What do I do if I got my best friend pregnant

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Pregnancy can be the most wonderful opportunity to bring a couple together as a solid team. Be there for her as much as possible! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-if-i-got-my-best-friend-pregnant ]
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What do I do if I got my best friend pregnant
Pregnancy can be the most wonderful opportunity to bring a couple together as a solid team. Be there for her as much as possible!
When I was 17, my best friend got pregnant and her boyfriend dump…?
Abortion or not, a much better option would be not getting used by guys in the first place. Supposedly women were “empowered” during the sexual revolution, but the reality is, “playas” were.
How do I tell my best friend I got his mom and sister pregnant??
dump her and stop making excuses for her…boohoo she’s so stressed….whatever. Don’t be pathetic. If she were trying so hard to get into an Ivy league colloege she wouldn’t have time to party and fool around on myspace.

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What would you do if your boyfriend and best friend had sex, got best friend pregnant, and lied about it?
Q: Well… This is sort of a long story I would bet. See, I am 14 right now. And my best friend ever since kindergarten met my best friend. I thought it was fine at first but I didnt know till they told me. See well, Lets call the boyfriend A and the best friend B. Well you see A has cheated on me once but promised he wouldnt do it again (stupid of me to believe) B has been crushing on him for about a while ever since we were together. Me and A where together for about 3 years ( I was about 11 at the time) And B was my best friend for a long time and they told me on a rainy day this. B told me that she was pregnant (which i already knew of course) but it was rape… It was by my boyfriend.. And this was because I didnt have sex with him -.- B mom is a drugaholic so she couldnt live with her…. In till now… ( She had to live with me over the conditions of her mom and no other relative were close enough) So she pissed me the fuck off with this shit (sorry for the language) so I threw her out in the mud ( even though she was at least 5 months pregnant) and the pictures we had of each other I burnt in the fire and ripped up. For A… I cussed his ass out. Took the necklace that I spent my whole allowance on for him and told him to get the fuck out of my moms house. Of course A was crying but I felt like a bad friend at the time but what the hell!?!??!?!?!? She lied to cover up what she did with my now ex boyfriend and got pregnant by him!!!!! We were so close to each other and she would do this!!!?!?!??!?!? And the thing is I told my friends and to get back at her they told everyone -.- And now noone doesnt like neither A or B. I know it was wrong to kick her out knowing she doesnt want to go back to her moms house. BUT WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! So what would you do if your best friend did this with your boyfriend?I would get a Bazooka, and a Metal bat. Use the metal bat on the boy, and then keep hittin him with it intill his brains pop out. Shoot 50 bullets at the best friend to make sure she dies in hell. Sorry but they pissed me the fuck off and thats what I would of did if I had the chance…. So what would you do if you where in that situation with those sluts and jerks???
A: Leave the guy.He had sex with your friend because the only consiquence for him would be you dumping him and he didn’t think of how he would change her life. No one likes him now, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and He has something that will be on his conscience forever.I’m really sorry about your friend but she can’t live the way she is. If you were pregnant, would you want to live with a drugaholic?When the baby is born, that is no place to raise him/her. She is already going through a lot and she needs a friend.I understand she hurt you but she needs someone. I would be hesitant to take her back but if you think about it, it’s the right thing to do.You need to put away your pride and be the better person.I would be so proud of you if I knew you and you took her back. And I would definately want to be your friend. I’m not saying she can walk all over you, but she has no one. You’re ex will be even more mad at himself if you take HER back but leave him.Nothing has happened to him that will really change his whole life that he can’t take back. Sure he lost a friend, But that’s nothing compared to having a child at fourteen.You girls need to make up. It won’t be the same and you don’t have to be friends, just be the bigger person. I’m really sorry and I don’t really know anything of anything to tell you other than ditch the guy, take her back.:(Good luck. And I’m sorry his happened to you. “The world works in mysterious ways”
boyfriend cheated got a best friend pregnant?
Q: Here is a run down on the issue. In August I went back to my hometown.I didn’t want to leave me and my boyfriend discussed the issue of him wrapping up things at the apartment and he would move to my hometown. About a week later he calls me saying it will be to hard to do alone and to come back I said I didn’t wwant to becuase I would just get stuck there are never get back to my family and friends. After about a month I decided regardless I have to go back, I came back in the beginning of October found out he was messing with one of my best friends when I was gone and got her pregnant, she had an obortion and when I asked them both they both lied even though I asked another friend who said they were making out in front of all our friends who watched them go into the bedroom together they tried to open the door and it was locked. We’ve been together four years but I don’t know if I should even give him another chance and what I should do about the other girl.To add more info I know he never cheated on me before.He’s on a hunting trip and won’t be back till next week, I actually confronted the girl. When I was away for that time a guy kissed me but I freaked out and left and I and he as well wasn’t sure if I was going to come back . Atleast he should have told me beforehand. I know I hurt him by not wanting to come back but I didn’t go sleeping around either.Also another thing is me her and him hung out as usual all the time since I came back. I seriously feel that if he actually loved me that he would have told me before and told me that he isn’t friends with her anymore. I can’t believe I actually let her in my house.
A: What makes you think he will do anything different than his proven track record? He’s already proved that he doesn’t LOVE you. Obviously your friend isn’t much of a friend either. Friends don’t do other friends that way. I suggest that you deal with you and figure out why you think you need this guy – is it security? He’s a loser and he proved it!
My MAN got my BEST FRIEND pregnant what do i do?
Q: Ok i’ve been with Nathaniel for 2yrs, he’s always hated my best friend Tia. So one day in january i thought it would be best for all of us if them two got along. We went out shopping, me and Nathaniel got into a big argument about why i brought Tia along with us so i drove off. Since than he’s been really different and upset, last night he told me that he thinks he got Tia pregnant and she wants to keep it. he was crying and he kept telling me it was a mistake and he loves me. I haven’t spoken to Tia and i kicked Nathaniel out. I don’t think it’s Nathaniel’s baby cause Tia is a hoe and she sleeps around ALOT. I really don’t know what to do please helpI spoke to Nathaniel about it all and he was telling me that Tia was coming on to him. Then i spoke to Tia about it and she told me the same thing, but the way she said it was like “Yh i had sex with your man so what”.When she said it i didn’t know what to do, we had a big argument and i left.My heart is set on taking Nathaniel back cause i know he loves me and he was stupid for doing that with her.Thank all of you guys for the advice and what not, keep it coming cause im so stuck.
A: Nothing you can do. It is his and her problem. A paternity test will determine if it is his, but that too is his problem. I think you are really asking if you should take him back. I wouldn’t. If you do, you are just setting yourself up for a lot of future pain. Better this short term pain so you can move on and find someone else than be trapped in a relationship going no where.
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