What happens if a pregnant woman gets a tattoo

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The main concern with getting a tattoo during pregnancy is the risk of contracting an infection, such as Hepatitis B and HIV. MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-a-pregnant-woman-gets-a-tattoo ]
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Can a pregnant woman get a tattoo?
Yes a pregnant woman can get a tattoo but she would want to be mindful of the location of the tattoo. She would not want to her unborn baby in any danger.
Should pregnant women, (even if early in pregnancy) be able to ge…?
No because you could get an infection and that will have to be treated with drugs that might harm the baby. There are also some diseases that you might get that can be passed on to the baby. Just wait, what is the hurry.
Why shouldn’t pregnant or nursing women get a tattoo??
If you are pregnant or nursing a child, everything that goes into your body also affects the baby. Everything from spicy food to drugs ends up in the placenta and your milk. When you get a tattoo (or a piercing) you are taking the risk of p…

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Suggestions on location for my second tattoo?
Q: I already have a tattoo on the small of my back. I want to get another one of fair-sized bluebird holding a cherry blossom in its beak in flight. I was thiking about putting it on my hip, but I am worried about what would happen to it if I ever got pregnant. I really want it on my hip or side somewhere, not no my back or arm or leg or anything. Is there a location on the side or somewhere on the hip that won’t stretch if a woman gets pregnant?
A: I don’t have a tattoo yet, I will get one when I’m done with pregnancies… I’m now 5 months pregnant and have a scar on my side…. it was only about 2inches long before, and now it’s nearly 5inches…. During pregnancy, some women get HUGE (like me), at 5months people think I am already 8 months…. and anything anywhere on your body stretches, even your back and thighs! I’d suggest either waiting till you are done popping out the kids, or talk to the artist about how difficult it will be to retouch after the pregnancy, and let the artist help you pick out a place.
does anyone know the exact reason why?
Q: your not supposed to get tattooed while pregnant?my fiance is a tattoo artist and he has always turned pregnantg women away not knowing exactly what the reason behinde it was. so he asked my doctor at my appointment last week and my doctor couldnt come up with any reason why a pregnant woman cannot get tattooed. my docotr said it was problly for legality. if a woman got tattooed while pregnant and something happened to her baby and no one knows what caused it they would just blame it on the tattoo. so thats all we came up with. so does anyone else have a reason for not getting tattooed while pregnant so my fiance can start giving answers to these pregnant ladies comming in wanting to get tattooed?
A: Well the main reason is the risk of an allergic reaction and/or infection which could me transferred to your baby. In case you do get one of those, your immune system is automatically lowered which is never good when you are pregnant. Also taking medications to solve these problems aren’t recommended during pregnancy. You could even get a fever which is dangerous to pregnant women.
I am scared and pregnant and need advice?
Q: I am a 29 yr old divorced mother of one. I am not really the partying type, but a few weeks ago, I was invited to a club with my best GF of 23 years. We were drunk of course as her man kept buying shots, and well, although Im not really a drinker, you know how it gets when you are out on the town and someone wants to keep loading their guests up with spirits.Well, later that night we went back to her place and I went to the bed because I was feeling very sick. My girlfriend went to bed as well. A few hours later, I woke up to her boyrfriend on top of me. I didn’t wake easily as I think when I am this drunk, I sleep like the dead. At first I was so confused I thought it was my ex with me, but then by the time I realized who it was, he told me he had finished and he didnt use a condom. I laid there shaking and finally went back to sleep. I was too scared to tell my friend what had happened and told her Im not ever coming back up unless he isnt there.She was curious as to why I was acting that way, and I refused to tell her. I feel like I did something bad and didnt want to make trouble. Well, yesterday I find out I got pregnant from this and I told them both. He had nothing to say, and she was very supportive as I told her the truth about what he had done. She said she will come this Friday to take me to get an abortion, and will take the money from him for the co-pay and she is being really great with me, but I feel bad. I feel like a slut, even though its not like me to end up in these kind of life problems.I am not stupid. I was just taken advantage of while I was drunk and asleep.Somewhere inside of me wants to keep the baby, but I also dont. He wont have a father, as this prick has already 7 kids and isn’t with any of their mothers, and I had so many plans for myself and my 6 yr old that I feel will now be ruined or put on serious hold. The things running in my mind are, I cant afford this, I wont be able to have a life, no man will want to marry me, a woman with 2 kids and each with a different father at that…I dont know how this kind of pre marital baby making life is done. I dont want to go thru a pregnancy alone, then have a baby alone. Then when my daughters father takes her on Sundays and this baby has to be left behind with me, how will he feel? How can I answer his question on ‘why dont I have a daddy?’ And risk him being all messed up in the head.Now I dont wanna hear all the ‘dont kill an innocent baby’ BS because Im not some dumb kid who effed around, Im a pro-choicer and judgments and stuff dont fix a damn thing, especially if they are given by people who have no clue wtf this situation feels like, cuz belive you me im sure if the tables were turned they would be having the same questions. Im just looking for some advice, preferably by other single mothers of 2 kids, on how theyre lives are or how women who have maybe had this happen to them. How hard is it to raise 2 kids alone, one with a father the other without. I was trying to go back to school for nursing and get my life back on track after my divorce and im afraid its all shot to hell now if I keep this baby.Also, for the past few months, I have been having reoccuring dreams about a baby boy. The first one I walked into a tattoo parlor and there was Koranic script written all over the walls in arabic. Then, I sat to have a tattoo and the girl turned around and she was crying and kept saying, ‘he hurt me, he hurt me’. then she tattoed a portrait of a small boy ini a baseball uniform on my left arm, then crossed it out.the other dream i had, I walked into a bedroom with lots of windows and there was kids toys. I looked on the toy easel and it had written on it more arabic and the name of a baby boy. Joseph.this month I dreamt that I was holding a newborn baby boy and began breastfeeding him. i even remember he had lots of black hair.i tend to dream things that happen sooner or later. but i didnt even dream when i was gonna have my daughter.is this maybe a sign i should just fight the odds and keep him? im just so scared of having a baby that will feel left out when it comes to my daughter daddy visits and that i wont be able to go back to school and continue with the dreams and goals that i had right in the palm of my hand.btw i have had an abortion before. it was very early on (4-5 wks) and i got over it fast. i think about it sometimes, but not to the point where i totally regretted my choice.
A: Listen you may be pro choice but going through with an abortion and being okay with other ppl doing it are very different things. You can never be prepared enough for the emotional wreck you become after. Yes you think its right…it feels right, but you WILL still regrett it…Ive been there I was in the same situation minus the abuse…I thought all the same things you did and worst because my daughter didnt have a father either and neither would that child…I thought it was the right thing to do I felt it was and yet its the thing that I regrett the most in my life…its been a few years and I still think of that baby specially now that am pregnant again…it has been an emotional rollercoaster because I am so afraid something will happen to this baby…I asked god for forgiveness and I know he has forgiven me but forgiving yourself will be a lot harder…You should fight the odds and keep that baby you will be great and a man who loves you will love your kids as well if he doesnt hes not worth your time. My partner is raising my daughter now because her father just signed the birth certificate and went on his way am also 16 weeks pregnant…I wont say its easy because it wont but neither is alot of other things in life. Your child will just appreaciate the fact that you let him live father or no father and school will not go anywhere for a lil while. The same way your daughter deserve opportunities this baby does too. Good luck.P.s. why wouldnt she help you out with the abortion if its her bf baby? think about ppls motives before listening to them. Am sorry you have to be going through this. Ive been through abuse too but I was much younger so no pregnancy, but to that extent I know how you feel.
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