What does being induced mean when your pregnant

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Inducing labor means artificially starting labor through the use of synthetic hormones. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-being-induced-mean-when-your-pregnant ]
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What does being induced mean in pregnancy terms…?
She was given an IV, with a pitocin drip(most likely). Pitocin is the same as the normal chemical your brain releases to trigger labor to start. It’s just a man made form. I was induced both times with my kids. Both were very short easy lab…

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What does it mean when your cervix is open and long?
Q: I am 24 weeks pregnant and went to the doctor and she told me that my cervix is open but it is long does anyone know what that means. I had meant to ask what it meant but was so excited about finding out I was having a girl that I didn’t. This is my 3rd child and the other two were both induced because my cervix would not dilate on its own or get soft.
A: After you’ve had a child or more, usually your cervix never closes all the way back up. It doesn’t matter if you were induced or not, as long as it was a vaginal delivery. Being long, it means that your uterus has not started pushing the baby down to make your cervix thin out or efface. Being open on it’s own isn’t dangerous as long as you aren’t like 2cms dialated already. If you have ANY contractions however, you should go to the dr right away.
Have you been induced with your child? Stories and educated answers please?
Q: Hi, I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. My doctor mentioned to me today about possibly being able to do an elective induction at 39 or 40 weeks. He also said they check things out to make sure that my body is ready for an induction if they were to do one. This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest out there. I am miserable most of the time due to alot of swelling in my legs, feet and hands and I am extremely fatigued most days. That’s just right now, I had some complications thru out this whole pregnancy. I am just so ready for this to be over. Partly because I am anxious to have baby the here and due to the fact that I’m pretty miserable. That all being said, I am 50/50 on the idea of having an induction. I like the idea because then I will have a day and time of when things will happen. I also like the idea because I then I know I won’t have to stress about going over my due date by 2 weeks. And that means baby will be here sooner than later. But the thing that really bothers me is, some people I have heard say let baby come when they are ready. I am scared the induction could cause harm to the baby. But my doc said they would make sure everyone is ready. I just don’t know what to think. I have alot of family and some friends who have had inductions and everything was fine. But I’m still leary. O how nice it would be thou. I’m considering it. Hubby says he’s ok with it. We’ll see. But thank you in advance for your input.
A: I was induced for both of mine and I have to say it was great. BOth times I had medical reasons (diabetes and high blood pressure). It seems to me from talking to others who had a hard time with inductions is that it really helps if you are at least a little dilated or effaced before being induced. This also helps to show that you and the baby are ‘ready’. I was in at 8am and had a baby by 2 both times with really minimal pushing. My oldest is a delightful and healthy 7 year old as of yesterday.
Could a woman actaully just “stay” pregnant? (Meaning that she just never goes into labor/dilates/effaaces?)?
Q: You know how you very often hear of women having to have their water broke/be induced/etc? Well what if Drs didnt do any of those things and baby never wanted to come out?Also – sometimes when a dr breaks your water or induces you (Im talking about when you are overdue) does it just not work and you never progress in your labor and the only option is a c-section?I mean, what would they do 100 years ago+ when baby just didnt want to come out? Does every womans body HAVE to go into labour on its own at some point?The reason I ask is b/c I have heard a couple women say that back when they were pregnant the dr let them go until 43/44/45 weeks etc and the dr finally broke their water. Yes, these women were pregnant many many years ago but Im saying – if the dr wouldnt have broken their water would it had ever broken on its own?mari – I saw that show as well, actually. That is one thing that made me think – I guess a person can “stay pregnant”
A: I had to have a c-section with my first because he was too large to pass through my pelvic spines and I asked the doc the exact same question ‘what did women do 100 yrs ago’ and he bluntly told me ‘they and/or their baby would die’At some point between 38weeks and up your baby matures enough to begin pooping, they poop a substance called maconium. Generally your water breaks and baby comes out before this happens. But by 42 weeks the baby is doing this whether they are in or out and if it gets into their eyes, can blind them, mouth can kill them because they ‘breathe’ it in with the amniotic fluid. So, if you don’t go into labor, then your only choice is a c-section.. or death for both of you.That simple. Hope this helped!! 🙂
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