What does it mean when your cat is pregnant and has been meowing for days

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As your cat gets closer to labor, you may find that she starts pacing about, appearing nervous, excitable, or meows more. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-your-cat-is-pregnant-and-has-been-meowing-for-days ]
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What does it mean when your cat is pregnant and has been meowing …?
As your cat gets closer to labor, you may find that she starts pacing about, appearing nervous, excitable, or meows more. ChaCha!

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Help! how can I tell if my cat in pregnant?
Q: My non-spayed cat ran out yesterday (first time in two years) and she had been having signs of being in heat the day before (meowing) and yesterday (scratching at the door to go out, but she does this sometimes when she wants to go out even if she is not in heat). I read up on it and I have found some contradictory information:1. The cat will vocalize loudly. This “calling” may go on for several days, unless she mates. 2. If your female cat does not mate, she will go into oestrus as often as every two to three weeks, for several months each year, until she either mates or is spayed.- how then can she get pregnant from multiple males, as point 4 suggests?3. Ovulation will usually occur within 20 to 50 hours after mating, and the eggs are viable (capable of being fertilized) for approximately one day. The eggs are fertilized in the oviduct, and then make their way to the uterus via the uterine horn, implanting in the uterine lining within 10 to 12 days.- Does this mean the first time she has sex she won’t get pregnant, that it will only stimulate ovulation???4.A Litter can contain Kittens from Multiple Sires. On the street, a queen may mate with two or more tom cats over the length of the estrus cycle – up to 21 days, with an average of seven days. -How can this be if 2 above is correct???There are now two cats outside (not sure if the are neutered or not) and our male un-neutered cat inside (we are planning to mate them at one point (even though they have been left together during multiple heats they haven’t managed to have sex, it appears he doesn’t know what to do…). He keeps hissing and staring at the other two cats from the window. She is still raising her rear end.Yes, both the cats are pedigreed cats with Champion bloodlines.
A: Without a blood test it is far too early to see if your cat is truly pregnant. Only a vet can determine that. Why should you have to adopt kittens when you have a breeding pair of cats. That simply doesn’t make any sense, does it? I stand by my answer. And I am painfully aware of pet overpopulation. I just paid out a load of money that could have been spent elsewhere to have over 30 of them put put down and removed from my property and I can get by without the abusive e-mails and the personal attacks.
How young can a Kitten get pregnant?
Q: This has wondered me here is the story, couple weekends ago there was this kitten in the drive way I heard this jingle jingle noise I was like what the heck is that and then I looked out my window and I Said awww it’s a cute kitten outside mom, she told me to leave it alone cause it might have been a big cat sometimes they look like kittens, She had a bell collar on that’s what the jingle noise was.So that night she stayed out in are yard and she was so scared she wanted to come in the house and be safe she was on and off my window ledge all night meowing at me I cried cause she was cute, my cat Hazel she hissed at her lol I was like big bully, just a kitten but yeah so after the night she stayed outside.My mom went out that morning to sit on the swing like she always does and drink coffee and the kitten came around her and jumped on her lap and stayed there my mom said she was cute she was a yellow tabby cat to she was pretty and then my mom gave her some food she had no tags or anything she was terrified that night cause she stayed out so long, She did not get no sleep at all that night and mym om told me to come outside and I set on the swing she laid on my lap =)I was like all your so cuddly she was so friendly and she wanted to come in the house and sleep, she slept on the swing my mom gave her a towel to lay on to like cuddle with, and then that day it was going to be a bad storm later so my mom brought her on the porch so she can lay down and be safe and eat and go to sleep, my other cat kept looking at the door lol, getting jealous and then no one claim her no one looked for her, so my mom called my sister cause she wanted a cat for a long time that was nice and would jump up on your lap and sleep and all.So she came down and took her home, and now she has a good home and she is safe she is like 4months old and we named her molly the cat, witch is a cute name molly, and the thing is my sister had her for a week now, and no one was looking for her and she used to her kids and all my nephews, and then she never dug nothing is nice to everyone sleeps with her, and all in the bed and my sister went to take her to the vet today to get her fixed.And the vet said she was pregnant and a girl cat since I heard all tabby’s are boys, witch is wrong, And they took the kittens out of her when she got fixed, they where just like embryos and there where seven of them wow So how young can a kitten have them she was not even in heat yet we where thinking it might have been that night that’s why she wanted to come in and be safe cause she was scared she also has a tiny scratch on her nose and lip stupid mean cat that did that to her XDbut she i friendly and she is doing good now, weird huh?
