What foods should a pregnant woman avoid eating

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Foods a pregnant woman should avoid: raw meat, deli meat, fish with high mercury, raw shellfish, raw eggs and soft cheeses. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-should-a-pregnant-woman-avoid-eating ]
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What are the foods that Pregnant women should avoid eating??
DO NOT EAT ANY: Deli meats (such as salami, processed ham, etc) – because or listeria (a bacteria) which can damage the fetus Unpastuerised Dairy Products – listeria Soft Cheese – listeria Any leftovers over one day old – listeria Caffeine …
Should pregnant women avoid eating organic food?
Basically, organic food is just the same as conventional food, only that organic food contains less harmful substances (like heavy metals, chemicals etc.), no preservatives and higher concentration of beneficial vitamins and minerals. It is…

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what is the appropriate food for a pregnant woman in the first 3 months & what she should avoid eating?
A: anything spicy
HELP! Small essay on a pregnancy diet.?
Q: How many extra calories does a pregnant woman need? What foods should she eat? What foods should she avoid?Lots of details. Also, PLEASE dont give me my essay, i’m gonna write my paper myself. I do need many details thought so lease help.Also, I need to get a sample menu for a preganat woman (btw, 2nd trimester, 24years old) from www.mypyramid.com. I tried, no luck :/ThxOk, I just wrote it.Thx for the help everyone!
A: ♦ additional calories:300♦ pregnant woman should eat: healthy foods, like most people should, veggies, fruits, lean meats, sometimes red meat, dairy♦ avoid: unpasteurized cheeses, alcohol, raw eggs (must be scrambled) under cooked meat (must always be well done) and some seafoodSorry, I can’t find a menu either…good luck on your essay.
what are the best foods for a pregnant woman?
Q: What would be good food to eat, during the earliest stage of a pregnancy up to the last trimester? What foods should be avoided? appreciate the answers! thanks 🙂
A: The main thing is to have a balanced diet. There aren’t any “best” foods, just make sure to eat healthily, take in lots of folic acid, vitamins, fibre, iron, calcium etc. The main thing is to avoid certain foods.Avoid things that are high in Vitamin A as an excess can harm the baby, which means avoiding things like liver and pate.Avoiding food poisioning is important so make sure all food is cooked properly, and possibly stay away from raw meat, to stay safe from Salmonella infections.There is also a class of bacteria called Listeria which can cause infections that are very harmful to the baby. You can probably find a list of foods that have sometimes have a large quantity of these on the internet.It goes without saying but alcohol, smoking should be avoided.Otherwise, pretty much most foods are good.Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with eating chilli, unless you have adverse reactions to it and you eat sensible amounts of it.
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