What do you do when your girl friend gets pregnant

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If your girlfriend gets pregnant: 1. Act like you care. No matter how you feel about the news, make sure you show your girl that you not only care about the pregnancy, but about her. This is very important to women. 2. Listen to her. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-when-your-girl-friend-gets-pregnant ]
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What should a guy do when their wife or girl friend gets pregnant…?
Try a foot massage. Pregnant women get very tired, swollen feet. Stay away from the ankles as there are pressure points that can cause premature labor. Just massage the bottoms of the feet and toes. Be prepared for icecream runs in the midd…
What should you do if your girlfriend gets pregnant??
Congrads you are going to be a daddy. Please enjoy the next 20 years because you will be responsible for raising a child.
Can my girlfriend get pregnant from this?
No, from that she wouldn’t get pregnant, but be careful about going any farther than that, because any time you penetrate her with your penis, she could get pregnant, even if you use protection.

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what would you say if you got your girl friend pregnant in high school???
Q: Ok, i’ve a lot of friends who got pregnant last year and this year. I don’t think it’s right to have kids so young when you’re still in school trying to focuse on work and graduating. My boyfriend says he wants to lose it with me but i’m not sure.I learned in conformation that it was suppose to be for married people ,but many people miss use it. I’m a good christian < not perfect but I go to church every Sunday and teach the thirty three year olds we have at are church. I have had many friends this year get pregnant too and I don’t know what I can do to help them. Any ideas?? thanks for your help!!!
A: You can’t help them if they don’t seek help. You can hold true to your values and be a sort of role model for others. I say bravo to you and idiots to them.
what will you do if a friend of yours called your girl friend a fat @ss?
Q: my girl is 5mo’s pregnant. last night me and few of my buddies were at my place playing pool when my girl came home after work. and one of my friend said wow you fat as hell, i told him she’s pregnant and he said still she’s too fat. just when i was about to hit him across the head my girlfriend jumped in front and stopped me and my brother held me back. now all my friends keep saying that i’m whipped to my girl, and i put her in front of my friend and stuff. so who’s wrong and who’s right here. maybe coz she’s pregnant she’s very emotional and i do every thing to keep her happy. she loves the mcflurines so sometimes she crave them at midnight and i just go and get it for her.
A: 1. Punch his lights out.2. Get better friends.
guys, my girl friend is pregnant? help advice?
Q: my girl friend is pregnant and she has been eating alot. she eats more than me. she’s always raiding the refridgerator, and sending me out to get fast food or things she craves. Then she gets mad at me, and wants to hit me. Then when i start to yell, she starts to cry. i need serious help, i love her so much but when i don’t get her what she wants to eat all hell breaks loose! like yesterday night, she woke me up and sent me to the store to buy some m&ms candy at 1:00 am. all of the stores were close i searched through town for a store that was open and i didin’t find one. i was so scared to go home without the m&ms that i traveled an hour away from my house, just to get the freakin m&ms from a 24 hr walmart. when i got home, she snatched the m&ms, and yelled ” What took you so long!” she didint even say thankyou. i just don’t know what to do, i love her so i get what she wants, but i’m tired, i work all day then come home just to be her slave. did you go through this with your g/f?women say, cut her some slack. what do you think? tell me your storys
A: You should have thought of this before you got her up the duff.
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