What does it mean to have two periods in one month? Could you be pregnant

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All it means if you have 2 periods is that your cycle is slightly irregular. This could be due to stress, diet, and other factors. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-have-two-periods-in-one-month%3F-could-you-be-pregnant ]
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Does Having Two Periods In One Month Mean That You Are Pregnant??
Does having two periods in one month mean I’m pregnant? I had my first period a week and a half ago I had my first one after missing four days of my birth control that week while not having my period my boyfriend and I had sex. Just recent…
Can having two periods in one month mean im pregnant??
Having a true period means your uterus is shreding its linning, which is what would be holding the baby. So its highly unlikely that if you have had 2 periods that you are pregnant. It is common however NOT normal for light bleeding to accu…
Do It Mean Your Pregnant If You Have Two Periods In One Month??
Two periods. I doubt you are pregnant. But if you continue to have so many periods, best to get checked and see if you need hormone therapy

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What does this mean?? [sorry a little tmi]?
Q: I had a period on July 2nd and it stopped July 4th. It was more like spotting.I thought that maybe it could have meant that I was pregnant because my other two children, before I found out that I was pregnant, I just spotted a couple of days on my last period.Well my breast have been hurting and really tender. I don’t drink soda because it cause my stomach and breast to hurt, and I just don’t like soda. I have been drink alot of Sprite here lately so I just figured that they hurt from that.My stomach has been hurting, I have been craving things, and I get sick to my stomach at night. So I thought more that I could have been pregnant.So I took a test last week and it was negative.My left side has been hurting for awhile now, like over 2 months, but I really didn’t think anything of it. Well here lately it has been hurting bad. I can’t even lay on my stomach sometimes or that side. And sometimes I will be walking or standing and I get a sharp pain.I started my period this morning. That means that I am having two periods this month. I am a week early.Does this mean anything?? I have never had a period twice in one month. Is it normal? Or could something be wrong?Thank you for any advice.
A: u may b under some sort of stress that is changing ur cycle, u may wanna go c a doctor
14, pregnant, and an abusive boyfriend. (longish) what do I do?
Q: Im 14 and he is 16 when we first started going out he was so sweet, gentle.. after a while I LOVED HIM he promised me a room full of roses, he asked if i was a virgin, i said yes and he said “so am I” he is a quarterback-jock and im just average, then one day he took me to a party with all the popular people and everyone was drinking. He brought me some beer and i turned it away. he gave a me a disgusted look like i was embarressing him. and then he started flirting with another girl, i was so upset i began drinking soon we were both silly and loud. On the way home he pulled off to the road and tried to get on me and he litterally pushed me out of the car hitting me hard and screaming. i thought it was just because he was drunk and stoned i mean how could i even think about it, he wasnt..him. im a christian. i walked home in the dark. I begged his forgivness the next day we went to hishouse and he sat down in a big chair and we were playing around when he said DANCE DIRTY FOR ME!! i stopped in my tracks, i was scared. i just blurted out i cant and tried to leave and he grabbed my arm and put his hand over my mouth and.. raped me, he was throwing me around he knocked over a lamp as it shattered i could see my ripped pants and shirt. when he was through he slapped me across the face and drug me to the door. i ran home as fast as i could with tears running down my face but i wanted so badly to go back to his house and appoligize and hope he forgave me. i couldnt tell me mom. never, i was so ashamed because it was my fault. how could i explane my black eye and swollen face, ripped clothes, smudged teary makeup.. i felt so used. but it was my fault i guess was i teasing him? i left a note in his locker the next day and he called and was so sorry he was crying. the next few days were like a dream. he lost control a couple times and hit me and slapped me but it was my fault hes so busy with everything, i couldnt blame him. we went to many partys and got drunk and we had sex a lot without a condom and he hurts me during it hes so rough, thats not love.. could it be?, i wanted to go to church and repent as much as possible but i felt to worthless and dirty to even ASK for gods forgivness. i missed my period and got worried but not too worried with all thats was going on i thought i was just irregular. i missed my next moth’s period too and i was so scared i bought a pregnancy test.. and sure enough it was a tiny little pink “+” i was mortified.. like how could i tell him? would he hit me? how could i tell my mom without her throwing me away like garbage. i pretended to be sick, grounded, anything to avoid him. finally i told him i had to talk to him. we went to his house and he just grabbed my arm with such a force and pulled me close to him, i knew what he thought i wanted. what HE wanted. i screamed and pushed him away so hard he almost lost balance and he said with cleanched teeth “you shouldnt have dont that bitch” and he slapped me, and i screamed as loud as i could IM PREGNANT! and he was like No way. and im like yes i am and i want u to stay with me and help me to decide what to do.. and he said WE? for all i know it could be someone elses child, he punched me hard in my stomach and i dropped to my knees. and he slapped me and kicked me and said WHAT DO U EXPECT? that we’d just get married and id give up my whole life for.. YOU?? i tried begging for his forgivness and he said save the sad shit for your baby. he didnt even bother to drag me out he just left in his car, i walked outside and just collapsed.That ending was just yesterday. Help me?? im two months pregnant.ADVISE?? PLEASE?? im so hurt,
A: Sweetheart, this in NOT your fault. You have nothing to apologize for. You need to talk to your mom or some other trusted adult. It is classic for the abuser to put the blame on his victim, but please I beg you don’t fall for his garbage. He will only continue to hurt you both physically and emotionally. You mom will probably be disappointed, but I am sure she loves you and will help you. He needs to be in jail.
