What do I do, my dad is pregnant

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Men cannot get pregnant, but there isn’t anything you need to do because it’s not you who is pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do%2C-my-dad-is-pregnant ]
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How to tell my dad I’m pregnant?
Well first I would sit down with your fiance. You don’t deserve to be treated that way where he leaves for days at a time. He is running away from his problems and making you deal with everything, including 2 kids, and one on the way. If he…
How Can You tell your Dad Your Pregnant.?
you have to be totally honest with him sweetie. honesty is the best way to go…u cant hide it from him thatll just make him even more upset. you say your a daddys girl…well bulk up and tell him ya kno? he loves u he is your father. ye…
What is this world coming too? 11 year old kills his dad’s pregna…?
I don’t have a problem with parents teaching their kids how to shoot. What needs to be taught is gun safety and consequences. I like that if my son were at a friends house, he could pop out the mag, and clear the gun to neutralize it. Then …

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What do i do so i can do to change from being depressed?
Q: I’m fifteen years old, they say its a phase all teenagers go through but what if it started when i was 6 and is still going on. I’m trying to be strong but i fee like i don’t belong anywhere, I changed myself so much so people could like me but now i don’t even know who the real me is. I say i won’t cry anymore but just a couple hours later im doing the same old thing. My parents are divorce before i got into kindergarten and they fought allot. My father was a drinker, smoker and a cheater. He brought women home all the time and i knew everything that went on, but still wasn’t able to do anything as long as he was home i was okay. He divorced her when i hit five. He stopped showing up and home and his family sided started to ignore me not coming over and missing my birthdays. So i was alone even on those days. Then my mom got someone new and it disgusted me, i hated her and blamed her but i wouldn’t tell her i faked my smile like always and cried in the bathroom, but like all sad stories and divorced parents my dad found someone also, and she was pregnant with a boy something he always wanted. I hated him now as well still i couldn’t say it and went on until the day of birth and cried so hard my head hurt. I grew up and got into jr high and got in fights everyday and my mom kicked me out, i went to my dads house but it was like being killed Alvie seeing him smile with a new family i didn’t fit in. I decided to hide those feelings also but at the end of ninth grade two weeks before summer vacation he kicked me out as well and i had no choice but to go back to my mothers house where all my old memories rushed into me. I hated myself for so long and want to change but the thought of that have never really crossed my mind. I have cut off all contact with my father and am living day by day but now all the anger and sadness wont vanish like before and like always i cant tell anyone, i am alone…. I want to change myslef with out anyone knowing what is really going on inside, so far no one knows and thats good enough for me. My dad gave up drinking smoking and cheating just for his new kids, but not for me he was there for them but not for me , i wanted to be spoiled. I guess im really selfish.
A: Your not selfish, and you should try talking to someone I know it seems wierd but you have to let this out.
15. might be pregnant? dad is really racist?
Q: okay im 15 & i had sex with a black guy, and he didnt use a comdom and i think i might be pregnant my dad is REEEALLLY racist, like it’s bad he doesnt know i hang out with black people, and im so scared. and dont tell me that im a slut or that im too young or whatever, because i know it was stupid but i cant change it now, what should i do?
A: Well maybe try to take a test first.you can have a false negative but not a false positive. if it is positive.sit your dad dowwn and say i made a mistake and im really sorry dad. but i think i might be pregnant with a black guys kid.i know yoour raceist but my kid will also be this race too.i regret it and im sorry gfor everything this might cause, i just really need your help right now..he may not take it well at first but eventually he’ll relize your situation and help you my 16 year old friend went throught the same exact problem
my cats pregnant, dad reckons he’s going to kill the babies :'( xx?
Q: well my cat lissabelle is pregnant.. when my older sister bought her she didnt get her spayed and she got pregnant then my sis couldnt keep her @ her apartment and gave her too me n then we started to notice she was pregnant.pet shops wont take them..not allowd to keep them..nobody i know wants to have them..everyone around here doesnt want any cause we live so close to the bush and the cats around here kill all the wildlife..so dad told me we’ll have to kill them so now he’s planning on drowning them and im only 13 n i dunno how to stop him cause i think its SO mean.. :'( mum reckons she’ll have them anyday now.. mum doesnt want dad too kill them but she said we cant keep them.we already have two catswhat do i do?? xthere’s a huge chance that if i take them too the animal shelter they’ll get killed coz no1 wants them.. wat about the RSPCA?
A: I agree with the previous answer. If necessary, contact some vets in your area, explain your situation and I bet one would be willing to take care of your cat and the kittens until after your cat Lissabelle is through weening. This way the kittens can be born in a safe place. The veterinarian could also probably help place the kittens. Afterward, whenever it’s safe to do so, you should definitely get your cat spayed to avoid this problem happening again! There are many safe, low-cost places.
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