What does it mean when you have a Dream your pregnant

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If you are not pregnant, to dream of having a baby can symbolize the birth of a new attitude or viewpoint; new project.ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-dream-your-pregnant ]
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There are many things that dreaming about being pregnant could mean, if you are trying for, or want a baby the meaning is obvious, its just reinforcing your desire. If you are not pregnant, it could signify your fear about becoming pregnant…
For a woman to dream that she is pregnant could be her subconscious telling her that she is actually pregnant. If you’re…..MORE?
it means that you are starting a new part of your life. just like being pregnant and having a baby. you need to grow into this new part and when the time is right you will be born into this new life. stay open-minded and don’t rush things. …

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what does it mean when you dream your pregnant alot?
Q: I never want to have kids yet About 2 times a week I have dreams that im pregnant :/ does this mean anything???
A: pregnancy mean that something new is beginning in your life, but itcould just be in the idea stage; like birth is something new just starting, that kind of thing. an idea, a project, etc.don’t worry, it’s a good thing!
what does it mean when u dream your pregnant daughter has a miscarriage?
Q: she is 5 months pregnant and i had dreamed she had miscarried she is ok but as a mom its driving me nuts why i dreamt something like this anything anyone could help with this i would deeply appericate it i have looked in a dream book but havent found anything and yes i have broke it apart and still cant find the meaning thank you
A: FORGET THE DREAM BOOKS – what it means is that she is your daughter and you as her mother are simply worried about all the bad things that could happen. It means that you, as her Mom, this time have no control over the situation or any way to help her IF something does go wrong. It means you love her.I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and during 4 of my own pregnancies I have had similar dreams about my own pregnancy – at first it freaked me out – BIG TIME. But then I also looked at all the other odd dreams that I’ve ever had – and more when I’m pregnant – take dreams for what they are – night time musings of an over active subconscious.Good Luck to you and your daughter and Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby!
what does it mean when you dream your pregnant?
Q: hi everybody well im 15 years old and i had a dream that i was pregnant. i remember that a lady came to my house and we were outside talking about people being pregnant and she said at least your not and she touched my stomach and she said wait yes you are your pregnant and i my mom was outside to but more farther away. i panicked and i told my mom i was sorry and that i new i disappointed her. she just kind of ignored me but i felt like i let her down and thats all i remember. i have never had any relationships with a guy and i dont have a boyfriend. its just weird cause a week ago or more i had another dream that i was pregnant but i cant remember it and in those 2 dreams i don’t have a big belly i am like i am right now flat. what could it mean thanks in advance sorry its long.
A: it doesnt mean anything trust me.. ur certainly not pregnant if u havent had sex – good on u btw for not having sex yet! be proud of ur V card.
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