When should I expect my period after only one month on a low-dose birth control pill? Could I be pregnant?
Q: I’m sorry if this long entry confuses anyone, but I am trying to be as detailed as possible. I am also posting this in the pregnancy forum because I imagine that there could be a small chance of pregnancy in my situation.I was on OrthoTricyclen Lo for one month. I started taking the pill on 12-7-2008 and completed that packet, but I did NOT start taking the second pack. While on the pill, I spotted a couple times, but I figured that this was because my body was getting used to the hormones, as I had NEVER taken any form of artificial hormones up until that point. I started my period on either December 23 or 24, and it lasted until about January 1 or 2. It was somewhat of a heavy flow, but once again, I attributed that to the fact that this was my first time ever taking artificial hormones. Also, I did miss the two pills on December 21 and 22, but I made up for that by taking two pills on December 23 and 24th.I was due to resume my second packet of pills on January 4, but I have not taken any pills since the two that I took on December 24. Theoretically, had I taken this packet, I would be on the placebo pills this week, meaning that I would be on my period right now. I did not continue taking the pill because I decided that I no longer wanted to be on the pill since I found it to be a hassle and learned that they don‘t allow you to have “real periods,” but you have withdrawal bleeding instead. I’ve simply decided that I would rather stick to using condoms and spermicide.When I was first prescribed the pill, I was told that most women menstruate shortly after stopping the pill (some even sooner than expected), but sometimes it can take up to three months. I assume that this goes for women who have been on the pill for a substantial amount of time, as I originally told my doctor that I planned to be on the pill for a while. I don’t understand how a low-dose pill would be able to screw up my menstrual cycle after only one month of use, especially since my menstrual cycles have been fairly regular since I started it when I was 9, and I am now 23.I have not had any heavy vaginal bleeding since my period ended. I had protected sex on January 24 (Saturday), and on Sunday, when I wiped after using the bathroom, there was a huge GLOB of whitish-almost slightly pinkish/greenish mucus on the toilet paper. It was gigantic, almost as big as a quarter in diameter. There was a tiny reddish-brownish streak of blood in the middle of it. On January 27 (Tuesday), I wiped once that day and some of my mucus was slightly pink. Since then, I have had no form of bleeding or spotting whatsoever.At first, I was told that after one week of regular pill usage, I’d be able to have unprotected sex, but I have since heard that it takes at least one packet of pills to build up enough hormones in your body for the pill to be truly effective. I don’t know what to believe. I did have unprotected sex a couple times while I was on the pill. Before the last couple days, I took the pill perfectly — I never missed a dose, and I took every one at 9 pm exactly. I did have unprotected sex a couple days before missing those two pills, but I don’t really think I could be pregnant because I have not had any early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness. Since stopping the pill, I have not had unprotected sex.So, in summary, here are my basic questions:1. Has anyone out there ever been in a similar situation? If so, how did it turn out? Any advice or thoughts?2. How long would it normally take someone who was on a low dose pill for one month to get their period after stopping the pill?3. What could the light spotting and extra mucus discharge this week possibly be due to?4. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet, but I may soon. Is there seriously a small chance that I may be pregnant through all this? Has anyone out there ever had something similar happen to them?Thanks in advance for any help or answers!
A: Stop wasting our time and go take a dang test.
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