What fish is ok for pregnant women to eat

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While many fish when fully cooked are safe to eat during pregnancy, you should avoid all raw or seared fish when you’re pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-fish-is-ok-for-pregnant-women-to-eat ]
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Is it ok for pregnant woman to eat fish?
Not all kids of fish- they have mercury that is not good for you and baby. I know that the tuna you’re allowed to eat only 5 oz per week only. Not sure about the other stuff. Spicy food is said to bring contractions so some people advice it…
Is it ok for pregnant women to eat chocolate, and shrimp or fish??
I am not aware of any issues with chocolate or shrimp (though do not claim to be “in the know”). When it comes to fish, you really don’t want to eat anything that can possibly have mercury contamination. Having said that, Omega-3 …
Is German Carp fish ok for pregnant woman?
Well no one knows the mercury level in any fish. It’s best to stay away from ALL fish, just to be on the safe side. So I’d suggest you don’t.

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What take away food can pregnant women eat?
Q: Ok, I’ve read all the things pregnant women are not supposed to eat, but I can’t figure out what take away food they CAN eat. It seems pretty much everything has salad, cheese, deli meats, raw fish and/or have been sitting on a counter for a few hours. Any practical tips out there?
A: Well don’t go for boring American all the time. Try Indian, if your stomach can handle the spices. It’s GREAT for pregnant women. Baked tandoori chicken, whole wheat flat breads, plenty of veggie dishes, and the dal is REALLY good for you (pulses, fiber, so on).Chinese is great too. Just don’t get deep fried.Pastas (no cream sauces) and pizzas with not alot of meat is great as well. There is plenty! Try getting the book “What to eat when you’re expecting”. SO helpful.Edit: From delis, get egg sandwiches that have been in a “fridge” or chicken sandwiches.And sushi is fine and tempura, just don’t get sushi with fish. Get it with egg, sweet tofu, cucumber, so on. And the one with a little mayo and cooked crabmeat is great.
Is tuna fish ok to eat while pregnant?
Q: I have heard oppposing arguements in regards to this. My friends doc said it is fine and mine said every now and then. ( I mean tuna for sandwhiches, not the steak, I know that is bad. What have other pregnant woman been told? I am curious. Thank you!!!
A: It contains mercury and should be eaten in extreme moderation. It does contain all kinds of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are excellent for brain development but then so do walnuts and sunflower seeds without the risk. Congratulations. P.S. Walnuts and raisins are good to carry with you to stave off nausea and give you some lasting energy.
Is it bad to eat fish everyday?
Q: ok so I’m a vegetarian but I’ll eat fish sometimes even though I’m grossed out, because I know I need the protein. But as with everybody we’ve been pinched for money. I haven’t been able to buy bocca burgers and since canned tuna is cheap, high protein, low calorie &carb, I’ve been eating a lot of it. I’ve read that pregnant woman weren’t supposed to eat a lot but I was wondering if this is also true for ladies who aren’t pregnant. Have you ever eaten fish everyday?And what about the Indians who seem to have eaten tons of fish?
A: you are NOT a vegetarian if you eat fish, fish are animals. you are eating dead animals= NOT vegetarian.please do not label yourself as a vegetarian, it confuses others and makes it harder on people who are vegetarian.anyway fish is not healthy. it is full of mercury.
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