What does it mean if you dream that your pregnant

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It is likely that you are working through an archetypal transition into a new self-awareness.One of Jung’s archetypes is the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-dream-that-your-pregnant ]
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There are many things that dreaming about being pregnant could mean, if you are trying for, or want a baby the meaning is obvious, its just reinforcing your desire. If you are not pregnant, it could signify your fear about becoming pregnant…
For a woman to dream that she is pregnant could be her subconscious telling her that she is actually pregnant. If you’re…..MORE?
it means that you are starting a new part of your life. just like being pregnant and having a baby. you need to grow into this new part and when the time is right you will be born into this new life. stay open-minded and don’t rush things. …

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what does it mean if you have a dream your pregnant with twins?
Q: yes i want to get pregnant, the last time i had a dream about being pregnant was 10 months ago, then 3 months after that i was pregnant, had a miscairage.no shit dumbass
A: I used to dream that I would have twins and in a way I do. My older two girls are only 13 months apart and they are inseperable. They go places together and if you do take one and not the other, they hug and act as though they had been apart for days rather than a few hours. They also have their own language. So you could have twins when you get pregnant or you could have two children really close together who are much like twins. Who knows. Some dreams are wishes, some are precognition. You won’t know until it happens.
what does it mean if you dream that your pregnant?
Q: i had a dream about me being pregnant, it was me & my ex in the dream, he told me “i forgot to put a condom on.” & i just stared at him. & l8r on in the dream i was pregnant & the baby kicked then i woke up.the thing is im only 15 yrs old.
A: well just think… it takes about a month to be able to tell if you’re pregnant or not, so how long ago did you 2 last have sex? have you missed any periods? you definitely wont feel any kicking child in you until you are more than aware you’re pregnant. but if you’re honestly worried, take a pregnancy test. they dont ID you and they even sell them at the dollar store for $1. perhaps you’ve been worried about having a kid, maybe seeing tv shows with young mothers, maybe know someone who is in that situation. dreams are apart of your subconscious, they’re just thoughts brought to life in your sleep, and you can ususally find a logical connection. you’re probably just worried and don’t want to be a young mother, which is perfectly reasonable, and those anxieties transferred into your dreamsbut, like i said. make sure you get your period, and take a pregnancy test. then you’re good to go! 😀
what does it mean when you dream that your pregnant?
Q: im 16. i have dreamt that i was pregnant many of times. but i never thought that i should ask. so i really want to know what this means! today was different tho i was pregnant and then later on i the dream i had a boy in my hands and i would take him everywhere. so please i would appreciate it if you can answer. please and thank you:)
A: Pregnancy, when in a dream, cannot be taken out of context. One would think it to be a foretelling of becoming pregnant, but this is not so. Dreams, by nature, are metaphorical, and nothing you see, hear, sense, experience, taste, smell or do in a dream is what it is. When you think of a child growing within you, what does that signify? A new life; something which requires great care for which to maintain it’s health, and growth. Having said that, dreaming that you’re pregnant is another way for the fates to tell you that something wonderful is going to change in your life; whether it be a creative endeavor which will require your close attention, or a change of great importance that you must prepare yourself for. I hope this has helped you understand your dream a little better.
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