What do you do if a guy got you pregnant how would you tell him

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Tell him in person once you are sure you are pregnant. Put your emotions about the guys aside. Tell him what you want to do now. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-if-a-guy-got-you-pregnant-how-would-you-tell-him ]
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What is a good way to tell a guy he got me pregnant??
It takes two to tango, you both got pregnant. Say “hey, that pointy thing you had makes babies and now we’ve got one!”
How Do I Tell The Guy That Got Me Pregnant, That My Eggo Is Pregg…?
Well, start talking like a grown up for one thing. This is a serious situation and you have to be serious about it. Just tell him straight out and the two of you figure out how to deal with this like an adult.
Can a guy tell if he got a girl pregnant? what symptoms does he h…?
Penis has that Empty feeling. Gads, that question is like asking: How do I know if I have overdrawn my checking account with the last check I wrote? OK, here is how you can tell you DID’t get your girl pregnant.. You did not have unprote…

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Do You Think That I Am Pregnant? Please Help?
Q: Okay, I obviously know that nobody can know accurately on here, but please tell me your opinion. I’m 18 years old. Two months ago, I went on an adventure alone to France for one month. While I was there I met a guy who I fell in love with and towards the end of my trip, we had sex, but it was unprotected. I broke things off with him as I knew that a long distance relationship would be extremely difficult. I wasn’t on birth control or anything when I went to France because I wasn’t expecting to find a man, I was there for sightseeing. So, on average I weigh about 116 or 117 pounds, I’m 5’7. Over the past month, I’ve gained 7 pounds which is extremely unusual as I go for an hour run every morning, go to the gym twice a week, and eat healthy. I’ve tried losing the weight, but there’s been no change.I’m late for my period, which is unusual too. I’ve also been getting nauseous a lot and I haven’t been sick like that since I was three years old. Certain foods make me feel nauseous, also unusual. I’m also peeing frequently…Most of you are probably thinking “Go see an effing doctor!” trust me, I could if I would. My mom is a doctor at the same clinic I go to, and she is also friends with all the doctors around the city. Even though I would ask for my results and even the trip in to the doctors to stay confidential, then there’s bills, and again she’s friends with them etc… somehow word would get out. I’m really afraid of what my mom’s reaction would be, therefore I’m uncomfortable sharing my theories until I’m 110% sure.I would buy one of those quickie tests, but they’re not always accurate which scares me, plus again my mom would find out, she’d find a receipt, the box, or she’d catch me in the act, I don’t know.So I really need honest opinions here. I’m in 12th grade, I just turned 18 four days ago. If I’m pregnant, I’m not comfortable with abortion, and I’m not sure how I feel about giving the child up for adoption either, but that’s my personal decision so yeah…Also, should I contact my ex-boyfriend? I realize there’s not much he can do, I’m not expecting him to do anything but I feel he should probably know what’s going on, or else things could get messy.Thanks.
A: Wow, where do I begin…oh my.Well it sounds like you are pregnant. Well here is the thing, I would get some cash and buy a test they are pretty accurate buy two just to be sure, go into a restaurant or a big retail outlet somewhere like debenhams with toilets, sit take the test. i guess the result will determine what happens next.I respect your views on abortions a child is a blessing there are far worst things. Also get tested, for STDs you dont have to use your real name try going some where far from home.Pregnancy is not something that can stay hidden for long if you are pregnant, especially if your mother is a doctor. so hurry up!Your mother might suprise you.All the best.
Help from guys! after telling my ex b/f I am pregnant he told me that he is sterile and he had a vasectomy?
Q: I know he did not but only coming with this excuse so he can give me no choice but to get an abortion. I still wonder if he is telling the truth! he asked me if I have been with another man? I told no. I have herd that sometimes guys who had vasectomy there is still a chance they can have kids. The weird thing is he always wore a condom every time and always took it off before he finished than he pulled out. I used to tell him ” do you want to get me pregnant and he used say no and put a condom on. He told me that he wants to one day have a happy baby. Why would he talk about having kids and use the condom most the time. He obviously was not worried about ST D’s since he knew I was clean and did not use a condom sometimes. He is 26 years old and has been in the army and injured his legs. He told me since he has been in the army he has not been the same. He is not normal. He told me that was his input. should I believe him about what he said himself been sterile? Should I have some one call him and talk to him maybe he will come to his senses? when he told me I did not have a reaction because knowing how much of jerk he can be and the head games he plays it was not a surprise. my friend said that I made my self look like a liar by not having a reaction and that doctors dont usually do vasectomy’s on people that young.
A: If you haven’t been with anyone else then he probably was lying. He could have it done at that age but doctors don’t normally do it on young guys, especially if they don’t already have kids. I suppose there could be a chance he had one done and it didn’t work, but the lying suggestion seems much more likely. You will have to get a DNA test. Also, an abortion is your choice, not base it on what he says.Harriet
What would you do? Should I tell him or mind my own business?
Q: I have a friend from the Ivory Coast. She trusts me and considers me her best friend here in England. We used to go clubbing sometimes and she felt that she could trust me because I try not to judge anyone and like to make sure all my friends get home safe after a night out. Anyway, she was having a really hard time when she got here. She was seeking asylum. I used to uy her food, invite her to my place to eat and buy her drinks. She never asked me to or expected me to. It was my choice and I know what she has been through.She said she wanted to marry a white man because black men have let her down. She was seeking to marry fast and hae a baby but I put that down to her being in her 30s.She met a guy who is half Indian and half English and married him fast. He was a virgin before their marriage. On their engagement night she came out with me. I promised him I would look after her. But she wanted to stay in the club and I tried my best to get her to get in the taxi and go home but she said she wanted sex and needed to find a guy to do it with so she slept with a stranger. The next day she slept with her husband to be and took his virginity. Now she is married and 8 months pregnant. She told me she only married him to stay in the country. She is seeing someone black on the side. To make things worse she wanted me to talk to her husband about their marriage problems. She wants him to give her more money. I told her I didn’t want to get involved but she gave him my number and he called me. He really wanted to work his marriage out, especially with a baby on the way. I tried my best to help but I obviously never told him what was going on because of the baby. I just suggested that he buy things for the baby. He is very generous to her already.After the call he sent me a text saying thank you and told me that I am like a sister to him. During the call he told me how much he trusts her and the only time he would consider divorcing her would be if she cheated.I know that she cheated and still is cheating with her black friend who has many women on the side and even tried it on with me. But the baby is on its way. I am feeling guilty for lying to her husband but what could I do? Destroy a marriage? Have I done the right thing by lying?I do have other friends. I was just trying to help her.
A: The right thing to do..the only thing to do.. is nothing.This is a matter between the two of them and it would be in your best interest to stay completely out of it in relation to judgement,conversation or action.Our idea’s of ‘help’ often incriminate us and the result is guilt as you have found.Help yourself by accepting there is nothing you should do from now on.The guilt you feel will not remain as long as you know that you truly believed you were protecting them both.You should not now feel you have any role to play in your friends deceit.Tell her that whatever choices she makes she must deal with without asking for your intervention.You can support your friends by listening to them if they come to you with problems but that’s as far as your involvement should go.
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