What do you do if the guy who got you pregnant doesn’t want anything to do with you

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If he does not want to be with you, make sure he will still be responsible in taking care of your child. Don’t let him stop you from being happy. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-if-the-guy-who-got-you-pregnant-doesn%27t-want-anything-to-do-with-you ]
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What do you do if the guy who got you pregnant doesn’t want anyth…?
If he does not want to be with you, make sure he will still be responsible in taking care of your child. Don’t let him stop you from being happy. ChaCha!
What if the guy who got you pregnant doesn’t want a child?
You have the choice to keep the baby, it is your right. He has to support you financially. You cannot make him be a part of the babies life, sadly, because it is his child. You can legally make him responsible for it however. They know what…
Why do some guys get girls pregnant and do not want to be husband…?
It’s not just down to the guy you know – it takes two. On the flip side, there are lots of girls who want the baby and nothing more to do with father. Things to remember are: Guys: Never, ever, take her word for it that she is using contrac…

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I really want to get pregnant but fiance changed his mind, he doesn’t want kids anymore?
Q: All of a sudden my fiance changes his mind and tells me he doesn’t want kids anymore, but yet he wont wear rubbers when we do have sex…very confusing really.The people who know me know my story I just had my 4th miscarriage with my fiance Marco and its like he doesn’t care when I told him I had miscarried again he didn’t even look at me or say anything…I find out this past week-end he started talking to a female friend of his on his msn which caused me so much pain and I honestly didn’t know what to do and I cried and thought of breaking up with him, I honestly think that’s what caused the miscarriage I was 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant.We finally got our stuff all back on track, the reason he wanted to break up is cos I wasn’t pleasing him sexually and he wanted me to give head more often and be more romantic but yet he isn’t…whatever go figure…I told him sorry if I just miscarried again and I wasn’t in the mood to be at your peck and call.He tells me he doesn’t want me getting pregnant and I really love him and all but he has just hurt me way 2 much and I really want to get pregnant weather he likes it or not, so ladies do you think its mean and stupid on my part to stay with a guy who doesn’t want babies?…or I can just get pregnant and say f*ck you and raise the baby on my own cos I know I can do it.please say your honest opinions ladies but don’t be rude. and what should I do?Thanks a bunch. Jenny
A: I cannot believe he had the nerve to tell you he wasn’t satisfied with his sex life, after you just lost his child. That to me, is a bit heartless. I do not think you should trick him into pregnancy, I would have to suggest finding someone with the same goals as you. I know it’s easy for me to say, and hard for you to do because you love him, but in all honesty deceit is not the way to go hun. Not being sexually satisfied is not a reason to leave, but it is something to work through. With love, all things are possible and all things can be worked through. Maybe this is his way of dealing with the loss? I am not sure but it is definitely something you need to discuss with him, but I would not go ahead and trick him. If not him, there is a man out there that will love you and is willing to stand by your side and pursue your dreams with you, and not threaten to leave because of a blow job. I would hate for you to get pregnant by him, only to find your soul mate later. If you want children and he isn’t willing to pursue the dream with you, then it may be time to move on, but keep in mind that it just may be his mood at the moment because of the loss. I feel for you, and wish you lots of luck. Please let me know if you need anything at all 🙂
What do I do when I’m stuck on a guy who has a crazy psycho girlfriend but he’s wanting to be with me?
