What does it mean he you have low blood pressure while your pregnant

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It is a normal to experience low blood pressure while your pregnant. It could be from your uterus pushing on your aeorta. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-he-you-have-low-blood-pressure-while-your-pregnant ]
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What does it mean he you have low blood pressure while your pregn…?
It is a normal to experience low blood pressure while your pregnant. It could be from your uterus pushing on your aeorta.

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Question about low blood pressure while pregnant?
Q: Im 38 weeks pregnant and today I went to the doctors. They told me that I have some protein in my urine. I thought that usually meant that I had a bladder infection. Now I have to do a 24 hour urine test. My blood pressure was 90 over 64. He also said that it could be a chance that I have preeclampsia. I thought your blood pressure had to be high for them to the you have that. My blood pressure has been low for the last three weeks and hes just saying something now. Also I dont have any type of swelling. Why would he wait until now to say something. What will happen if I do have preeclampsia?
A: up to 11% of severe preeclampsia patients do not have elevated blood pressure but do have protein in their urine. I hope everything goes well. I am an L&D Nurse doing special research on preeclampsia for our unit.
I need some advise from military wives. How do you deal with your husband always downing you.?
Q: I have been married to my husband over a year. Since he been back from Iraq things has changed. He use to blame me for making him feel so alone while he was oversea. He use to tell me I barely sent him things while he was deployed. Now, I was 3 months pregnant when he left. I had to stop working when I was 5 months pregnant, I was having allot of problems in my pregnacy so my doctor put me on bed rest. I sent him several boxes plus his friend who didn’t have family. I explain to him that I wasn’t able to move around as much as I could before. He even knew this, because when he was home before he left I could barely walk 15min before feeling tired and my blood pressure rising. Not to mention while he was deployed I was making arrangements for our family to move so when he made it home he had somewhere to go. We now been living together over a year now.Things were real tough between us for a long while. It gotten to the point I was about to divorce him. The day I was going down to the court house to file for our divorce, he called his uncle (his uncle is a pastor) and talked to him about some of the things that were going on between us and that I was heading down to court house to file for our divorce. Well, his uncle called me and wanted to get my side of the story, so when I made it home and we both were together I explain to his uncle that I couldn’t take nomore from him. He was always blaming me for the way he was feeling over there, since he been back home he has been so rude to me, he even called me dumb, stupid, didn’t help me with our daughter, or even out around the house. I have apolgize to him for the way I made him feel over there, but I also explain him that I wasn’t doing these things on purpose. I just weren’t able to do as much. After we had a long conversation with his uncle, his uncle agreed that every single thing that came out of my mouth that he was wrong about. After that talked my husband and even came to me and said he shouldn’t been blaming me for the way he was feeling. So since then things were perfect up until a month ago. He slowly started back falling in his ways. When he would get upset so quick, I did bring it to his attention that I notice he would be quick to get upset over nothing. We had a big arugment one night and he got so upset that he was verbally abusive towards me. He was calling me dumb, stupid, ghetto, and even told his mom and I over heard him telling her I was dumb and stupid. I pointed out to him that he really hurt my feeling and made me feel low. Well, after that fight between us he went 8 days without talking to me, he told me he didnt have time to talk to me, but he was calling and talking to everybody else. One night I couldn’t take no more and really told him how I felt, I mean I was crying and hurt. The next day he sent me this long email and he apologize for what he did and said. I had this job offer in another state that I was considering taken. I just didn’t feel the love no more in our marriage and I also felt that if a man (husband) loved his wife they wouldn’t treat her this way. He told me that if I wanted our marriage to work that I wouldn’t even considering going. He will be getting station to another area some time next year and he didn’t know what that would do for us. So, I prayed about it and turned the job down. Well, just this past week he did the same old thing. He was telling me I had no taste in style, that’s why ever thing I think is nice for our house he always turns down. He started talking about my wardrobe, the places I shop for clothes. That he think high about life and I think like good wheel things. He will always tell me how this other women is dressed nice and that’s how he want me to dress. I never had a problem with that until, lately he just don’t make me feel good about my self. I love to have nice things, but we been on a tight budget that I haven’t had the opportunity to go out and get the things I like. He always tell me I shop to expensive. I’m just trying to get some advice. I do love my husband and he is a great father, but I don’t think I can continue to let him treat me this way. I’m seriously thinking about leaving him. Since that night I can’t stand to even look at him.we have been to counseling and he has seen someone, but he stop taking his Med. I pointed out military wives, cause only military wives can understand were I’m coming from. So, Please only people who can relate please respond…I want to thank everyone for your response. You all are correct.Car0516, “Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You are right some people lives are worst than ours.
A: Why have you made this question specific to Army wives? I am one and I can’t see that your dysfunctional marriage has anything to do with your husband’s job. Rather more that he has barely been married a year, already has a child and is landed with a wife who didn’t support him through a deployment. You have both made a mistake. Time to leave.
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