What happens if a girl is pregnant and takes birth control

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If you are taking your birth control pill and you didn’t realize you were pregnant it’s ok. There is no evidence it will hurt you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-a-girl-is-pregnant-and-takes-birth-control ]
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Can a girl get pregnant two days after her period and she takes b…?
Yes, she can. In addition, she can get pregnant on any day. Take her period out of the equation. Outside of abstinence, there are no safe days to have sex without the possibility of becoming pregnant. Contrary to popular belief – although r…
What is the probabilty of a girl getting pregnant if she takes he…?
The official answer is – most pills are listed as 99.7% effective (or 99.8% for some brands). That means out of 1000 couples taking the pill for a year, 3 (or 2) will get pregnant. So your odds are about 3 in 1000 each year if you are ahvin…
How long does it take when you get a girl pregnant for birth cont…?
you have to actively be taking birth control at the time of the unprotected sex or condom mishap or whatever happened that may make you think she could be pregnant. Taking Birth control AFTER will have no effect. However, there is plan b wh…

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more science quetions(short answers plze)????
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A: How come it’s Sunday and you’re asking us these questions? It sounds like homework that hasn’t been done this weekend!
Is Birth Control REALLY effective? I’m asking as a guy, concerned about knocking up my gf.?
Q: Okay, I met a girl about 2 weeks ago, she had not had sex for a long time and is pretty inexperienced because she is still in highschool. She is 19, I’m 24.She is on the pill actually, I didn’t know she was the last time we had sex.I made her show me the type etc, it was “Yasmin” and she took the pill in front of me, and half the pack was empty cuz she had been taking it obviously.I get paranoid girls will stop taking the pill or pretend to to get knocked up, my dad has warned me about the occasional freaky girl who wants to get knocked up by you and keep you forever or so she thinks.Anyways, I want to know HOW effective birth control really is.I came inside of her this morning, she was ontop of me, but I came very hard and it was alot of semen because thats the second time in 5 years I’ve actually had sex. It was pretty embarassing it was literally dripping out all over the sheets, so I had to change them. I’m really worried, about getting her pregnant. I wouldn’t abandon her or anything if it happened and I would man up and take responsibility for my child and for her, since I care about her and would want to be together for the child and us. I just hear ALOT of horror stories about the pill failing. I don’t believe it’s 99.9% effective. I believe it’s more like 99% effective so every 1/100 or 200 you get a girl pregnant maybe?how effective is it? And why do women still get pregnant while on the pill. Her mother got pregnant with her at 20 when she was ON THE PILL. So since she is born from her mom, I am concerned her body chemistry is the same and she might be able to get pregnant while on the pill.She has never had a guy cum in her before, and she really likes it and, I like it alot too, it makes me feel very close to her. It increases the pleasure by 100% and it feels like we got closer for some reason. It just feels like there is more feeling to the sex when I cum in her thats all. Feels there is more emotion and care and love and stuff. Maybe some of u know what I mean. I just bond more and more with her when she gives me good sex like that.I really care about her and I don’t want to get her pregnant.IS this RISKY? Is it going to result in a baby if we have sex 2 days a week, about 4-5 times in total for the 2 days? Thanks everyone I appreciate the helpSORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH I JUST WROTE WAY TOO MUCH!!!My problem is I trust women too much. I trust they won’t cheat on me and bring home an STD but women and men are equally as slutty, women may even be a bit more slutty than men and more calculated and deliberate in their sexual misadventures. when I have sex it means something. IT means I love the person. I do not have sex, I have only had sex with her and I only did it because i care about her alot and want to be there for her through everything, in any capacity but I really would like to date her for a few years and marry her after awhile. Im too traditional I guess. Im dreaming if i think she won’t fuk aroudn on me :(THANK YOU EVERYONE!!GREAT INFORMATION!!!!!I feel like I understand this more. I better tell her to take the pill at the same time everyday, cuz she isn’t doing that. And I will find out when she ovulates and invest in some spermicide. Great help, you ALL DESERVE 10101010 points!Thanks Everyone, I really APPRECIATE all the answers.Except for the guy who called me a pig for having consentual sex with my girlfriend who is an ADULT (19 y/o)I believe she is taking the pill, I don’t think she lies, and I don’t think she wants to get pregnant but u guys are right women do play dirty tricks on men, try to get pregnant to keep the man when they feel they are losing him etc. She already knows Im not going anywhere for as long as she wants me I am there for her. She doesn’t need to become pregnant, I will love her tomorrow and the next day and so on..I will research ovulation since I didn’t know about it. Maybe we will wear condom while she is ovulating. Spermicide is interesting, I wonder where to get some. It would help, because I ejaculate a large volume compared to most men and it woudl be good to havesomething that kills the sperm before they go up inside of her. I wonder if they taste bad? anyways THANK YOU ALL!
A: Hi,Pl. do not blind trust the girl.Pl. use condom as safety measure from your side.This will save you also from other problems like STD.
Can birth control pills kill a pregnant woman baby as a seeds?
Q: me and my girl had sex a lot but now we think she is pregnant she was on the pills she said but she stopped what happen if she start taking the pills again?
A: experts say the pill can cause deformities in the foetus (baby). but this is only caused by staying on the pill for the first 4-5 months of being pregnant. Anyway if you gf is taking the pill everyday without fail she shouldn’t fall pregnant, if unsure, she should go off it until she gets a period or pregnancy test.
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