What do you do when you are pregnant

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The first thing you need to to is make an appointment with your OB/GYN. Proper prenatal care is very important. Congratulations! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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・ One of the first things you should do when you find out you are pregnant is make an appointment with… ・ It is very important to get proper nutrition while you are pregnant. In addition to taking a prenatal… ・ You probably will want to…
See a doctor, do what he says, tell everyone the good news!
The best thing to start off with is to go and buy a home pregnancy test (HPT). If you’ve already taken one, or it shows negative, then go schedule an appointment with your doctor and have a blood test done. Some women do experience negative…

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Pregnant chick wearing Heelys shoes…what do you think about that?
Q: This drives me crazy when I think about it, but I saw a pregnant girl using Heelys. It’s sooo funny to me! I’m sure everyone knows what they are, but if you don’t – they are sneakers with a wheel in the heel so you can roll. Is this funny or wrong, what do you think?she was petite … prob 5’2″ ….they dont make them for adults but they make them for teens.
A: Maybe it’s the kid in her. Haha, pun intended. I don’t see why. As long as she’s safe and having fun, there shouldn’t be a problem unless she’s like falling down and stuff. Pregnant women do much more dangerous things, I’m sure.
i keep having panic attacks what do i do?
Q: today is the LAST day of classes for me thank GOD i am never going back to that fucking college again. i have a final in 1 hour and i am FREAKING out about it. i have no one to talk to about all of this damn pressure. i’m 6 months pregnant live alone i’m 18 i CAN’T ever sleep i got raped and pregnant my mom acts like its a joke we were in public and the police called me back from the report and she said ”oh is that about the whole rape thing” i just stared at her we were in a WAITING room. i didn’t know wtf to say. im going fucking insane i can’t sleep at night i admitted myself to mental health counselling but the stupid counselor is sarcastic and just argues with me about my beliefs i can’t even open up to her now. i CAN’T EVER SLEEP it is FOUR PM and i have been awake ALL NIGHT since 1am i tried sleeping at 11 or so but couldnt sleep last night i keep having nightmares and getting bloody noses i have NO money im on fucking welfare and they might drop me because a job search is required you need TEN applications turned in a WEEK i gave up after 35 applications and idk if i can get my doctor to write me an excuse he was acting awkward when i asked him so im probly not going to have any money i can’t live with my mom she just doesn’t CARE about anything but herself everything is a simple joke to her she doesn’t take ANYTHING seriously she has a 20 year old boyfriend in prison and it is her only priority she tells everyone she MEETS that i got raped and pregnant she tells her chiropractor her coworkers idk wtf to even do about that besides avoid her. my grandparents i LOVE to death but they just suffocate me i can’t be on my own i can’t have my own choices i’m just freaking out right now. my grandma made copies of my apartment keys so she can just come in whenever and i am just so VIOLATED i FINALLY fell asleep the other day and i was having nightmares again all of a sudden i wake up and hear someone shuffling around in my kitchen i thought i was going to shit a brick it was my grandma CLEANING dropping off food and slicing bread for me. i KNOW it is nice for her to do that but REALLY? you don’t just walk in somebody’s apartment!!!!!!!!!!!! aside from all of THAT fucking stress, i never do anything i sit in my bed all day i’m like the family from charlie and the chocolate factory i NEVER have anything to do. everyone in my life disappeared once i got pregnant and couldn’t party anymore now i just SIT here i am going INSANE i was going insane the other night from having no people around me to talk to! i never used to care about having someone around until THIS happened i started shaking my brain felt like it was going to snap the same thing is happening right now my eyes were twitching and shaking earlier probably from no sleep i just don’t know what the fuck to do dude i said seriously if i look in my phone and have nobody to call or if nobody calls me right now i am going to just kill myself i would never do it but i felt like i was going TO SNAP if i didn’t have anyone to just TELL ALL OF THIS TOi don’t know if anyone can help me or not but jesus christ. my nose keeps bleeding i keep getting naseas my eyes idek what to think everything is bright im lightheaded i just need to pass out but i have that STUPID FINAL here’s another thing this stupid legally blind kid in my class said he’d fix my computer now to make a long story short he realled EFFED my computer by having his uncle install an operating system that wasn’t legit and now it won’t activate he didn’t reinstall my drivers ETCETERA so i had my friend mark fix it for me now the blind kid in the class i have to go to today everyday after class he harrasses me saying i owe him 125 dollars for the operating system!!!!!!!!!!! but it didnt even activate! i had to have my friend put a crack in to stop the timer anyways he had his blind brother interrogate me last week now theyre ”taking me to court” and this is just ALL SO ANNOYINGidk what to do idk what i need besides sleep if anyone can tell me WHAT is going on. the counselor didn’t help for shit, she said ”idk what to think of your case yet, i would go with bipolar because your thoughts are all over the place, but you have so many things going on at once”UH, YES! i DO! i dont have dramatic mood swings i dont go from depressed to happy dumbass i just have all of THIS CRAZY SHIT GOING ON i can’t HANDLE it i am BREAKING DOWN.if there is any other way to define it, please, somebody.. let me know.thank you so MUCH for that i would have never known what to think i don’t even know what to look up. now i just don’t know what to do to handle it. i know all of the things that make me feel the way i feel i just don’t know how to handle themand fuse, this is coming from someone who asked a question about which hole you would rather get raped in? okay you can just go die now.
