What does Prego mean

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Prego is an italian interjection meaning “Please” or “After you” in Italian, or in Portugese, dowel or nail. Ask Chacha more! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-prego-mean ]
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Prego doesn’t really mean anything. People use it as a shortened form of the word pregnant. It also is the name of a brand of spaghetti sauce, which is not to be confused with Ragu.
A term used to relate pregnant hoes to one who looks like a drowned rat in spaghetti sauce because their visual appearance is so hainus.
Prego is an italian interjection meaning “Please” or “After you” in Italian, or in Portugese, dowel or nail. Ask Chacha more!

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What does prego mean in italian? Does it mean “your welcome”?
Q: Was wondering what the translation is for the italian word prego. I thought it meant you are welcome but when I was in Italy they actually would say it to me before I said thank you or grazie. Thanks.
A: A: “Thank you” B: “You are welcome”A:”Grazie”B:”Prego””Prego” is also the first singular person of the present form of the verb “pregare”, “to pray”:”prego”—> “I pray”
What does Prego mean in Italian?
Q: I’ve heard it meaning “thank you” Also heard it meaning like “what would you like” as in your in a restrautnut. And I’ve heard it mean I beg, and I pray, how many meanings are there, and can you tell me all of them?i know it means thanks, thanks for nothing, i am wondering about all it’s meanings, since it has so many!
A: the main use is ‘you’re welcome.’ or it could mean please, i beg you as in:Mamma, per favore, ti prego, fammi uscire fuori! (mom, please, i beg you, let me go outside.)NOooo! E’ troppo pericoloso! (Nooo! It’s too dangerous!) or…Mamma, ti prego, posso mangiare tutta la torta? (mom, i beg you, can i eat the whole cake?)Nooo! Diventerai grasso! (Noo! you will become fat!)or if it is a restaurant setting, the waiter might say ‘prego’ and there it means ‘go ahead and order away!’ or if he is offering you a seat it could mean like ‘it would be my pleasure if you would sit here’.EDIT: No it does not mean pregnant. pregnant in italian is ‘incinta’. and thank you is ‘grazie’. and you ONLY say ‘grazie’ to thank someone. and THEY would say ‘prego’, you’re welcome. and i get thumbed down because i am too right?
What does prego mean?
Q: Prego is an Italian word and I heard it constantly in Italy. What does it mean?
A: “prego” is the first person singular present indicative of the verb ‘pregare’ = Pray – beg – askIt’s also the way people reply to “grazie” (thank you) = you’re welcome – don’t mention it..
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