What do some things in dreams mean

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Usually when you dream about baby or babies someone you know will be pregnant and that person will have that baby boy a, More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-some-things-in-dreams-mean ]
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What do the things you dream about mean??
Hello Good Question =D Dreams are not just emotions you feel, things you wish to happen, and things you desire. Dreams can also be visions. Scientists have proven that many people who dream can for-see future events. But dreams can also be …
Do dreams really mean things?
I think it depends on what you believe in. Many people do believe dreams have meaning (I’m one) but at the same time, just as many think it’s all scientific and that what you thought about before you went to sleep or what you do during the …
Which of these things does my dream mean?
Well, I had already heard that the first one was true. But, I really just think it was a dream.

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What do some of these recurring things in dreams mean?
Q: 1. Dreams about all my teeth falling out2. Dreams about being trapped in tight spaces (omg i am so claustrophobic!!)3. Dreams about staircases. Like twisted or upside down staircases and if you move you will fall forever, but nobody else has any trouble walking on them
A: 1. Recently you are giving up your all hopes, your are frustrated about something. That was why you dreamed that your all teeth were falling out. As you know in reality, tooth does not fall so easily, it gives lots of pain and frustration2. It is all about solutions. You want to resolve something but not getting anywhere. Related to your first dream3. Here is very important and very good news for you. As you did not see that you were not falling from the staircase, that is the good part. Life has ups and downs just like staircase. Yet lives go on. That is exactly is going to happen to you. Whether or not you resolve the problem or not find the solution where you are trapped, you will still go on. And will not look behind. Your dream is not something bad going to happen. It is all about how wisely you will come out of your problem that was why you saw even the staircases were upside down, yet people are walking on them.
Do dreams really mean things? Do you have them for reasons?
Q: Sometimes i have really weird scary or happy dreams. Some of them make sence and some of them are way out of this world! My mom told me that dreams mean things, and that god jesus spirits or angels are trying to tell me something, Whether it be a warning, a sign, i don’t know Some times things that happen in my dream are accuall events that are going on in reality. But i belive my moms theory… not because she’s my mom…i just belive it. What do you think?
A: I think you answered your own question. Dreams are as personal as the person creating them. For me, some of my dreams are just for fun–I enjoy them, I wake from them, I don’t remember them. Other dreams seem to be very important. I wake in the morning really thinking about them. Still others are reoccurring and the symbols in them are important to me and what is going on in my life at the time. For example: I dream over and over of my grandparents’ home that I grew up loving. It took me years to figure out that this home in my dreams represented myself. One time when I moved far away from home, I walked through the house in a dream and it was actually dark and empty—I was feeling alone and far from home at the time. I pay attention to these reoccurring symbols because they teach me deeply. So interpret as you feel right about your mom’s theory. She sounds like a spiritual person. You have the wisdom to listen to your dreams and use them as tools, entertainment, warning, or insight for your own life.
What are some things my dream could mean?
Q: I stand in my driveway, watching cars go by. It’s just after dawn, and still chilly. I’m waiting for a specific pattern. The cars are almost silent, and they zoom by like they are on a highway. My neighbors lawn sprinkler is just barely misting me everytime it points to the far left, and its making me chilly, but I don’t, can’t move, yet. A yellow and then an orange car zoom by going left to right and I get excited, but then a brown station wagon goes right to left and I have to start over. This goes on, watching the cars, for a while. Finally I give up and get in a car to just go, but it won’t start. Then I can’t open the door, and another sprinkler turns on and begins drenching the car. My cell phone is dead when I try to use it, and then my clothes stop folding, like they’re becoming solid. I feel like I’m freezing solid. The weight of my shirt is making breathing increasingly difficult and I think I might pass out, and before I do it occurs to me that I killed them all. I am hopelessly terrified. Then I wake up.
A: From what I understand this whole dream is about breaking out of some kind of social anxiety that may be coming to an end soon.Watching the cars go by you see an orange car and you get all excited,and orange denotes sociability, you want to be social but then the brown car, practicality comes by and your excitement dies down, all this time you are being splashed by water..that is a sign to be more expressive and let yourself out a little more, the cold feeling that you have say the same thing, your about to break through, but your afraid. When you get into the car and it wont start that denotes nervousness, and not being able to call out on your phone means that your having trouble breaking through something. The killing part denotes an end to an old habit. With all that in mind…Quit being scared to get out and do things and just do them. You know you want to, and even thought school or whatever kind of responsibility’s may seem to be holding you back you can still have fun and be social.And dont be like me and say denote all the time. Thank you.
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