What do you do if your friend tells you they are pregnant

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When your friend tells you that they are pregnant you could be happy and supportive of them and during their pregnancy. Be there for them to complain and tell you about the excitement. Throw a baby shower if you want to! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-if-your-friend-tells-you-they-are-pregnant ]
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What should I do if a friend tells me she is pregnant??
Encourage her to be honest about her pregnancy. It may be scary, but honesty is always the best course. And help her to find the courage to talk to her parents and other trusted adults.
How do I tell my friend with benefits that I may be pregnant??
You don’t tell him. Why would you bring up maybes? Get a test so you have facts to deal with. If you are pregnant, is he the only possibility? If not, further testing is in order. After you have some facts you need to sit down and dis…
What do you say when your best friend tells you she’s pregnant??
My best friend just told me she’s pregnant and I don’t even know what to say. I’m still in shock. – Asked by Girl, 17

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When you have a pap smear done..?
Q: If you get a pap smear done without telling your doctor that you’re pregnant, will they be able to tell?I’m keeping my pregnancy a secret until I turn 18 (in about two months), but I DO go to appointments on my own at an OBGYN office and have a confidential account set up there. However, my aunt thinks I need to be put back on birth control to “regulate” my periods again plus she’s noticed my increase of breakouts. I know when she makes an appointment for me to get the BC, they have to do an exam since I’m due for my yearly. I’m 6 weeks, 5 days pregnant and will be a little over 2 months atleast, maybe more, when I go.I don’t know what to do, telling her at the moment is NOT an option. No rudeness please, and don’t tell me I’m going to give my baby a bad life because you do NOT know me. I don’t judge you guys, so don’t judge me.PS; I was planning on getting the BC if my doctor actually prescribed it to me without finding out I was pregnant and just throwing the pills away each day or giving them to a friend or something. I wouldn’t actually take them.not trying to flip my lid but I came back and saw 13 answers and didn’t even get half way down the list. All I saw are “TELL YOUR DOCTOR BLAH BLAH BLAH” appreciate the help guys, but I do believe I already said I DO see an OBGYN regularly for my pregnancy.
A: a pap smear WONT cause a miscarriage they test for regularity. and as far as the mucus plug that she is talking about is not in harms way from a doctor doing that… IF there was a risk for your cervix opening they would tell you not to have sex… most doctors ENCOURAGE sex and you can touch your cervix on your own therefore, it wont cause it to open by getting that to touch lol you may expierience light bleeding from it but that is about it. as for your question. depends how far along you are. They can tell by feeling your uterus after a certain part of your pregnancy i just am not sure when and i apologize for that. But you can have your annual done in private if you feel they might say something out loud, due to the HIPPA laws you have an overseeing right to have her in there. if she gets offended just say i want to become more private and i feel i am growing up and it would make me feel better if you let me do this alone. hopefully she understands. hang in there sweetie it will be okay.and just remember everything happens for a reason. children are miracles and not everyone can have one
what do you say when your friend tells you they are pregnant?
Q: I just found out today that one of my friends is pregnant. Her boyfriend told one of my other friends.Anyways, we have no idea what were supposed to say like right after she tells us. Obviously we’ll support her and what not…but like how do you initially respond? I feel like an idiot for asking but I honestly don’t know lol Like we don’t want to be like Oh My God! Cause I don’t wanna make it awkward for her. Plus, we already know from her boyfriend:/ So it’s not like it’s going to be a surprise…he really wasn’t supposed to say anything though. So like……what should we say when she says…”I’m Pregnant”…like right after…what do we say?I’m so confused lolI know usually you tell somebody congratulations…but when they are 16…I don’t know if you are supposed too…
A: Well since she’s 16 that’s a tough one. Why don’t you ask her how she feels about it isntead of saying “congrats”.
How to tell your parents your pregnant?
Q: My best friend is 12 weeks pregnant, and wants to keep the baby. She has done all the “do I really want a baby” bit, and she is sure. ut now she has to tell her parents (she is 16). Her parents once told her “If you ever come home pregnant, we will drag you by your hair to the abortion clinic.” They are quite prejudiced, and completely against teenage pregnancy, and she is terrified. What help/guidance can I give her?
A: Well im 18 and pregnant, what i did was call my parents and told them i was pregnant, and they freaked out for a couple of days, gave me some lectures, but after that couple of days they calmed down. Her parents cannot make her get an abortion, it is her choice, the baby is in her stomach, if her parents even try to make her get an abortion tell her to call the police, like i said its her choice.
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