What happens if you drink and your pregnat

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If you are pregnant, you should not drink any alcohol, because it may harm your baby. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-drink-and-your-pregnat ]
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What if you drink and could be pregnant?
I would advise that you don’t. If you think you are pregnant and it has been at least 14 days since you think you might have conceived then take a pregnancy test to check. Drinking during can pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and r…
Is it ok to drink beer when pregnat?
It is not ok to drink beer when pregnant. hell no Drinking beer or any other alcohol while pregnant can have permanent adverse effects on the child. It should not be done.
What causes pregnat women to drink alcohol?
Addiction, or ignorance of the effects on the fetus, or both.

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Q: i asked this before but i don’t think it made sense.So im trying again.Intercourse 30th of octoberPeriod due 10th november being 11 days after intercourseNow iam late.It is the 21st november and im 11 days late.If i was pregnat it would have happened only on the 30 th of october- 11 days before my period!Meaning i would now be 3 weeks and 2 days pregnat if i was today!.Now i was told to take a test when my period was due but a urine test would work unless your 4 weeks. Right? Which is why each week i have done one – being 3, would show negative because its under 4 weeks. So i would wait untill its 4 weeks to do another urine test? Or because my period didn’t come it should show even tho its just over a week?If i was to get a blood test would it be to early to tell?And if im getting symptoms for a week such as3 days after intercourse broke out in pimples and my exma got worse Nausea after lunch and dinner and drinksExtreme tirednessHead aches on and offConstipation or diareah and gasLower abdomen sometimes sharp pain located in centre or right near hip bone- even when i don’t have gas or diareahAnd a feeling somethings not rightWould this Occur as a result of being late or even skipping? Is it to early to put these down as pregnancy symptoms?Thankyou please be nice
A: Actually, your dating is a little off. When determining pregnancy dates, the weeks go from your last period, not from when you had sex. It sounds wierd, but that is what it is. So, the 4 week rule applies to 4 weeks from your last period, not when the baby would have been conceived. Since your period was due 11 days ago, a urine test and a blood test should be accurate by now. If your urine test is negative, make sure you go to a doctor for a blood test. If that is still negative, talk to your doctor about what else may be going on.
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