What happens if a pregnant woman gets chlamydia

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Women who have chlamydia during pregnancy tend to have higher rates of infection of the amniotic sac and fluid, and preterm birth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-a-pregnant-woman-gets-chlamydia ]
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What happens if a pregnant woman gets chlamydia
Women who have chlamydia during pregnancy tend to have higher rates of infection of the amniotic sac and fluid, and preterm birth.
Can a woman get pregnant after the treatment of chlamydia??
It depends on how long the disease has been in your body. Which unfortunately cannot be traced how long it has been in your body. It can cause you to go sterile and not ever have children. The disease “kills” your reproductive org…
What is chlamydia?
Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis , which can damage a woman’s reproductive organs. Even though symptoms of chlamydia are usually mild or absent, serious complications th…

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Questions concerning Chlamydia….?
Q: I’m sorry this is so long but i need some answers and input please. I dont want peoples skepticism or any BS…i want answers from people who REALLY know what they are talking about PLEASE. Me and my ex are on a break right now and trying to work things out. we were together for 10 months. about 3 weeks ago she went for a paps (Was gonna get on birth control) yesterday she got results back and found out she tested positive for chlamydia. Which of was of course a surprise. even more so than the obvious was because the lady who did her exam said everything looked great down there….SPECIFICALLY said NO ghonorea or chlamydia. we are both frustrated cause we dont know how this happened. i wasnt there but she said the doctor told her i must have cheated on her….cause she was honest with the doctor about her trust with us. we have had several breaks during our ten months and i have NEVER even kissed another girl since we started even dating. I have never cheated on any girl. i never did anything with any other girl while we had one of our breaks….so i know this didnt come from me. but the doctor told her she had to have caught it within the past 2-3 months. I dont know how they can deteremine that…but thats what he told her. weve been broken up for a little over a month at this point. so that knocks off a little bit of time. i know you will ASSUME she must have screwed around on me, but the best thing we have in our relationship is TRUST. i KNOW thats not the issue here. the second she left the clinic she called me drilling me about anything ive done during our breaks….cause she KNEW she didnt do anything (cheating) on her end. so her first thought was it was me! she even said that if she knew if could have been because of her…she wouldnt have been so quick to call me and blame me. she is probably the most honest person ive met. ive got many reason to back that up. she even told me she would take a lie detector test. now what makes me curious is this 2-3 months period of when she MUST have caught it. some (including me and her) might think maybe it was already brought in to the relationship from the very beginning, by one of us. i know it wasnt me. heres my history….by the way, me and this current girl have been sexually active from about a month in and have only used a condom once. she is my 4th partner. the girl before (last december) i used a condom. it was just once with her….not a one night stand though. i did go down on that girl, but i dont think that would have been the cause. and she was a younger girl (of age!!!) with not much experience. the girl before was a GF of 5 years (broke up in feb of 2007) and she was on birth control for a lengthy period (obviously unprotected) but i was her first partner. so there was NO way she had it. the very first girl i used a condom. there was only one encounter with her and again, it was not a one night stand.so i REALLY feel i did not bring this in. unless this is a false positive, im thinking it was my ex who brought it into the relationship. but the doctors theory about catching it 2-3 months ago, it what throws this off. but here it is, im my ex’s 8th partner. she has been on birth control with 3 past partners i believe. i dont know much about the others cause it was never really a thing to ask about. but her and her last ex broke up around last september (2007) and she was using birth control with him (obviously unprotected) she later found out he cheated on her and got his ex pregnant. so obviously her ex was having UNPROTECTED sex with several women (her and his ex that he got pregnant) so thats a likely scenario of where it came from. and she asked the doctor over and over and pressed him…if this could this be something she caught last year, could she already have had this prior to me. cause she thought the same scenario about her ex that i just mentioned. and he said theres no way…that it HAD to be recent. but how can doctors tell when it was contracted? and since most women dont even show any symptons, how likely can it be that she brought this in from the beginning. which seems like the most likely explanation…aside from his 2-3 months theory. heres where it gets even more confusing…even had she had this from the beginning, i probably would have caught it and saw some symptoms (being that males tend to, i guess) i have not been tested yet, but i am gonna go next week to. if it comes back as postive, then i really believe it had to be her and her past and that shes had it all this time with no symptons. and if that is the case, then i my test SHOULD come back positive after nearly ten months of unprotected sex with her. but if my test comes back negative…it will make this situation REALLY confusing more than it already is. could something have caused a false positve? could they have mixed something up? could they have read something or tested wrong? i know it sounds stupid, but is it possible for 2 std-free people to contract some
A: The doctor was wrong about the “two or three months”, pure and simple. There is no way he can tell how long your girlfriend had chlamydia. It can be first diagnosed many months and even years after it was first contracted. To say it MUST have been contracted within the last two to three months is nonsense.You may have brought chlamydia into the relationship, or she might have. Both of you have had previous partners. It is an extremely common infection in teenagers and young adults.Most cases of chlamydia have no symptoms. It is quite possible that you might test negative, because males sometimes clear the infection naturally after a few months. But there can also be false negatives as well as (rare) false positives.Safest thing is to both do the treatment, and give up driving each other mad about whether either has been unfaithful. Because the infection can be present for many months or even years before it is discovered, it is a poor indicator of infidelity.Just both get treated – and at the same time, otherwise you’ll just pass it back and forth.
