What does it mean if you haven’t had your period in 4 months

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Irregular periods are expected for the first year following your first period or you might be pregnant. You may need to see a dr. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-haven%27t-had-your-period-in-4-months ]
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What does it mean if you haven’t had your period in 4 months?
Irregular periods are expected for the first year following your first period or you might be pregnant. You may need to see a dr.
What does it mean if you havent had a period in 4 months and are …?
It means that it’s time for you to see a doctor or a sexual health clinic. Your body has conflicting signals, only a one to one consultation can sort things. Best of luck.
What does it mean someone hasnt had their period in 4 months but …?
It could be a variety of things. Stress, weight, exercise schedule, age, or sleep schedule. There could also be a medical issue such as PCOS or a thyroid disorder. Talk to your doc and get it figured out. Even if you are young, you want to …

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what does it mean if your three months late 4 ur period n both the home ptest n 2 doc visits come up negative?
Q: i had sex a couple times between october and feb. and my period came up until feb. it was on time in dec. a week late in jan. and i ain’t have one feb., march, and so far not this month…..i’m really sresstin it anymore but i have heard that you can be pregnant and it not show up up until ur 6th month…i just would like to know your opinion about it because im so confused…my doc. ain’t tell be is was possible but she didn’t say i wasn’t possible…i haven’t been feelin sick or any of the symtoms of bein pregnant…but i have gained sum weight recently…i have never been on birth control, never miscarried…my period has been normal up until february my doctor just had a lil gurl and she just told me watch it for the next four months to see if anything happens, then if nothing happens come back and she would try a horomone to jump start my period…my pap test came back normal and everything..im so confused…i know i shoulda waited but i didn’t and i can’t take it back but im only 17 ill be 18 on mother’s day
A: Have you had a blood test yet?I have gone months without my period and not been pregnant. What you really need to have is the blood test and if it’s negative, then the doc can work on why you haven’t started yet.
Can you get a blood clot on your period? and not be pregnant? or if you clot is it always a miscarriage?
Q: ok in Nov 2008 i had my period on the 27th. & in Dec i had my period on the 9th.and they weren’t 7 days they were only 4 or 5 days long.and this month i didn’t get my period on the 9th so i figured i would get it on the 27th but i didn’t. i’ve been spotting since the 28th of jan.very light.. and then i passed a really big blood clot it was sorta brownish grayish color. and before the clot i had horrible cramps i mean real bad. sorry if its too much info. but after the blood clot i had light spotting… very light. every couple hours. i have just had a lot of severe lower back pain.. like i was going to start my period but i didn’t.so this month i haven’t had any period.. and plus i did have unprotected sex more than three this month. and i’m not on birth control pills and we didn’t use a condom, what do you think i should do? i don’t believe the blood clot was a miscarriage because it was only a size of a 2 quarters next to each other… so not too big but do you think it could of been a miscarriage?and just for more info i didn’t take a pregnancy test… so i don’t know if i was or not.
A: It is normal to clot during your period. But usually gray colored clots do suggest a miscarriage. I would see your doctor just to make sure it wasn’t.
What does it feel like when your baby moves inside you?
Q: This is a re-post, the starred items below are additional questions I have, Thank you in advance for reading EVERYTHING and responding!*****When you feel your baby move in your stomach, does that feel like a fluttering in your stomach, that’s what is meant by butterflies in your stomach?*****When the baby kicks, does that just feel like a sharp pain? I am 36 & have a 7 1/2 year old, but she never moved inside me (she’s fine). I have pregnancy symptoms, and I feel movement inside my stomach, but sometimes I just feel a sharp pain. It’s always on the same side of my stomach. I could be up to 4 month pregnant, if I am, but it could be less. Then again, the symptoms I’m experiencing could be something else entirely. I want to go to Planned Parenthood on like Monday to get tested for pregnancy, then make an appointment with my midwife from there.Thanks!Additional DetailsI’m not sure I’m pregnant because, although I have been getting my periods, they’re ALWAYS late…but I know you CAN get your period while you’re pregnant, THAT’S why I haven’t tested yet…and I’m probably 3 months or less pregnant IF I am. (Maybe only 1 – 1 1/2 months even.)
A: To me, it feels like a little nudge from the inside. And it’s always in my lower abdomen, and I know it’s not gas because i feel the movements and I don’t have any gas after wards, I love feeling my baby move
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