What could happen if i don’t eat healthy when pregnant

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You could develop Gestational diabetes, have increased risk of cesarean delivery and develop high blood pressure. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-happen-if-i-don%27t-eat-healthy-when-pregnant ]
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What could happen if i don’t eat healthy when pregnant
You could develop Gestational diabetes, have increased risk of cesarean delivery and develop high blood pressure. ChaCha!

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Overweight and pregnant?
Q: I have gained a significant amount of weight over the past 10 years. 11 years ago I left a very traumatic and abusive life and was married to a man that loves me more deeply and sacrificially than I can describe. The first 5 years in our marriage I struggled with and overcame depression. It seemed strange that all the depression symptoms came after I was no longer exposed to the abuse, but that is how it happened. Once feeling ”safe” it seems the depression hit hard and I steadily gained a lot of weight, about 10 pounds a year. I had never had a problem with my weight prior to this and it was frustrating to deal with after I was finally becoming emotionally whole again.After going through a lot of counseling and finally feeling ”healthy” mentally and emotionally, my wonderful husband of five years and I got pregnant with our first child. Even though I had gained a lot of weight over those first five years, honestly, I didn’t look that bad and no one ever really said anything to me-not even my husband. I enjoyed my first pregnancy for the most part, and once we held our daughter, we fell in love with her more than life.During that pregnancy I gained a little more weight and never lost it when we got pregnant with our sweet boy. We weren’t trying, in fact we call him our “unexpected blessing!” And as you’d guess, I gained more weight with him while pregnant. As soon as I delivered him, however, I lost all the weight super fast – it was like my body couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. I was at the exact pre-pregnancy weight.Over the next year or so I was already wearing lots of stretch waist pants to be comfortable with my two little ones and when we planned to go on a trip this winter, I tried on a pair of jeans that had fit me just the year before. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t fit and when I dug out my scale, I had gained 20 pounds literally without noticing it!Well, this last December I started the whole weigh loss plan and daily walking which was going super. I am probably a total of 75 pounds more than those ”charts” say by height that I should be, and well, as of this morning, I think I am pregnant again. We want another child, but I wanted to get this weight under control first – to at least be what I was when I got pregnant with either of my other children. I wish I could say that we got pregnant intentionally, but we didn’t use protection and during the “act” only because when things were getting to the point, I “did the math” in my head and felt “sure” I wasn’t ovulating yet. Afterwards, I tried to calculate again and felt really nervous I did my “math” wrong. My husband and I realized at the same time that we had both thought about it, but didn’t think I was in ovulation yet. Together we realized that we both miscalculated in the “moment” and now I am scared that I am pregnant. I am frantically looking around for online advice. I am so embarrassed that I may be pregnant. I know everyone is going to judge me, especially those close to us that will feel they have the “job” to say something “because they care” (which I know they do, but how is that going to help me at this point??). I’m just sad because this is going to be so hard for me and my family.I still feel so ”fragile” in some ways from my past and I just don’t think I could take it if my weight contributed to hurting this baby or even myself which could cause pain to my other children and my sweet husband. I’ve been put through so much in my life and I would never want to deliberately hurt any of them.I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. My questions are, can you really not gain weight when pregnant (eating healthy with lots of supplements and exercising enough to stay the same and metabolize what is in your body already), and is there a resource I could go to for help since WW won’t talk to you if you’re preggo (with their liability issues, etc.). I’m having a melt-down and I need some good advice. Also, does anyone know a good way to find an OB that won’t have the ”fat” talk with me every time I come in for a prenatal check? My last OB was not happy with the weight I started at BEFORE the second…she’d probably harpoon me herself if she found out what I’ve allowed to happen. Thank you for your help in advance.
A: In a way I can relate. I ballooned to a weight of 275 pounds after a really bad car wreck that left my unable to walk for six months. I spent the better part of last year trying to lose the 100 pounds I had gained, but was only able to lose 42 pounds before I discovered I was pregnant. I am due in 9 weeks and so far have gained 24 pounds…and that has been with me on bed rest. And I get the lecture from my doctor non stop. But I can’t do anything but stay in bed per his orders! But, here is what I have found out through reading:If you are overweight, it is safe to not gain weight as long as you have your doctor’s permission. If you are told to gain weight, try not to gain more than 20-25 pounds. Do NOT try to lose weight while pregnant. Exercise is safe (unless told otherwise.) Supplements are not always safe, diet pills never are. Talk to your doctor about options. During pregnancy overweight women are subject to risk of miscarriage, preeclampsia, diabetes and hypertension to a greater degree. While heightened sugar content in blood a baby, as a rule, turns to be too big, what fraught with Cesarean section, as during delivery big fetus can cause additional problems for a woman: breakages, bleeding. But many of these women have very normal and healthy pregnancies and babies. In fact, everyone I know has been overwieght and pregnant. And all babies turned out fine. Watch what you eat, stay away from empty calories and sugary foods. Eat smart. Eat small. Eat often. When you eat 6 small meals a day, you burn 600 calories. When you eat 2 large meals a day, you burn 200 calories. Eating more often is better for both you and the baby.I wish you luck and I suggest talking to a doctor. They only have your best interest in heart. I know first hand how discouraging it is to be told you are too big while pregnant. That fact is made even harder because I WAS losing the weight before I found out I was pregnant. I was almost half way to my goal. But I know that once Zoë is born, I will lose 85-95% of that weight immediately. Then I can work on it again. I also know that I can tell my doctor to shut up. Life is hard enough. Give it a rest. I AM trying. And as long as you know you are doing your best, to hell with everyone else. And looks on the bright side, even losing 5% of your weight before getting pregnant, health risks decrease by 20%. I suggest googling “pregnancy and overweight” or ask to speak to 24 hour nurse line for advise. It isn’t easy, I know. I’m being told my child will be 3-5 weeks early and will probably have a C-Section, but I also have been told she is healthy…so know that even in the worse case scenario, good things do come
What does it mean when you sleep too much and eat too little?