Q: Here’s the thing. There’s this guy that i’m absolutely crazy about, and I know he likes me to. I’ve been told he talks about me all the time, telling his best friend that I’m beautiful and he would be lucky to be with a girl like me. See here’s the thing now. He lives with his crazy psycho girlfriend whos been diagnosed with bi-polar about 4 months ago. He’s absolutely terrified of her, because she has gotten so bad to the point where she’s tried to run him over with a car. The other thing, is that he got her pregnant, but he still doesn’t want anything to do with her, because of everything she has put him through. I told him that if he could get full custody of his kid, then I would find a way to adopt it, and that me and him could raise his kid together. I will do anything for him, and am willing to make all the sacrifices in the world just to be with him. I know everything about him, he tells me about his hopes and dreams for the future, he confides in me. He wants to be with me. I’m the one that makes him laugh when he knows he’s about to cry. He’s told me that. I think I might even be in love with him. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, cause we haven’t even been together yet. But I know we’re both absolutely crazy about each other, and we both want to be together. But we don’t know how to be together because of his crazy psycho bi-polar girlfriend. He hates that he has to lie about me, he hates that he’s gotta sneak around behind her back with me. Even his girlfriend’s little sister, who’s 15, want’s me and him to be together. Her little sister is a good friend of mine, and says that me and him would be really good for eachother, and we both agree with her. I’ve always hated her, ever since my sophomore year of high school, which was 2 years ago. (I graduated this year). And that was way before she even met him. How me and him met is that I randomly started txting him, cause I got his number off of his myspace page. Then we started talking for awhile, and realized we were both really into eachother. So what do I do? Do I tell him that I want to be his girlfriend, and that I don’t care about his crazy psycho bi-polar girlfriend? Or do I wait until she’s out of the picture? I mean only God knows when she’s going to be out of the picture. I mean I try my absolute hardest to be there for him as much as I can, but it’s really hard cause we hardly get to see eachother because of her, and we both hate it. So what do I do? Do I give in, and tell him that we should be together despite her? Or do I wait it out? I just don’t know how much longer I can wait, it’s driving me crazy, and I don’t see myself with anyone else but him. There’s not many really good looking guys out there who are as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside. He has an amazing sweet, caring, loving personality. Along with gorgeous eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a drop-dead gorgeous body, which includes a 6-pack abs. Now you see why I’m so crazy about him. He’s the guy almost every girl dreams of being with. So please tell me what I should do. Please help me. I need all the help with this situation that I can get.
A: I’m dating a guy who has an ex-gf who is pyscho so I understand in a way how you feel. He couldn’t put up with her no more so he left her and she tried to suicide by walking across the street and bang her head on the wall till she was about to pass out… but any way I guess the guy you like is about to have a baby with her. That is a bit difficult but he can tell her that he’ll take full responsibility of the baby when it’s born and that he can’t be with her anymore because of the reasons which is pretty obvious ” she’s pyscho”. If he really likes you sweety he’ll find a way. Plus don’t make the situation so big, it’s not that difficult. Just tell him to tell her how he feels about you and that he needs to let her go to be with you. And that he’ll still takes full responsibility when the baby is out. Maybe she’s going to go crazy, but sitting around with a crazy person is not going to change anything. So you need to help him take the lead in doing whatever it takes to get him out of that relationship and to be with you. Because if that’s what he wants then it can happen.
Any encouraging words? Advice? Anything?
Q: i’m 13 years old. my parents just recently got divorced about 4 months ago. i’m in 8th grade and i’m always dealing with stuff. i’ve cut myself since the beginning of the year and i’ve tried to commit suicide 5 times since 6th grade. my dad drinks and i have never liked my mom or my dad. i don’t really like anybody in my family. i think the worst part of all of this is that i’m pregnant. i live with my aunt and my cousin and i don’t know how to tell them. the guy who got me pregnant doesn’t care about me or the baby and i don’t know what to do. there is so much stress and the only person who is really there for me through everything is my best friend. and God. i’m a christian but i ain’t been going to church because i don’t even want to think about what they are going to say when they find out. they are always telling me that i am like their family because i go alone and nobody in my family goes to church. i love them so much but i don’t know what to do about anything anymore. i want to be a country music singer but my family says that i’m not good enough to do anything like that. my aunt, cousin, and my best friend are the only ones who know what i really can do and believe in me. i just don’t want to dissapoint them by telling them that i am pregnant. i need advice ! about any of this. all of it. i just wanna die ! i feel like God is giving up on me and i don’t know what to do.please help me !! and it’s okay if you have nothing nice to say to me because i don’t deserve it. but some encouraging words would help. PLEASE !!!!!!!!
A: I am 41 who has 2 daughs and has been divorced. I know, you are thinking just what you need a Mom giving you advice…..You need to tell your Aunt now because you have some decisions to make and having support from her will make it a bit easier. I have a feeling your Church will be there to help you because they already see what a special person you are. I have to tell you not many 13 yr olds go to Church on their own. Having a baby is not a mistake, it just alters the course of your life but you can do it. God has not giving up on you, he is there with you and always will be. You can’t blame God for you getting preg. He didn’t have anything to do with it. You made the choices that got you where you are right now. Here is a suggestion…………. Print out your letter and give it to your Aunt and someone at Church. Some might consider that an easy way out and maybe it is, but if it helps you to tell them, then so be it.Good Luck!
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