A: thats a cute story!! AWWWW!!!At what age do female cats first go in to heat?Female cats typically reach sexual maturity when they are about 4.5 – 7.0 lb (2.3-3.2kg), or between five and nine months of age. However, it is possible for female kittensas young as four months to go into heat and become pregnant! In addition, domesticshorthair and longhair cats may reach sexual maturity earlier than purebred cats, andfree-roaming cats may become sexually mature sooner than cats kept indoors.How long do they stay in heat?The duration of estrus (heat) varies in individual cats. Heat lasts an average of sevendays, but may be as long as 21 days. If a female cat doesn’t mate and becomepregnant, she may go back into heat repeatedly, with only brief periods of non-heat – aslittle as two days – between heats!At what age can they become pregnant?A female cat can become pregnant as soon as she is sexually mature – as early as fourmonths of age.During what times of the year can a female cat get pregnant?While breeding and pregnancy occur most commonly in the spring, female cats canbecome pregnant at any time during the year, especially in mild climates.What is the gestation period for a pregnant cat?56 to71 days. The average length is 67 days.How many litters can a female cat have in a year?Up to five litters in one year!What is the average number of kittens born in a litter?For free-roaming cats, the average number of kittens per litter is probably around three,but it can commonly be up to six or more.Can cats become pregnant while they are nursing kittens?Yes, absolutely! It is typical for cats to go back into heat one to two months after givingbirth to kittens, and they can easily become pregnant at this time! Some cats may gointo heat and become pregnant again as soon as one week after having a litter!Can cats be spayed if they are nursing kittens?Yes. A cat who is spayed while she is nursing will continue to produce adequate milk forher kittens. Some veterinarians prefer to wait until a cat has weaned her kittens beforedoing the surgery because the mammary gland (breast) development present duringnursing can make the surgery slightly more difficult.If the cat can be kept indoors away from any possible exposure to intact male cats, it isokay to wait until the kittens are weaned before spaying the mother (in fact, the wholefamily could be spayed or neutered at this time). If the cat cannot be kept away fromintact male cats while nursing, she should be spayed as soon as possible. Return her toher kittens as quickly as possible after surgery.If the nursing cat is feral and must be trapped, it is recommended that you also catch thekittens (if possible), or wait until the kittens are at least six weeks old, to avoid leavingyoung kittens without their mother for too long.At what age do unspayed female cats stop giving birth to kittens?Unlike humans, cats do not go through “menopause.” While fertility may graduallydecline over time, there is no age after which a female cat can no longer becomepregnant.Can cats from the same litter mate with each other and produce litters?Yes. For this reason, male and female littermates who are housed together must beneutered and spayed by four months of age!Should I allow my female cat to have one litter before spaying her?No! There is absolutely no benefit to the cat in doing this. Spaying a cat before her firstlitter, or better yet, before her first heat, is easier and safer. Recent evidence alsosuggests that spaying a cat before six months significantly decreases her risk ofmammary (breast) cancer.If my cat is pregnant, can she be spayed?Yes. Spaying a cat during pregnancy is slightly more difficult than spaying a nonpregnantcat, but is better than allowing unwanted kittens to be born and to contribute tothe cat overpopulation problem.Is there a cat/kitten overpopulation problem in Sacramento?Yes. Every year, as many as 11,608 cats are euthanized in Sacramento-area sheltersbecause there aren’t enough homes for them. Spaying or neutering your cat will helpreduce this tragedy!