I think my cat is pregnant?
Q: Now before anyone jumps down my throat let me state that I bought this cat off craigslist!! SO yes I will never buy another kitten from there.Anyway the woman said she was 5 months old when I got her, I’ve had her for a month so she is about 6 months old now, I thought she was just kinda fat cause she was eating a lot so I didnt pay attention to it, but then I noticed her nipples sticking out and then I turned her over and you can see the shapes moving across the belly. I will be happy to believe those are some huge worms but I know she’s probably preggo. Thing is what do I do now beside take her to a vet? Will she abandon them because she is so young? I’m freaking out here thinking I might have to bottlefeed kittens. She was in a house with her mom, sisters, a neutered male her father and brother. the woman said she was too young to get preggo but this means she got that way from her dad or brother…someone help me.thanks for all the great help and yea she is definitely getting spayed! I think the woman knew as well cause she was telling me she was just fat and liked to eat. No harm in that I thought, never really owned a cat of my own. I now hate craigslist.
A: PREGNANCY AND KITTENING:Gestation is the period from conception to birth. From the first day of a successful mating: it averages 65 days. Kittens born from day 63 to day 69 are within normal range. Siamese cats may carry their kittens 71 days. However, if the kittens are born before day 60, they usually will be too immature to survive. The uterus of a cat has two horns that are connected to the central uterine cavity. The cervix is the outlet to the vaginal birth canal. Developing kittens, encircled by their placentas, lie within the uterine horns.DETERMINING PREGNANCY:At present, there is no early pregnancy detection test available for cats the way there is for people. During the first few weeks of gestation, few signs are detectable except for a slight gain in weight. abdominal ultrasound done by an experienced evaluator may detect pregnancy as early as day 15. Fetal heartbeats detectable at day 20, provide absolute indications of life.The cat’s uterus is Y-shaped with a horn on each side. The kittens grow and develop in the uterine horns. Twenty days after conception, the growing embryos can be felt by abdominal palpation. as evenly spaced swellings about the size of unshelled peanuts. Palpating the queen’s abdomen requires experience and gentleness, and should only be done by a veterinarian or a experienced breeder. There are also other structures in the abdomen that may feel lumpy. Excessive poking and prodding can damage the fetal-placental units and cause a miscarriage. Cats occasionally suffer from Morning sickness. This usually happens during the third or fourth week. of pregnancy and is due to hormonal changes and the stretching and distention of the uterus. You may notice that your queen appears apathetic. She may be off her food and vomit from time to time. Morning sickness lasts only a few days. Unless you are particularly attentive you may not even notice it. If your cat goes more than two days without eating or is not drinking, you should have her evaluated by your veterinarian.The Witness Pregnant Detective Kit, which was designed to detect the hormone relaxin in dogs, can also be used in cats to determine pregnancy after about 30 days. By 35 days, the nipples become pink and obvious,and the size in belly is increasing. The fetuses are floating in capsules of fluid and can no longer be detected by palpation. as the time of birth approaches, the breasts enlarge and a milky fluid may be expressed from the nipples. However, many queens have breast enlargement after a normal heat, so this alone should not lead to a pregnancy diagnosis. Ultrasounds are noted for being very accurate fairly early on in detecting pregnancy, but they are not as valuable as X-rays for determining the exact number of fetuses. Ultrasound can indicate viability, though, showing fetal heartbeats. An abdominal X-ray will show fetal bone structure past day 43. X-rays are also used as an alternative to ultrasonography when it is necessary to distinguish among pregnancy, false pregnancy, and pyometra. They should be avoided in early pregnancy.By day 49, the kittens are sausage-shaped and their heads are large enough to be felt as separate structures. Late signs of pregnancy are an obvious pear-shaped abdomen and fetal movements, easily detectable during the last two weeks. CARE AND FEEDING DURING PREGNANCY:A pregnant queen needs little special care. It is not usually necessary to restrict her activity, but she should definitely be kept indoors. Moderate exercise is beneficial, helping to prevent undue weight gain and poor muscle tone. Climbing can be dangerous in late pregnancy because the weight of the uterus alters the queen’s center of gravity and affects her balance. If she is fond of climbing, jumping from high places, and roughhousing with children and other pets, you will need to prevent such activity. During the first four weeks of pregnancy, feed the normal premium quality food. Avoid supplementing the diet with treats and table food, because the queen may not eat enough of her balanced diet to get all the nutrients she and her kittens need. for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Vitamin and mineral supplements are not needed and may even be harmful. The only exception is the queen who may be below par from an earlier pregnancy or recovering from an acute illness. Discuss this with your veterinarian. Protein requirements begin to increase during the second half of pregnancy. At this point, the cat should be gradually switched over to a premium kitten food. so that by the delivery she is eating nothing but kitten food. While the queen must be well-nourished, obesity should be avoided at all costs. Over-nourished queens are quite likely to carry fat kittens, which can complicate labor. A queen may lose her appetite a week or two before kittening. Her abdomen is crowded and she may have difficulty eating a normal-size meal. Feed her several smaller meals spaced throughout the day.
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