What does ovulating mean and do you have to be ovulating to get pregnant

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Ovulating means to produce and discharge eggs from an ovary or ovarian follicle which is necessary to get pregnant. ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-ovulating-mean-and-do-you-have-to-be-ovulating-to-get-pregnant ]
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Does this mean Im not ovulating and cant get pregnant,answer pls??
If you aren’t having a period that means you aren’t ovulating. Its sounds like you are having a Hormone issue. See your Dr to get a hormone test done. They will give you meds to fix it and then you will be able to try to have another baby! …
How long after a womans period will she start ovulating again? Me…?
Most women do not have the standard “text book” 28 day cylce and do not ovulate on the 14th day…even when you DO have a 28 day cycle it doesn’t mean you ovulate on the 14th day. The only way to know for sure is to chart your BBT…
Can a woman get pregnant without haveing her period…. meaning s…?
YES YOU CAN, the reason why you could not be having it could be becuase of the unblanced hormons and you should see your doc, and it does mean that you could be, but it just sounds liek you might need to go back on the pill to get it back o…

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What does only one line showing up on a clear blue easy ovulating stick mean?
Q: i just started trying to get pregnant. I tried one of the clear blue easy sticks and there is supposed to be two lines. One blue comparison line on the right, and either a lighter line if you’re not at your LH surge, and a equal or darker line if you are at your LH surge. Anyone have any experience with this product. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I need to pee first thing in the morning? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A: It simply means that there isn’t enough lh in your body to register at all. You shouldn’t use first morning urine for an OPK. The lh hormone is best tested later in the day, unlike hCG.
What does it mean if I have my period when I’m suppose to be ovulating?
Q: According to mymonthlycycle.com, I should be ovulating now, i got done with my last period (which was lighter and shorter than usual) about a couple weeks ago and its too soon to be having my period again. Could I be pregnant, I took a test a couple weeks ago and it said no but this is weird. What do you think could be the reason?
A: This can all depend on your age, on your health… do you have a thyroid problem? are you regular, or are you irregular..?.. it can mean many different things these days… go to WEBMD.COM. that can help too. Stress will do it too..
do you “skip” ovulation if pregnant? please answer!?
Q: Do you “skip” ovulating when pregnant?had a “off ” period at the end of dec, had some spotting [brown/pink] i have no signs of ovulation my underwear usually get wet during ovulation, i have not had this at all.. my boobs/nipples feel tender and hard, im bloated and gassy with SLIGHT ovary pain, and cramping, not ovulating mean im pregnant? i took a test a week ago came out negitive, prob to early tho.. i dont know what else it could be..and no iam not on any BC never have been, yes im sexually activewould it be to early to get a test done at the doc?
A: Yes if you’re pregnant, you no longer ovulate. If you have an increase of discharge during ovulation (which most people do) then that may be why you’re not having that right now because you’re not ovulating. If you had some light spotting that stopped and you’re having some cramping and things like that, those could very likely be pregnancy symptoms. If that was just at the end of December, then yeah its probably too early to show up on a test yet.
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