What do i do if i think my girlfriend is pregnant

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If you think your girlfriend is pregnant you should go buy a home pregnancy test to make sure.If she is she needs to see a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-if-i-think-my-girlfriend-is-pregnant ]
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I need help, my girlfriend and i think shes pregnant. what do we …?
Im absoultely disgusted by the first few answers….if you cant give a resposible response such an important question then whats the point in being immature and insensitive? Anyways, Make sure you and your girlfriend go to the doctors to v…
Do you think i got my girlfriend pregnant?
tell her not to worry, and get her the morning after pill, it is a little bit expensive if you don’t get it like in planned parenthood, but she can take is 5 days after sex and she wont get pregnant. She is most likely not pregnant if you h…
Do you think I got my girlfriend pregnant finally??
It is possible tell her to take a test or go to the doctors and have then run blood work. Good Luck

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operation to not get my girlfriend pregnant. what do you guys think?
Q: me and my girl friend have been talking about salpingo and we have come down with it would be best for me to do it instead of her.. thing is i do not know what are the side effects if a guy gets under procedure to not get a woman pregnant? has any man out here done it? and what are the side effects?
A: You could just use condoms instead of doing that procedure…
Do you think if you get your girlfriend pregnant that you should marry her
Q: I am 25 and my girlfriend is 32. We’ve only been dating for about 9 months. We found out a few days ago that she’s pregnant. She is really excited about it. When I told my mom, she was pretty mad but said that I really should get married to her ASAP. I love my g/f and I want to be with her but I just don’t feel ready for marriage. I want to help raise our baby but I’m not sure I HAVE to be married in order to do that, although I admit it might help. But the thought of being married freaks me out. My g/f never even mentioned marriage so it’s not like she’s putting any pressure on me. Obviously she is a bit older so she is financially stable and I just got a pretty good job so financially we’re both doing ok.So do you think I should marry her even though I don’t feel ready. Any advice and what I can / should do?
A: No you should not you should marry some one because you want to i have 2 kids i was married 10 years a have a new partner and I’m pregnant and there is no way i would want to marry just because I’m pregnant ,in fact i don’t think i would ever want to get married again
I want to know the chance i got my girlfriend pregnant?
Q: We had ingaged in anal intercourse a few days ago without a condom. But only for a little while no more than 10 minutes. the only thing im worried about is if i was precumming while we were having sex. because i did not fully ejaculate until 20 minutes later after i pulled it out. i did not ejaculate anywhere near the vagina. But i do not know if i pre-came and it dripped down while we were doing it. What do you think the chances are of her getting pregnant?
A: I’d say slim. But that’s just my guess. If you’re worried about it, buy the over-the-counter pill called Plan B. It doesn’t terminate a pregnancy, But if the egg isn’t fertilized already, it prevents it. And where I’m from it’s about $50. A lot cheaper than a baby! But it’s only effective the first 72 hours after sex. The sooner the better. But other than that I don’t know much more. Hope this helped. Good luck.
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