What to do about my neighbors’ cat constantly getting loose?
Q: Okay, so we had a kinda snobbish and rednecky type family move into the apartment next door several months ago. They’re generally the non approachable type. They won’t talk to you, return a ‘good morning’, or even acknowledge you as you pass on the stairs, even if you’re doing your best to give them a friendly smile. The kind that turn away from you and exchange looks of disgust if you manage to make eye contact and say ‘hi’ to them. They also fight a lot, and loudly, so you can’t help but know bits and pieces of their business.They have two pets, a chihuahua which is almost always in the mother’s arms, and a pretty grey cat, which usually sits in the kitchen window in view of our driveway. The cat is an indoor cat, but there have been several instances when it has gotten out. We usually know because there are very loud fights over whose fault it is for not watching the door better and who has to go out looking for her and whether she’ll get hit by a car or mauled by a dog and whose fault it will be when she does. From what I’ve heard, it seems the chihuahua bullys the cat a bit, so the cat takes open doors as a means of escape.The cat usually comes back at the wee hours of the morning. meowing at the door to be let in. My roommate and I hear it because we are night owls. The family doesn’t. They all seem to be asleep. I’ve knocked lightly (and a few times not so lightly) to see if I can attract the attention of someone awake inside, but there’s never any answer. I’m really afraid to try waking them at such an obnoxious hour since they’re such ornery people to begin with. I usually give the cat a little water and offer it a bit of sandwich meat in case it’s been out long enough to be hungry. She usually accepts some water and usually can give or take the lunch meat (so at least she isn’t starving), but she gets bored waiting for her family and leaves, returning sometimes a whole day later to start the process over again.I would take it inside and leave a note on their door saying I have their cat since it came back late at night, The problem is, my roommate is severely allergic. To invite it inside would ensure that she’d be puffy eyed, stopped up, itchy and sneezing for days. And our apartment isn’t exactly spacious, so even if we confined it to one room, it would be a room she would need access to relatively soon and the puffy stoppy sneezy would happen anyway.In any case, I’m concerned about the cat and I feel really sorry for her. She always looks quite miserable after she’s been out for a day, and she’s quite obviously an indoor cat. I don’t really think she’d know what to do if confronted with an alley cat or stray dog. Not to mention I don’t know if she’s spayed, so she could come home pregnant one of these nights.I’m really not sure what to do. They’re such stand offish people I really don’t know how to approach them about it, and I feel like talking to them about what happens with their pet will be taken as ‘nosey’ ‘arrogant’ or ‘rude’. I also don’t really know how to explain that I know what goes on with their cat because “I heard you guys screaming at each other about it a few times”…I feel really bad for the cat, but at the same time, I don’t want to make my neighbor’s any more ornery than they already are, and they feel like the type who wouldn’t react nicely to me ‘being in their business’. Does anyone have any good suggestions to deal with this situation? What would you do if it were you in the situation?
A: The poor cat. The owners should really take better care of their animals.But, I think you’re on the right track with a note. Even if you had a rather angry disposition, would a simple, informative note make you so much angrier? It might, but I think it would be better than doing nothing. I’ve knocked on some doors of really loud, seemingly obnoxious and rude neighbor’s houses to ask them to turn it down and sometimes they’ve been surprisingly accepting. You never know, you know?If the note doesn’t work you may, possibly, want to call animal control. I know it’s no picnic but if you’re giving the cat food and water, it may be meowing and returning for that reason alone and not because it’s being bullied. I would venture a guess that lunch meat tastes much better than cat food. Maybe try not leaving food for a week or so; you’ll have to put up with the meowing, and it’ll be fine to pet it and things of that nature, but in my experience cats will go where the best food is.Good luck with your neighbors, and I hope this helps! 🙂
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