to college to obtain a Bachelors and PhD, majoring in Counseling Psycology, with a minor in Music, all people have problems in their life, I seriously doubt that education has anything to do with it. You can have a degree or whatever, but how does that affect you life, beside financially?? For someone that is questioning someone about their own educational level that sure wasnt really a SMART comment, but I do appreciate it…Thank you.Oh and for the people who question if he really is the father of my child? If you read the full story with the added on attachments, you would know, this is 2009 okay?? I stated that I am now 21, and I also stated that I was 18 when I got pregnant the second time,I also stated that when I was 17 I had gotten an abortion and that I had had a mental breakdown,so I just let myself go and slept with 5 guys,my boyfriend and I hooked back up in December,If I was pregnant by another guy I wouldnt already been about 7-8 months pregnant before I hooked back up with my boyfriend, I had my daughter is 2006 my daughter is now 2 years old, but we did take a DNA test only to verify for child support though.
A: heres an idea.. FOCUS ON YOUR DAMN DAUGHTER! what kind of mother are you gonna be if all you focus on is the men your dating? “all i got was a beautiful lil girl”? all you got? some women cant have babies! why dont you try being on your own for awhile? live with just you and your child and raise her and date the nicer guy in your life. tell your babys dad that he can visit her whenever but he should be paying child support. i doubt he will kill himself hes prob just saying that to yet again control you. you need to start focusing on your baby and not the men in your life.
Q: I’m 15 right now, turning 16 this coming February. In June, I went for my regular doctors checkup, when she asked me if I had had my period yet, I said no. She kind of said “ah oh well, it will come” then as we were leaving she said – “Oh wait a minute, lets just book you for an ultrasound”. So, I went for an ultrasound.. the results went back to my doctor. We then got a call from her telling us she wanted me to get an MRI scan done on my pelvic region. We got that done.. the results went back to the doctor.. and she gave us another call saying she wanted me to get some blood work done. I went in and did it as well. We never got a call back from those results, my mom called in a few weeks later and the doctor said it would benefit me if I went to go see a gynocologist. I went last month. She did a quick exam, asked me a whole bunch of questions.. and later came in to say that my FSH level was off (high), and after examing my stage of puberty I am at I could have a problem with my ovaries? She said that my pituitary gland might be making the FSH, but my ovaries are not responding. She said that could be I started puberty around age 12 or 13, and then it just stopped. She also said that if this was right I would have problems getting pregnant without getting help. Now, obviously I was very upset from this news. She said that I am a very healthy teenage girl, and they have not exactly diagnosed the problem yet, its just a possiblity. I had to go in again the week after for some more blood work, and I have another MRI scan of my pelvic region scheduled for the end of this month. They called today, I don’t know why, but we missed them when we tried to call back. It could have been the results from the blood work, or to scedule another appointment maybe? I have grown close to 3 inches in the past 6 months. I do have pubic and underarm hair, and small breasts (36A), however recently I noticed they grew a slight bit. I’ve also noticed that I might have had a bit of discharge.. but it was hard to tell since my underwear was not white. Could it be they are wrong, and I am just a late bloomer. I have heard stories of girls who get their periods as late as age 18! I actually talked to a girl at school who said she went through the same thing when she was around 14, and they found out that nothing was wrong, she just had to wait. The gynocologist said that if the scans and blood work prove their theory, I would maybe have to get a estrogen treatment?Could I just be a late bloomer?Should I not worry about it?What do you think is happening?Could the gynocologist just be preparing me for the worst incase they are right?I really want a period!
A: Ohh honey you don’t want it, trust me lol When you get it, you’ll be counting the seconds until it’s over!You’re just a late bloomer. My friend got hers at 17, & I got mine at 11. Just be patient, stress keeps it from coming also. But periods, everyone’s is different. Mine are agony! =P Just be happy you don’t have to deal with cramps, bloating, all that yet.
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