What does it mean if I’m only spotting and cramping really bad when i should have my period

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Menstrual cramps without a period could be a sign that you are pregnant. Take a home pregnancy test or see your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-i%27m-only-spotting-and-cramping-really-bad-when-i-should-have-my-period ]
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What does it mean if I’m only spotting and cramping really bad wh…?
Menstrual cramps without a period could be a sign that you are pregnant. Take a home pregnancy test or see your doctor.

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Should I see a different doctor?
Q: I normally have a very regular cycle, I am now 20 days late, my last period was on May 25th, no spotting what-so-ever. My boyfriend and I do not use protection only withdrawal, we’re are not trying to get pregnant but clearly we’re not trying very hard not to either. I’ve taken 6 home pregnancy tests which all came back negative, I don’t have many early pregnancy symptoms just head aches, slight nausea through out the day until I eat something, I’m constantly tired, sometimes slight lower back pains and I have a little discomfort down there. I normally experience bad cramping a couple days before my period comes and I haven’t felt that either. Nothing has really changed in my life, I’m not stressed or anything, and my physical activity or diet hasn’t changed either. My boyfriend thought he got some inside me on May 14th, I didn’t take the morning after pill until the 18th (4 days after instead of 3 like they recommend). I know it said that it could irregulate my next period, which it did, I normally start on the 20th, but in May it was on the 25th (5 days late). June no period, and now July and still nothing. I can’t figure out what’s going on. I did go to the doctor this morning but when I explained all of this she simply said, if after 20 days it still doesn’t show on a home pregnancy test then you are definitely not pregnant, she says no matter what it would’ve shown on a hpt by now. She took a blood test for me anyways so I would feel better but she still believes there is no chance I would be pregnant. I get the results back tomorrow. Do you agree? If after 20 days late it still doesn’t show on the home pregnancy test then they definitely means no? I’ve heard several cases of people peeing on a stick and not getting a positive result until a month later, sometimes longer. Please tell me what you think. I was very skeptical and I’m thinking about looking for a new doctor.And starting just yesterday I noticed my breasts feeling really sore, after being 19 days late. Help, I want your opinions!The blood test came back negative. Although the doc had no explanation as too why I have been feeling this way. If I don’t get my period again this month then I will see another doctor to find out why not.
A: How does she know that you didn’t ovulate late? You could have ovulated 14 days ago (so many factors cause this and it is actually what make your period late) and gotten pregnant 14 days ago and a pregnancy test would JUST NOW be showing a positive! If the blood test comes back positive I would definitely be like,”Wow were YOU wrong and I am now going to find another doctor!!!”…..to her face, over the phone…what ever! If it comes back negative then I would just keep an eye on things.If you turn up not pregnant you may want to start charting your cycles so that you KNOW when you ovulate, you can avoid sex at that time and you can watch your temperatures and you can KNOW if you are pregnant without a HPT OR a doc! Read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”….she shows you how to do this!PS….if she KNOWS you are not pregnant….why do the blood test??? You should just be able to take her work for it……right???
I’m not sure if i’m pregnant or not?
Q: Ok so I have taken multiple test and they have always come up BFN. Well I got my period on May 19th and went through the 21st and it was very light,but steady. I then started spotting off and on til the morning of the 25th. Not like me I usually start my period its light for the first few hours then goes pretty heavy then calms down again on day 3 thru 5. I mean I do have some symptoms like my breasts feeling heavy and my nipples have been hurting so bad the last few days I can’t even stand when I have a shirt or anything rub up against them. OUCH!!! I have to pee ALOT I don’t even have to drink anything and i’m peeing every hour or so. 😛 I get queasy every now and again, but never puke. My lower back hurts. And I’m also getting light cramps off and on, sometimes its gas, but others I can’t seem to explain. I do get cramps and my breasts hurt before I get my period, but never this early if everything goes to as planned lol I should be starting my period on the 16th. I usually get signs of my period about 3 to 5 days before hand. Oh plus i’m moody, hell I cried watching BAM get married on MTV2 last night. (I don’t really care if celebs get married) I’m not really scared, but more nervous. I am 22 and have a steady job. I’m just not really sure what to think. Or how I will tell my boyfriend or my parents. My dad will still freak out because I am his only daughter and prefers to think i’m not having sex. But any advise on how to tell my parents and my boyfriend. And any advise curing my nipples from hurting 🙁 ****Sorry so long I have a tendency to carry on. LOL****
A: I think you should see a doctor to find out for real before worrying about how to tell people. Even then I’m sure you dad knows it’s only a matter of time so it’s likely he will be happy. If you were underage that would be different. As for your boyfriend, only you know him. Does he want kids?You can get nipple cream from the chemist. Good luck!
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