What does it mean if I keep having dreams about others pregnant & having babies

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To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is…more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-i-keep-having-dreams-about-others-pregnant-%26-having-babies ]
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What does it mean if I keep having dreams about others pregnant &…?
To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is…more?

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I am pregnant and I’m having dreams about snakes, what might this mean?
Q: HelloI am pregnant and I keep having dreams about snakes, they do not hurt me and I am not scared of them.My fear is that these snakes may symbolize me losing my baby in form of a miscarriage, now some belive that snakes are evil and symbolize bad luck and enemies and others have a belief that they mean good luck when you dream of themAlso I dont know if its just in my subconsience that I always think about snakes becuase I dont want to dream about them, it just leaves me with a frightened feeling….Now I am scared that something bad is going to happen,has anyone had dream of snakes while pregnant and did you have a healthy baby??I am scared becuase my cousins wife had a dream about snakes on her tummy 2 days before her baby was born stilllborn. Thanks for the answers, made me feel better hearing some positive responses!
A: They say every woman dreams of snakes at least once in her life and the interpretation is often fear of a rival or fear of the male gender. I suggest this may be speaking to you of the fears around sexual expression and fullness that you may have. The serpent stands for physical drives and if something is not quite right in that area of life, the snake dreams can come. Now often by the time the dreams come, it is also signifying healing of this area or the desire to heal and balance this area of life.I will also say that sometimes the snake images do warn of danger, but mostly of hidden truths coming up for healing and often around sexual energy. The danger warnings are about not heeding the call to heal a particular area and so making the issues “worse” somehow. However, the predominant images do speak of a healing of fear surrounding the sexual expression area of life or fear surrounding men or a male in your life. Ponder on these thoughts and feel if there is any connection with these symbols inside of you. Very often the snake can be symbolic of a message coming to you from a higher plane. As this is a cobra my sense is that you are being “challenged” in your life by the circumstances of your birth and family. I have this further sense that you are getting ready to “break free” in some way. Listen to your inner self for the Wisdom messages that the snake may have..Usually when you dream of Snakes, it has to do with some form of the Kundalini (sexual grounding power) You need to look at what the snake was doing and if you were frightened of it, than likely you would be subconsciously dealing with something of the sexual nature that makes you uncomfortable. Or if you were not afraid of it, maybe a part of you is breaking free and developing new strength.Another meaning of snake is letting the old go and accepting the new. Because snakes shed their skin. You could be afraid of something new coming to be or you may be stepping into something new with ease. It does feel however that with the Cobra and it being so big to protect itself with the way it is built that you are trying to protect yourself from things that are happening around you. It feels like you want to accept some new things but are afraid of being hurt, and thus you can sometimes attack and get your back up instead of just accepting. I hope this has helped.
I have persistent dreams about having a baby, what do they mean?
Q: This is not the first dream I’ve had; I’ve had persistent dreams about babies and a pregnancy. They’re like episodes coming one after the other – they come in order. My first one was about me seeing my doctor and him telling me that I’m pregnant, I was distraught – I was so upset, I wasn’t ready for a baby or anything.And on another night I have a dream about actually having the baby, this was one of so many repeated dreams. They keep re-occurring night after night. Why? What do they mean? I have had another dream (this was last night) it was about having a baby and it’s weird because I’m only 16 and I don’t plan on getting pregnant at his stage of my life. After I had this beautiful boy I got so attached to him, it felt so real, it felt that I really had a son and I finally knew what parents mean when they say: “My children are my world”. I loved him so much but then my mum comes storming into the hospital and she takes over, she just takes him out of my arms like he’s not mine, it really upset me in my dream – I couldn’t stop crying and then I wake up crying, it’s like my dream took over me so much that it had made me cry this morning (as I woke up). My mum’s not that controlling in real life. My dreams must mean something if they keep happening. Does anyone know of any websites that can analyse my dreams??I don’t know what my dreams mean, I’m not having sex so there’s no way I’d get pregnant in real like, what does it mean?I don’t want to have a baby!
A: THat kind of dream frightens me i call them night mares.Its your subconscious playing games.It could also be that your hormones are all over the place.If the dream continues have a talk to your mam or aunty.Good Luck
what does it mean if i keep having alligators in my dreams?
Q: my pregnant wife and I were walking down a trail looking to purchase a home. on my right side was thick swampy wooded area and on the left was a wide open gator infested swampy area. when we could finally see the home we wanted to purchase, we noticed that there was a huge 15 to 20 foot gator blocking our path. we both looked at each other and agreed the home wasn’t worth trying to get past that gator. just then it started chasing us. so we ran the other way fast as we could.. as we started to leave the gator behind us another one came out of the thick wooded area (now on our left) it lunged at me and tried to bite me. i leaped over it just missing the snap of its big jaw. then i woke up… that isn’t the only dream iv had with gators in it though.. that was like the 5th one this month..in the other dreams i was fighting the gators off and taping there mouths shut. I told my wife about the dreams. she thought it was crazy because she was having dreams with alligators in them only hers were on the beach.what does it mean?
A: Gators are a kind of danger, lurking aobut you, striking at any moment, so there is something in your life that is unsettled
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