What does it mean if my period is the color of urine

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If you dont see any blood and it is time for you period you may be pregnant. Test a week after the day of your missed period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-my-period-is-the-color-of-urine ]
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What does it mean if my period is the color of urine
If you dont see any blood and it is time for you period you may be pregnant. Test a week after the day of your missed period.

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What does it mean if Im spotting early?(for the ladies)?
Q: It seems like I have all the symtoms of my period, like spotting and slight pain in my abdomen, and my urine is blood coloured..but im only 10 days into my cycle! And I have been on the pill for nearly 10 years so I am like clockwork. I dont want to see the gyne if its not serious coz my medical aid doesnt cover it… And yes Im sure I should coz early bleeding and so on, but it might just be stress? Or what?I am more concerned about my urine being blood coloured.. I am 25
A: Spotting can be associated with many things, but in your case, with you having noticed blood in your urine, you could have an infection such as a kidney infection, water infection or a bladder infection. Spotting normally occurs when your body is trying to tell you something such as you may be due a period, pergnancy, infections, etc. A course of antibiotics form you GP will treat the infection, therfore the spotting will stop too.I know I’m not a doctor, so go see your GP for professional advice, they will do what is needed for your problem.
I have leukocytes in my urine, whats that about?
Q: I did a urinalysis today in my class, and here is what I have: gold in color, with a cloudy character. The specific gravity was 1.030, pH was 5.0, protein was 10, I was negative for glucose, ketone, bilirubin, blood and nitrite. The uribilinogen was .1, and the leukocytes reported LARGE. Whats that about? No one else in my class had anything more than traces of leukocytes. Im aware that they are white blood cells but I don’t know why they are there. Im not anywhere near my period. Also I two days ago I took the plan B pill, could that be what its about, and if not what DOES it mean to have Large leukocyte reading for urine?
A: Well, as you might already know, the specific gravity is at a normal level. The pH is a bit on the low side of normal, urine is normally slightly acidic (pH from 5.5 to 6.5). Proteinuria is defined as urinary protein excretion of more than 150 mg per day (10 to 20 mg per dL) and is the hallmark of renal disease. Men normally have fewer than two white blood cells (WBCs) per HPF; women normally have fewer than five WBCs per HPF. I am not a doctor but just based on what I have read, I would be concerned about kidney function at the very least, better safe than sorry I always say.
does a faint postive mean problems?
Q: hi,in october my period was approx 5 days late then when i came on my period on 20th october, it was for only one day instead of 5 and usually spot a day or 2 before that but didnt this time.i did a home pregnancy test and it showed negative,on 5th nov i had a urine test done at my doctors which came back negative,i also had a hcg blood test done which came back below 1,so negative there.counting from the one day in october when i bleed it as been 32 days,i usually go between 23 to 26 days never any longer,i did a home test on tuesday and it showed a very,very faint positive line,it was that faint you had to look really careful,i did another test on wednesday and thursday morning and they were just a little more darker,did one today and it seems the same colour as yesterday,could it be that i have only just got caught this month and thats why its still faint,as it sure would have shown up in the blood tests if i was pregnant on 5th november what do you think?i feel tired all the time low back ache and sure i have sickness coming on,i have an appointment at the earley pregnancie clinic on monday for a hcg blood test as i had a eptopic pregnancy in july and my left tube removed,but this time i feel a lot different and i am not bleedind as i was with the eptopic,please ladies any advice right now would be grately accepted.god bless xmy periods are irreggular never went over 26 days,i used ovulation sticks all last month too and i dint even get a accurate reading from those i just got one very faint control line,the pregnancy strips i am using are a one step pregnancy strip 10miu/ml that i brought from uk health care on ebay and if they would have been dodgy tests then last week and the week before i would not have got a negative,they are all from the same batch,i only noticed a very faint positive on tuesday,so i think ure right maybe im too early to really detect at the moment,the early pregnancy unit told me do not buy the clear blue digital as they are a nightmare.i just been up to town and brought a lee sensitive test a 25ml/u and tested and got 2 strong lines straightaway,so the ones on ebay bust be no good as they supposed to be 10ml/u ans still only showing faint.x
A: It just means your HCG levels are low. (low hormones) I had the same problem.
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