What do you do for a bladder infection when you’re pregnant

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It’s important to get the advice of your obstetrician while you’re pregnant. I would make a doctor’s appointment soon. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-for-a-bladder-infection-when-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Can having a bladder infection while you’re pregnant cause a misc…?
If you develop a kidney infection during pregnancy (common after a UTI), you’ll be monitored for signs of premature labor.

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Few questions for a 6 week pregnant woman!?
Q: I ask too many questions! But I have a few questions!** ADDITIONAL **- I’m 6 weeks pregnant, (7 tomorrow!) -Questions!1) If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have my period in abouts a week time. Last time I had my around time I spotted, but I thought it was my period and was all panicky? What’s the chances of this happening again?2) Today, I noticed I leaked some yellow gooey stuff (TMI) and it was sticky! Could that be something to do the protection from infection to the baby? Or could it mean I have my period coming and I’ll miscarriage? I usually have white, and I never have any type of discharge near my period, only clear!3) What does the doctor do to check if you’re okay and the baby is?4) I know boobs are meant to grow, and mine have.. but are they meant to feel doughy?5) Are the veins that appear also in the skin before the areolas and nipple meant to be there and show more? The bluey ones?6) Can having like electric shocks going through my right arm and fingers have anything to do with this?7) I have serious nausea and I’ve lost a lot of weight, going from a UK size 12 to 10! Is this dangerous? 8) Urination is meant to be increased, is it just me, or do you get pushes on the bladder that give you sudden shocks of needing the loo?9) When the uterus expands, it gives the period like cramp, am I right? Does it happen all the time? I have had it all this month on and off, but it gets worse near my period.. is that okay?Sorry I ask so much! But thanks in advance!Extension to urination question! Is having misty urine okay?
A: Spotting is normal in early pregnancy as long as it’s not accompanied by crampsThe yellow discharge may be sign of yeast infection and only your doctor can tell you dont treat yourselfThey will check your cervix and push on your tummy a little and it may cause light mild cramping but that is normal tooyes the blue lines are normalTingly sensations im not sure i would call your doctor on this oneIn the beginning of pregnancy the morning sickness can cause you to lose weight just make sure you take your vitamines and drink lots of water and eat when you canYes even though your baby is super small right now he will let you know when to go because it causes discomfort it will subside thoughThe cramping is normal that is just your uterus growing and stretching getting ready to grow a 6-8lb babyAbout your urination are you having any discomfort or burning i would make a doctors appointment and have them check it could be a bladder infection but thats just and idea if you need to talk let me know and CongratulationGood Luck
I’m scared and I don’t know what’s wrong with my body :'(?
Q: I don’t know if all these symptoms are for one thing, but I’ve done some research and I think they’re for different things.Randomly I feel like my stomach is being ripped apart. Not my lower stomach though, just below my ribs. I’ve lost my appetite, I’m really tired all the time, I’m kinda weak and I feel lazy. These pains I feel are almost like a chest pain but below my ribs.I researched and the internet said it might be an Ulcer.I’m not pregnant there’s no chance so scratch that.The other symptoms I’ve been having are, I feel like I need to pee 3345642 times a day, but when I go to the washroom..I don’t pee, and when I finally do it kind of burns a bit. When I’m just sitting here I feel kind of like a pulse in my genital area, like pressure almost, and when I push (like you’re forcing a pee) it hurts.I figured this might be a bladder infection.Just recently, I went to the washroom and when I wiped there was blood. Not a lot of blood like period blood but like pink and a little bit..I don’t know what this is from, and I checked for cuts or sores and ther isn’t any.Is this a bladder infection symptom? or Ulcer symptom?Or what could it be.Please give as much information as possible I’m really scared and I’m embarrassed to talk to my parents.I’ve had these symptoms since Tuesday,but I just recently bled today.
A: You haven’t said how long you’ve been experiencing these symptoms, but assuming that they appeared recently, what you are describing sounds like it could be a kidney infection. See a doctor immediately. If it is a kidney infection, it can easily be treated, and your symptoms should go away pretty quickly with the right antibiotic; and even if it isn’t a kidney infection, you still need to go to the doctor. These aren’t the kind of symptoms you should be ignoring!
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