Q: I’m about 16 years old. I used to eat a lot and it wasn’t a problem because I work out every weekend and I have a healthy weight. But recently I haven’t been hungry. I don’t eat breakfast because I’m never hungry for it, and the same happens at lunch. Then at dinner I expect to be hungry after not eating all day, but I’m not. I eat as much as I can, but I’m losing about 1 pound per day, and I’m not sure if that’s healthy. Also I’ve been sleeping a lot. What seems like too much. When I come home from school I have a need to take a nap even though all we do is sit at computers all day. On weekends I don’t wake up until 11:00 in the morning, and I can barely pull my self from my bed. Then at around 4:30pm, again, I feel the need to sleep, and I don’t wake up until 8:00-9:00pm. I go to bed around 10:30pm every night and it’s never made me this tired before. Even with all that sleep I still feel tired all the time. This has been occurring for about two months. I have a history of depression/ suicidal thoughts if that helps at all. I never take sleeping pills or anything like that. I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink alcohol. Occasionally I’ll have a Vault energy drink but I don’t drink monster or redbull or anything like that. I have never had sex, so I know I’m not pregnant. I could really use you’re help in figuring this out.
A: Sometimes you might not feel hungry, even though you are. If you sleep a lot, it’s because you have no energy to be awake because you’re not eating properly.Eat as much as you possibly can of good foods like almonds/peanuts, rice and beans, dried fruits, and be sure to eat foods high in carbs and proteins. Your appetite will return to normal soon as will your sleep schedule.Also, try working out every day which boosts metabolism, appetite, and will make you tired.Congrats on not doing drugs or drinking, I’m your age and I don’t do those things either. 🙂
Childless once more… do I try again or give up?
Q: For years I tried so hard to have a baby. Then it finally happened for me. His name was Tyler. For 7 months I carried him, decorated his bedroom for him, and ate only the healthiest of foods – which I never do. I bought baby clothes. I bought a rocking chair. Blankets. Everything. But fate played a cruel, cruel trick – the cruelest trick it can play on a mother – and took away my baby when he was 8 hours old. In his short, miserable life, he never even got to leave the hospital. His father and I were devastated. This tore me apart, and now I’m left unsure. Do I try again to get pregnant? I want to raise a human of my own genetics so badly but I feel like if I tried again now it would be like I was betraying my beloved Tyler – like I was replacing him. The bedroom, that was for him. The chair, the blanket, the clothes, the music CDs, the wallpaper, the decorations, they were all for him. Not for some other baby. And I don’t want some other baby, I want Tyler!! If I could even manage to get pregnant again, would that help alleviate the pain, or would I always feel guilty, like I betrayed him? Like I said, “Oh, that one is dead? Well, no matter… let’s just bring in the next one.” He wasn’t just some baby, he was the gift I spent hours praying for. And I’ll always wonder what he would have been like. What would he have looked like? What would his talents have been? What would his first word have been? What job would he have chosen? What would have been his favorite color? His favorite food? Would he have had his father’s eyes? Would he have had my nose? Now I just don’t know what to do. I don’t think I could ever love another baby like I loved him… would that be fair to bring such a baby into this world? Would it be fair to the new baby who was only there because Tyler died? That couldn’t be a very pleasant situation to come into for the new baby either. I just don’t know what to do.
A: Almost three months ago I lost my son at 21 weeks. Ben was not planned but we wanted and loved him all the same. We are currently trying again and we now refer to any prospective child as Abby (the name we would chose for a girl) to make it clear that we are not replacing Ben he is a wonderful boy that we miss everyday. I repainted his room and put away some things that would be too hard to use for another child but some things we will use next time (hopefully). Just try to realize that you cannot replace your son and having another child will never change your feelings for him but you can try again to have a family on this earth and look forward to one day being with your son again in heaven. Trust me everyday is not that easy, most days it is not. My son has been gone almost three months and some days I just can’t stand it but you just have to try to make your sons life matter and not let his life be about your destruction. Those are the words I play in my head when I am feeling the worst “Don’t let his life be about my destruction”! I volunteer with March of Dims now and I surround myself with his pictures just get through each day the best I can. We are currently hoping I have “fallen pregnant” today as today I ovulated so we are praying for the best. I hope you can get through your pain and have a child in your arms and not just your heart!
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