Trying for a year now i am being referred to Gynaecologist!! has anyone had this? x?
Q: Hey yall! Baby Dolls story so far.. for those TTC x?For those who have been following my story i will just briefly summarise for those who haven’t;i am 21 years old, have been with my partner 8 years and i came off the pill last Nov, we started Trying in January to date, i was starting to get a little worried as it almost been a year of trying so i decided to go doctors to get to the bottom of it. So firstly the doctor took a blood test to test my hormones and thyroid etc etc, all of which came back fine and normal! but on that cycle it showed i did NOT OVULATE!! i started worrying thinking whats wrong with me whats wrong with me!! pulling my hair out my doctor told me to relax this isn’t helping the baby making lol! and so the doctor booked me in for an ultra scan and internal scan a week later to check for cysts, my uterus and lining etc all of which showed everything was normal (apparently they got a really good scan and doesn’t normal detect endometriosis, but they said looked healthy nothing indicated this)! everything was fine, phew! but then i still haven’t fell pregnant yet i said to my doctor? she said “sometimes it takes women longer” so now me and my partner have to be referred to a gynaecologist but she had to take a swab of my cervix to check for chlamydia thrush and any other infections! (only been with one person in my whole life) all routine she says! she also said my cervix looks healthy. So now i have to wait for the results of swab and then an appointment with the gyno. I just so wish it would happen to me i want this so much! could anyone tell me if you and your partner have been to the gyno yet and what happens? and anyone who has been to a gyno have they fell pregnant after their advice? some answers pretty please. Baby Dust to all.xxxx
A: We tried for a year and a half then I was put on Clomid. I had three miscarriages during the year I was on Clomid. After my last miscarriage I was waiting for my period to start the Clomid again and I got pregnant. And stayed pregnant. I now have a beautiful little girl. Three months after I gave birth I got pregnant again (no Clomid), and now have a healthy baby boy too. It all has to do with hormones. Your body will kick in, but if it doesn’t then ask the doctor about Clomid. I have a friend who got pregnant and had babies twice while taking it.Good luck!PS: Clomid is a pill, not a shot.
What is the oddest/most ridiculous thing you have had a question/answer violation for?
Q: I joined only just yesterday and I seen this woman ask if she was pregnant despite using the withdrawl method.I told her that the withdrawl method was extremely ineffective and that the symptoms she was describing (including a miscarriage) were the latter signs of Chlamydia.I couldn’t believe they rejected my answer cause they said it was adult: Sure I used the term pre-cum but do you really think this woman who doesn’t use condoms but relies on the withdrawl method would know what Cowper’s fluid (the proper name for pre-cum)?Question Details: i have being using the pull out method with my finance cause i was on the pill for 4 years and had to come of it cause of illness and i am allergic to condoms. i am happily engaged now for 2 years in feb and we have our own home. i was pregnant in 2007 but it sadly ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks which was the hardest thing we ever went true. i have being using the pull out method since Dec my period used to come every 28 days but its between 28 and 32 days now. i had my last period on the 3rd of may but on the 1st of may i had spotting of brown blood it only lasted a couple of mins and the same on the 2nd two days before my period my period lasted around 4 days it was not that heavy just normal. for the past 2 weeks or so i have being feeling sick but not getting sick my nipples on my boobs are stingy i am constipated needing to urinate more tired more, even if i had a 8-10 hour sleep i still wake up and be really wreaked. i not really sure when i am due my periods cause it could be between the 28-32 days but never over that. do ye think i could be pregnant did anything like this happen to you?? sorry if it hard to read i was in a rush but thank you for your time and answers xox :)My answer with details added in response to rants:The withdrawl method? Are you serious? Come on, Sperm can survive on a mans’ penis for 48 hours and even pre *** can contain 40 million sperm.More often than not the morning sickness takes place between 12-16 weeks and breast sensitivity between 16-24 weeks. If you are allergic to condoms why not use polyurethane condoms? They are 1-2% less effective but unless you are allergic to polyurethane, which I doubt you are as there as about 200 objects just in the kitchen containing the substance then you should be using these. There is also the contraceptive injection, diaphragm, contraceptive implant and the coil to consider. Why would you be so stupid as to use this method?Also, the symptoms you are describing sound like the later stages of Chlamydia. Belated/irregular periods, sore breasts, an increase in bladder activity and nausea or all late symptoms of Chlamydia. If I were you, i’d get checked out as Chlamydia can cause miscarriages, infertility, still births and blindness in new born babies.Oh and i’m not making fun. It’s just something I know about and feel pretty strongly about. If you were ready for a child you would be taking the steps towards having one, not trying to prevent it by using lacking methods. I was just letting you know the dangers of the situation you could be inP.S Thanks Clare for your rant on my question for telling you that you could have an STD. Also, you aren’t the only one who has lost a child. Stop acting so high and mighty. If you have been having sex without condoms, there is a more than increased chance you could have Chlamydia. I used to be a nurse FFS.Inappropriate?It got me wondering what you had rejected and been penalised for…They didn’t say it was because I was abusing anyone (which I wasn’t) it was described as: ADULT CONTENT.Also, her answer never got deleted from my question which was just a load of insults and profanities.
A: It wasn’t deleted because of that. Most likely the user reported you or you were deleted for insulting her. Insults/rants against other users are against community guidelines. Anyway to answer your question I had this question deleted because it was consider chatting.”Have your f88lings ever been hurt on here before”?
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