What does it mean if you start your period two weeks early

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It means you might be pregnant or that you are being very active for the last week or two. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-start-your-period-two-weeks-early ]
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What does it mean when You start your period 2 weeks earlier than…?
ask yourself, if your on birth control i.e. the pill did you miss any days if yes there might be the problem if no go see a doctor. If your not on birth contorl how old are you. Have you had your period for many years where this might be wi…
What does it mean if a girl starts her period 2 weeks early?
This can be a benign condition, but it can also be due to problems in the uterus or ovaries, including cancer. See your doctor.

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What does it mean If you always spot a week before you start your period?
Q: My husband & I have been ttc for 9 months. The past couple months I noticed that I start spotting a week before my period is due. It only when i wipe & really light. My last period was only two days no cramps or anthing whis is unsual for me. My period is normally 4-5 days & heavy. Last month it was extremly light, hardly even there. AF is not due til the end of this month but yesterday & today I have been spotting. Im really scared there might be something wrong & this is why I have been having a hard time conceiving. I went to to the doc last month & he told me it was to early to start testing & to come back in September if not pregnant yet. This has been happening the past couple months. The spotting I mean, not the light period, that was just last month. Should I be worried because I am? Has this happen to anyone before while ttc & everything was ok?My husband & I are both 26 years old & was on the patch for a couple years off & on because my husband ws in hte military & when he would go on deployment I would go off of it bc I hate beein on BC. We got married in October of 07 & have been off of the bc patch since then.Sorry for the spelling. Just typing to fast.
A: i also spotted a few days before m y period would start (my spotting started about a year before I conceived and happened every cycle)… it was scary (because I wasn’t getting pregnant and thought that may be a reason why) but was also frustrating becasue it was sometimes hard to distinguish between heavier spotting and when my period would actually start… i felt i was always guessing my first CD as the spotting would gradually get heavier before my period would start and I would always have a day or two of guessing! During my 8th month of ttc, i didn’t spot at all the week before my period and then my preiod never arrived! I tested one day after my missed period (and spotting) and got a BFP!Hope this helps!Best wishes!
Can I start my birth control if I’m on antibiotics?
Q: I’ve been off birth control for a few months now, and I’ve decided to get back on it this month. However, as you’re supposed to start it the day your period starts, my period happened to come a week early (I’m very irregular when I’m not on BC) and it just so happens that I started a five day regime of antibiotics today as well for a severe case of acute pharyngitis. Should I start the birth control regardless, or should I wait until next month when I won’t be on any medications? I’m just wondering if it’s safe to start the birth control, not if it will work as well or not. Basically, the effectiveness is not really as important to me as the side effects of mixing the two types of medications, as I use it mainly just to control my periods. You’re answers are appreciated.In case anyone happens to be familiar with what medications these are, here is the list of what I’m on for my present condition:First tablet (Augmentin 1000 DUO)-Amoxycillin 875 mgPotassium Clavulanate 125 mgSecond Tablet (Signo Flam)-Paracetemol 500 mgSerratiopeptidase 15 mgAceclofenac 100 mgThird tablet (Allegra)-Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 120mgI’m not expecting many to know exactly what those names mean (as I barely know myself, aside from the research I did earlier) but I just added the extra info incase a medical professional happened to surfing the site. :)Thanks!
A: antibiotics make BC not work
If I conceived 15 days ago, why do the baby calculators say I am 4 weeks pregnant?
Q: The start date of my last period was February 24th. Then It says I conceived some time around March 9th… which was 15 days ago… (I took a hpt… okay, I took sex of them, whatever). But the calculators all say that I am 4 weeks pregnant. The egg had only been fertilized for two weeks, so why? What does the “Oh, I’m 23 weeks pregnant,” really mean? Does that mean it’s been 23 weeks since your last period? Does it mean that you are 23 weeks into the development of your period? I would feel silly telling people that I am 4 weeks pregnant, when really, I am 15 days pregnant. I don’t want to lie! Naturally, I won’t tell anyone (except my husband and my mother) until I am MUCH further along (in case I miscarry or something), but I don’t want to be a liar of two weeks. I’m not sure why this is bothering me so much, but it really is. Lord, I hope I’m not getting hormonal this early…. nah, I just think I’m in a bit of shock. Anyway, can you help? Which is it?Oh, geez. Now I’m embarrassed. When I said I took “sex” pregnancy tests, I obviously meant to say six, not sex. Oh, sheesh. Now my cheeks are red. And I can’t edit the typo.Alyssa’a Mommy just summed up what is really bothering me about the whole thing… I mean, if I count from my LMP, then I was two weeks pregnant before I even had sex! That bother’s me because it feels like I was guilty before I committed the crime (obviously it was between me and my hubby, so the crime thing is just a metaphor, but you know what I mean). It’s like saying I was pregnant long before I was. I mean, I knew the second that egg was implanted. I had a moment of, “Oh God, I’m pregnant.” I knew two weeks ago… I just had to wait until I could take a test to prove it to my husband.
A: First, take a deep breath. Second, all OB/GYN’s, doctors, nurses, pregnant moms all use the method of counting weeks starting from the date of your last period. I’m 36 weeks pregnant today. I got pregnant technically 34 weeks ago and would tell people who don’t get the “counting weeks method” that I’m 8 months pregnant. So, yes, you are 4 weeks pregnant. You are not lying – it’s just the way pregnancy is counted. And I knew you meant 6 pregnancy tests. Third, CONGRATS!!!
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