What do i do I’m pregnant and my feet are swollen

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Why do my feet swell during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, extra fluid is retained and can cause swelling of the tissues or “edema”. Edema is usually most pronounced in the legs and feet as fluid tends to pools in these areas. Your growing baby and uterus puts pressure on the vess…
How to reduce swollen feet during pregnancy
When you found out that you’re pregnant, you’re on top of the world, especially for first-time mother. Some are lucky with no symptom at all and some are miserable with all sorts of symptoms, even… Tags: pregnancy feet lemongrass trimeste…
How to Reduce Feet Swelling During Pregnancy?
Nowadays there are a lot of home remedies to cure various ailments, some of which also help in reducing feet swelling during pregnancy. At the same time, there are a a few guidelines that need to be followed during prenatal care , which wil…

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25 weeks pregnant, feet swelling and ankles soooo sore!?
Q: I just went on vacation i’m 25 weeks pregnant and I did some walking but not too bad, now today (i just got back today) my feet and ankles are swollen and keep swelling up and down and my ankles are so sore it hurts to walk or even rub them. is it normal to have that much pain and swelling? i’m not THAT big and i’m pretty healthy plus I didn’t walk a whole lot. they have been killing me all day! I’ve broken an ankle once, it hurts about that much…what can i do?
A: Prop your feet up on a pillow or two…try to elevate them as much as possible(as long as it is comfortable for you) Also you can try a cold or hot pack on them. It may be possible that you are starting to hold water…I never did until I was almost 25-28 weeks along with my previous 2 pregnancies(haven’t hit that mark with my current yet). If that is the case you want to try and cut down on your salt intake,and drink more water(I know I know it sounds weird to drink water when you are holding water but trust me it works),also try to limit your caffeine intake by half of what you have now. If it gets too bad instead of sitting and elevating your feet,lie down and elevate your legs and your feet…this works well also.Try to get them higher than your head isGood Luck
Shoes solutions for pregnant swollen feet.?
Q: I work at a hospital and moved to a desk job in my third trimester because I was unable to be on my feet for 12 hour shifts anymore. For the past week I have not been able to put any of my shoes on and I have resigned myself to flip-flops because I cannot wear anything else with the exception of slippers.Today one of the department managers approached me and told me I had to wear shoes at work, not flip flops. I told him none of my shoes fit me and that I have been shopping for shoes and I can’t find any that don’t have a heel or that fit my feet. I even went barefoot to my baby shower for this reason. He continued to insist that I cover up my feet because it is a safety hazard if something falls on my feet. I told him I don’t know what to do and offered to change to slippers but he said it wasn’t safe.I’m really upset and I feel like I am being harrassed but I am open to suggestions on how to deal with my dilemna. I am 35 weeks and my last day at work is 3/29.TY!I passed up the crocs because I am wearing office attire and they don’t match (not like flip-flops are that much better). I may go buy some today though because I think that may be my best bet. It will look ugly and I am flat broke at the moment (just bought a crib and dresser) but oh well. I am not actually doing any patient care right now and I have 3 days left in the office before my leave starts. The rest of the days are going to be spent renewing my life support certifications in a classroom.Thanks!
A: By law he cannot fire you for wearing whatever shoes you choose during pregnancy. You are pregnant and are protected by law, and if the shoes that you are wearing are due to your pregnancy, then he cannot do anything, especially this close to your leave of absence. Go and talk to human resources, they will put a stop to his harassment. I had a similar situation at the hospital I worked at while pregnant. I was late for work one day because I had a bad case of morning sickness and was 15 min late for work. My boss tried to write me up for it. I marched straight to human resources and explained the situation, they called my boss and told her to rip up the paperwork if she didn’t want to deal with the consequences. They explained to her that she could not reprimand her employees for anything that is pregnancy related. In the hospital I worked in I could wear hospital clogs. I had a pair that was Birkenstock brand and super comfortable and come in black which will go with your clothes more. If nurses and techs and doctors are allowed to wear them, then why not you! You have only a couple of weeks left. If you have to get a note from your doctor saying that you can only where these types of shoes. Then they cannot do or say anything about it.
I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my feet are so swollen it’s starting to scare me.What can I do, any secrets to help?
Q: I’ve tried everything that I’ve heard, from putting my feet up, to being active, to putting them in cooler water… So if there are any secrets out there to help, would be awesome. But I had a fear that I might have enclampsia or whatever, and all my doctor said was “does it get better in the mornings?” and I told her sort of, but not really. She didnt say anything else. So, do I need to bring the issue up again too? Thanks for any answers!
A: I’ve been dealing with docs thinking I might have preeclampsia for weeks now (I’m 40 wks today). When they check you at your appointments, they will check your blood pressure to make sure it’s not high, and your urine to make sure there isn’t protein in it. Other than that, you should watch for major vision changes (like flashes of light/stars/blurring/tunnel vision), headaches that don’t go away with Tylenol, and major swelling of your face and hands. If you have any of those, call/go to the hospital immediately. Swollen feet, though, are normal, and if there are no other symptoms, I wouldn’t worry about preeclampsia. Try drinking more water, and eating cucumbers (or other watery veggies) and watermelon. I have been given every test for preeclampsia, and have not been diagnosed with it, but my feet were so swollen, they looked like a surgical glove that someone blew air into! LOL. Good luck.
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